How Could an App Improve Your Customer Experience?

How Could an App Improve Your Customer Experience? 1

You might assume that creating an app is only for huge corporations and household names – but that isn’t the case.

Anybody can bring out a widely available app these days – and doing so can have a huge range of benefits for your business, and is a brilliant avenue for improved customer service possibilities.

If you’re a business owner, you’ll know that happier customers mean improved sales, better word of mouth, and growth for your company.

In this article, we’ll detail just a few of the ways that creating an app for your company can improve customer experiences, as well as some advice on how to find and work with the ideal company to make your app a reality.

Keep Customers Up to Date

Think about every app you have on your phone – it essentially serves as a constant message to the user even when it hasn’t been opened, reminding customers that your business is always accessible.

They don’t have to mess around going to a store in person or remembering a domain name – they can just tap an icon if they want to browse.

Not only does this mean that potential customers are more likely to make a purchase, it also means that your company will be more familiar to them, and help to build a positive business-consumer relationship.

An app can also serve as a direct, targeted marketing channel for customers who are already invested in your products or services.

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A fantastic way to keep them up to date is through push notifications that they can choose to enable; in contrast to invasive pop up ads, these are actually requested by the users, and therefore feel more like personalized messages based on their purchase history than an intrusion.

In fact, it’s been proven through various studies that hearing and seeing a phone notification triggers dopamine release in the brain, meaning that your customers will even more strongly associate your brand with exploring new knowledge and general positive feelings!

Craft A Unique Brand Image

Every app is unique: colours, layouts, fonts and general aesthetic all vary enormously with each company.

However, these apps always stick with the consistent branding their company is known for – it gives your business a sense of stability that customers can more easily trust.

If you’re just starting out and have yet to create a distinct brand for your business, you’re in luck, as there is an infinite range of ways to make an app your own – collaborate with a developer and don’t be afraid to create something visually memorable!

But this isn’t just limited to the look of your app – customers love apps to have unique features!

Rather than attempting to emulate another successful app, or serve the same purpose as another, see if you can brainstorm a completely new concept that can only be accessed by downloading your app.

Innovation is a ticket not only to growth, but to a recognizable brand images that consumers will admire and want to be involved with.

Keep Them Coming Back With Convenience

Consider the convenience that the apps on your phone can provide. Developments in the past few years have meant that you can research your interests, buy essentials, make plans and much much more all in one place.

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Your business can fit in with this society of convenience with a well-designed app that will allow customers to easily access your services, from a user-friendly interface to online customer service solutions.

In fact, apps are a great way to establish repeat business.

The vast majority of apps let users remain logged in (or allow login through fingerprint tech), meaning that purchases can be made with as few clicks as possible – especially if payment information can be securely saved.

You can also improve customer experience this way by making it easy for app users to access exclusive deals – synergising this with push notifications is a surefire way to improve meaningful engagements and make your customers aware of a great offer!

How do I start looking for a developer?

If you’re serious about creating an app for your business, you need to find a reputable online application development company to collaborate with that can advise you and make your vision a reality.

It’s good to begin by establishing the base concept of your project – from here, you can look at the portfolio of other companies and decide if their prior experience aligns with the direction that you intend on taking with your own app.

You’ll also want to make sure that they can provide you with at least a few testimonials from their previous or current clients to make sure that they aren’t just going to take your money and create a sub-par product – it’s even better if you can reach out to these companies directly for a more detailed opinion and to answer any questions you might have about your potential developers business practices.

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You may want to ask specifically about how flexible they are, how much they take your own ideas into account, and how proactive they are about maintaining and reviewing the app – no matter how exciting or useful an app is in theory, no customer is happy when their app isn’t functioning as promised!

Before you approach any developers, however, it’s good to outline which ideas for your app are essential, and which are better relegated to later down the line.

This means that any potential developer can prioritise what is included in the app upon release, creating updates later on with additional features, which will allow your app to be made available to consumers as soon as possible.

Some app developing businesses can even run workshops to establish what features your customer base might like to have in the app in the future, improving satisfaction and generating some anticipation if you announce these developments in advance.

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