How Web Designers Can Use Instagram to Promote Their Designs

How Web Designers Can Use Instagram to Promote Their Designs 1

Instagram is not just about adding beautiful content, attractive images, and selfies. You can build a community of followers to promote your brand.

It is a lovely platform for creative people like you as long as you are savvy enough to use it rightly.

You can combine it with your excellent web design portfolio to gain further mileage.

However, earning likes and comments may not be a cake-walk unless you curate your feed well.

Here are a few insights that can come in handy for this purpose. Let’s take a quick view of the same.

Instagram bio

It is the first thing that others notice about your account. The summary tells them about you and your product or service.

Hence, it would help if you capitalized on it to exhibit your expertise. You can write a bio in 150 characters featuring your name, hashtags, and a brief account of your business. Add a link to your web design portfolio or website with a call-to-action to prompt visitors to take action.

People with multiple websites can use a suitable tool to add more links in the bio.

When you embed your Instagram bio with links, you give the audience a chance to access your work directly in one go.

User engagement

You can promote your web design work by drawing your visitors’ attention to it. The more you engage, the more you allow your content to get exposure.

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However, for this, you would have to involve visitors through different activities. You can ask them interesting questions related to your product or service with a bit of humor, if possible. Their participation can be an encouragement for you.

If you share the same content on other social networking channels, make sure you refresh the description suitable for your Instagram platform.

Then, you can give away some prizes to pique their interest a bit more. Gifting them for their responses can help you gain more traction.

Designer’s network

You may possess excellent business card designing skills. But the lack of photography talent can be a setback for you.

Still, you don’t have to feel disappointed. You can contact other designers to make up for the area where you lack.

In return, they may also need some help. This type of give-and-take allows you to get additional mileage.

Plus, you can use general popular hashtags to feature in many places.


Instagram lets you use multiple CTAs to your profile for promotions.

You can provide your website link in the bio in addition to adding CTAs in the captions; people can check your account, go through blogs, support favorite design, and so on.

If you have more than ten thousand followers, you can implement swipe up functionality on stories to direct them to your selected web page.

In a business profile, you can incorporate action buttons into the bio.

These can be Contact, Email, and so on. In case you don’t have a decent follower count, you can buy 50 real Instagram followers from time to time to boost your profile.

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Third-party vendors specializing in this can be useful for this purpose. You only have to ensure that they give you authentic and active accounts.


Experts say spontaneity can give you excellent results. But knowing the process can make things easy for you.

For this, you can tap into content anchors, behind-the-scenes, and photos. At the same time, pay attention to special occasions that align with your theme. Selection can play a huge role in giving your feed a balanced vibe.

At the same time, the familiar visual language across profile can also have an impact. Make sure you post a piece of content daily.

Some people upload too many photos and videos in a single day. But it can go against you.

Instagram Stories

You can use this feature to share additional content with your target group.

These may have a life of 24 hours, but there is a way to display them on your account. Add behind-the-scene videos and photos to draw attention.

For instance, a sneak peek into what you had in lunch or the scene of work-in-progress can yield results. Additionally, you can run quizzes and contests for higher engagement. It would be even better if you could share responses.

It can help you build a relationship with your audience. Then, you can do live streaming to come to the notice of other people.

In the end, you can use all these opportunities to present your web design projects to everyone.

No matter what you do, checking your posts’ performance can tell you a lot about where you went right or wrong.

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These observations can help you decide and select items that work. You can create more such pieces of content to increase your success rate.

As a web design company, you do have an advantage in terms of creative expertise and experience.

So, you don’t need to think twice before getting started with Instagram to promote your body of work.

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