How Rename or Rebrand your Business Page on Facebook

How Rename or Rebrand your Business Page on Facebook 1
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Facebook is currently the top of all social media platforms for its charming representation and countless facilities.

Apart from connecting friends on a singular network, Facebook has turned into an enormously big platform for businesses and to self promote themselves.

As Facebook offers completely free business promotion pages hence, small to giant business owners have settled on the Facebook pages.

Alongside promotion pages, Facebook allows business owners to customize their pages, introduce interesting contests and much more.

In case, you are looking for renaming your business page on Facebook, then you have to take care of a lot of things. On the other hand, you have to wait until Facebook approves your renaming request.

Here’s what might concern you about renaming the business pages or fan pages on Facebook.

Policies Regarding Facebook Page Names

Before you leap straight to the renaming procedure of your Facebook page, you have to pay attention to some liable policies over names on Facebook pages.

You should decide a name that should clearly indicate your business or enterprise.

Additionally, take time to decide the appropriate name; because you will be unable to rename the page again after a certain period of time. On the other hand, Facebook has clearly stated some rules and here they are:

  • You can’t include the word ‘official’ if your brand hasn’t got any official trademark. Facebook gives verified badges to official pages now. You can learn more about verified badges.
  • Only the page admins can handle the page name and other activities on the Facebook page. And, the page name should be justified.
  • You can’t add a page name or phrase that overlaps with another page’s perspective. You should refrain from using any kind of abusive terms, as well.
  • Don’t insert capital letters here and there within the page name. Ensure that you capitalize only the first letters of the words you are using, or else Facebook will reject them.
  • Well, you can add your business locations within the page name.
  • Don’t try to include the word ‘Facebook’ in any form for your Facebook business page. However, you should not introduce any special symbols or punctuation’s- such as .
  • Moreover, you can’t describe your business’s vision or mission in the page name. You should describe your business in the About section, separated by the Facebook authority. By the way, Facebook grants only 75 characters for a decent page name.
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How to Rename the Facebook Business Page via Desktop or Laptop?

Whether you want to change the location or add something extra to your business, let people know it through social media marketing on Facebook.

Rebrand your Facebook business page with these simple steps.

The following process is going to change both the page name and the Facebook URL of your business:

  1. Ensure that you have signed into Facebook as an administrator. Otherwise, you can’t rename the page. Now, locate the About tab that is somewhere on the top-left corner of the page. Otherwise, scroll the left pane to discover the About option and click on it. You can notice the existing business page and an Edit button next to it, opt for Edit.
  • Well, you might have decided the new name for the business on Facebook, type it in the provided area. And, take good care of the above-mentioned page name policies, if you don’t want to get it rejected.
  • Once you are done with typing, choose Continue. In case, you can’t locate the Continue option then it simply means that you haven’t logged in as an admin. However, you can switch to Page Roles by going straight to Page Roles option, under the Settings menu. Or, log in again as an admin to mitigate the issue.

Now, you have done your part.

Let Facebook approve your page name, as it’s going to take some time.

So, keep patience and make sure that you don’t rename the Facebook page name within a shorter interval, i.e. less than 7 days.

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Otherwise, the renaming process won’t take place. However, Facebook hasn’t imposed a limit on changing the business page name on Facebook.

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Rename Facebook Page on Mobile Phone

If you have installed the Facebook application on your iPhone, then it’s pretty easy to change the page name. Here’s what iPhone users might follow:

  1. Head towards the About option on your Facebook page.
  2. Under the About tab, you can notice an option named as ‘Edit Page Info’, tap on it.
  3. With the heading named Update Page Info page, press the Name field to make changes with the page name.
  4. Type your new page name.

If this procedure doesn’t work, then you have to access any web browser to change the Facebook page name by signing into the page on the browser. However, if you are on an Android device, then follow these instructions to change the business page name:

  1. Fetch the Pages option with a sign of flag from the menu of News Feed.
  2. Enter your business page, locate Page Settings.
  3. Now, tap on the Page Info option from the left pane.
  4. Press the field where you can see the name of your page.
  5. Afterwards, type the new name.
  6. Confirm the prompt message and schedule it for confirmation by sending the request.

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Why Rename Didn’t work?

Though the process looks extremely easy, numerous Facebook users have stumbled several times on renaming the page on Facebook. According to Facebook, these can be the possible reasons why you can’t rename your business page:

  1. Ensure that you have waited for at least five business days. Facebook claims that it processes any page name within 3 to 5 working days. On the other hand, you should not violate any of the above-discussed rules for Facebook page names. Otherwise, Facebook won’t grant your renaming request.
  • You can change the page name as an admin if your page is literally famous. Facebook states that you should be an admin if the page has earned at least 200 likes. Again, you can’t request renaming your page within an interval less than seven days.
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Well, if you haven’t violated any rule and waited long enough, then it’s time to contact the concerned authority on Facebook. If you have enabled Facebook advertising, then check out the ‘in’ option.

People Looking for your Previous Business Name on Facebook?

In case, your Facebook business page is popular then, you have to take social media marketing and its aspects quite seriously. A question might strike your mind: what if your visitors search for your business using the previous page name? Can they fetch it out to your new Facebook business page?

Facebook has pacified its tonnes of users with its perfect solution. Whenever people search via the old Facebook page of yours, the old page name would appear on their search results.

And, when they enter the page they would discover your business page with the new name. However, Facebook will accommodate its algorithm to introduce your new business name for upcoming search results.

Rename your Facebook Page for Better Coordination with Customers…

To keep your brand value consistent and the display crisp and updated, you should rename your Facebook page.

You can keep changing until you get to the perfect match. Consequently, you can find improved conversion and trust enhancement with your clients.

Impress your customers with additional products and services along with a familiar business name.

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