How E-Commerce Chatbots Work? [Complete Guide]

E-commerce is a highly competitive domain, and customer experience is the most vital factor that can make a business stand apart.

When it comes to buyer experience, conversational commerce is coming ahead as a key differentiator.

Simply speaking, your brand can win over the customers if it is available for talking to them whenever they need to.

Chatbots are emerging as the cornerstone of conversational commerce because they are always available and capable of delivering personalized shopping experiences to the buyers.

These AI-powered virtual assistants are, therefore, something that every e-commerce business needs to invest in.

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 But before doing so, you must dig deeper through this article and understand how they work. 

Chatbot frameworks

Essentially, chatbots are software programs capable of understanding human language and conversing with them just as a human customer servicing representative would.

Before you select one for your business, you need to understand its frameworks.

Let us explain these frameworks so that you can choose the program that works for your requirements.

Rule-based chatbots

These are the basic programs that can only respond to explicit directions instead of understanding the customer’s language.


They are apt for your business if buyers have only basic queries and do not need to engage in complex and detailed conversations with the e-commerce assistant.

A store with straightforward client support demands will do pretty well with a rule-based model.

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Intelligent chatbots

As the name implies, these are the advanced programs that deploy AI technology to handle a variety of discussions with the buyers.

They are capable of comprehending their language and addressing specific issues.

According to the experts, investment in simulated intelligence programs is worthwhile for e-commerce stores that want to create winning experiences for their shoppers.

They gave the potential to elevate consumer interactions and drive revenues for the store. 

How chatbots can add value to an e-commerce business?

Now that you understand how chatbots work, you would also want to know how they can add value to your business.

Everything boils down to their ability to enhance the buyer experiences as they interact with your business.

While these programs are as good as humans when it comes to understanding customers and responding to them, round-the-clock availability takes them a notch higher.

They can replace human executives easily and ensure that people who connect with your store have seamless interactions. A perfect blend of communicative digital marketing and humanitarian touch.

Here are some ways they can help them across a typical buying journey:

  • Drive conversions by encouraging the buyers to move down the conversion funnel, even if they face any issues or bottlenecks on the way
  • Offer new product recommendations based on the preferences and behavior of the shopper, which can boost cross-selling and up-selling
  • Provide customer assistance during and after-sales to address specific concerns and queries of the buyers

E-commerce chatbots can go a long way in creating exemplary shopping experiences for your buyers.

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More importantly, they are always there, up and ready to offer support as and when shoppers need it.

It makes them a worthwhile investment for any business as they can boost sales and elevate the reputation of your business.

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