4 Best Productivity Apps for Mac Users

4 Best Productivity Apps for Mac Users 1

We all want to be productive, you know, get more work done, control time better, earn more with your time, and all that good stuff.

Since we spend most of our time on computers getting the work done, it is only fair that we stuff these devices with productivity apps that will help with our goals.

Are you a Mac user?

Wondering which productivity apps to install? Let us look at some of the best ones to help scale up your productivity.

A time tracker-Timely

Tracking your time is one of the best ways to get more work done. It’s simple; you cannot be productive if you are spending more hours on tasks that don’t build up to your day’s objectives.

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Now, tracking your time allows you to identify activities that consume your time and those that waste it. As a Mac user, you can take advantage of Timely; a time tracking app that tracks everything on your Mac.

The app can show how much time you spend on different apps, quantify it, and identify processes that are eating into your day.

Cleaner app

This is probably the most important step in achieving productivity.

Look at it this way; it is impossible to be productive if your computer is slow, right? Imagine having to wait for your browser to load for more than 3 minutes?

Cleaning your laptop for efficiency is one of the best speed up tips that will aid with productivity.


Find a good cleaning software that can clean all junk or unwanted files that might slow down your computer. A good cleaner app will not only clean but it will also boost and protect your Mac.

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The app can disable heavy consuming apps, turn off all login items overloading your CPU, and stop common macOS viruses derailing your device. Using the app will regularly will help your computer perform faster and allows you to stay productive.

Email consolidation app-Airmail

Sometimes it is impossible to track all your mails, especially if dealing with different people or things. Sadly, you might miss those emails that require urgent attention.

Luckily, as a Mac user, you can download the Airmail app and make your life easier.

The app allows you to consolidate all your accounts in a user-friendly manner and manage them from one place.

This means you can easily switch between emails and even turn those important ones into tasks.

Cool, right?

Agenda Builder-Things

According to Forbes research, having an agenda or jotting down daily priorities is a great morning habit for a productive workday.

It is important to have a plan for the day, i.e., what you wish to accomplish, how you will accomplish it, and by what time.

Well, jotting down key priorities reinforces a sense of focus for the day. On your Mac device, you can download Things to help with this. It is an app that dives deeper into your to-do by creating tags, timeframes, and deadlines.

What’s more, is that you can integrate the app to your calendar and Google account to see other tasks that need attention.

Wrap up

Having apps that can handle your to-do list, monitor your email, and track your time is the holy grail in the productivity world.

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Luckily as a Mac user, these apps are just a download away. While at the apple store, you can also download Mind Node to organize your thoughts and Dewo-to handle your deep work.  

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