Why is YouTube Good For Marketing and How?

YouTube is for the housewives who want to learn new recipes and the teenage girls who are looking for fresh makeup tips, right?

Why is YouTube Good For Marketing and How_

The fact is, YouTube is for every human with access to an internet connection. It has 2 billion monthly active users, mainly consisting of 18 to 49-year-olds.

Another fact: Innumerable successful businesses have already harnessed the power of YouTube marketing, rushing ahead of you in the competition.

Don’t just stand there watching! Read on to get ahead in the race!

Why should I market on YouTube?

Many people are bound to choose to watch a video over reading an article. With two billion monthly logged-in users, 73% of all adults and 81% of millennial, YouTube sure is a work of social media magic!

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No other platform will provide you with such a varied and vast potential audience, so with the right videos and the right tactics, you will be hitting the goldmine in terms of digital marketing.

Let’s see what you’ll need to market on this platform.

What do I need to be able to market on YouTube?

The obvious answer would be, you need a YouTube channel. Which is true, but for those of you just starting with YouTube marketing from Jaynike, make sure you get an effective and safe tool to get free YouTube subscribers with which you can begin a pleasant journey on YouTube.

Also check 10 Best YouTube Tag Generators for creating intelligent YouTube SEO strategies.

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Here is the tool I mentioned just now: YouberUp.


YouberUp is a free app dedicated to helping any YouTubers to get unlimited free YouTube subscribers from real accounts, and increase high-quality views and likes for their videos.

As a large platform, YouberUp is such a good place where tons of real YouTubers gather to watch YouTube videos and subscribe to channels they are interested in.

By watching videos, subscribing to channels, or liking videos, every YouberUp user can easily earn coins that can be used to get massive free subscribers, views, and likes. Gaining real YouTube subscribers and high-quality views has never been easier with YouberUp.

YouberUp provides an efficient and secure way to help Youtubers to get YouTube subscribers & views instantly, thanks to the advanced algorithm.

All of your requested tasks can be quickly handled within 24 hours. Gradually driving subscribers, views, or likes to your account in a reasonable time, YouberUp never puts your account at risk. 

Developed by a professional and experienced team, YouberUp is a 100% safe and clean app. Your personal information will be encrypted before being stored. No leak, no risk, and no virus.

How to Get Free YouTube Subscribers with YouberUp

Step 1: Search YouberUp on Google Play to download and install it on your Android phone.

Step 2: Create a YouberUp account and login with your account. The first time you login with YouberUp, you will get 1000 coins with which you can get free YouTube views, subscribers or likes for your videos.

Step 3: Tap the heart-shaped menu at the bottom and you will enter the “Pricing Plan” page, where you can switch between Views, Subscribers and Likes.

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Step 4: Tap Subscribers, input your YouTube channel URL and click the search icon.

Step 5: Select a plan and click “Get Subscribers Now” button. YouberUp will start to delivery subscribers to your channel.

You can check the progress of the task from the task list.

The 5 P’s of Marketing- Applied to YouTube Marketing

So the five Ps of marketing, as you may know, our people, product, place, price, and promotion.

  • People:

Who are you going to be working with for YouTube marketing? Find writers, video editors and a digital marketer. And the most important, your audience.

  • Product:

This isn’t necessarily the product or service that your company has to offer, but rather, what does your company offer to your subscribers on YouTube? If you are an IT Solutions company, you can offer videos to freshers about how to manage work stress, how to approach higher officials, how to brush up on coding skills, the latest trends and must-have skills for coders. The possibilities are endless!

Remember, you are not offering viewers your product, but your videos. Shape them in a way that compels them to watch your videos, as well as buy your products.

  • Place:

In the explanation regarding the traditional marketing mix, place refers to distribution channels and logistics. However, I am going to correlate it to where do you want your videos to hit?

What I mean is, who is your target audience and how do you want to reach them? Does your company produce trendy jewellery? Then your target audience would be women in their youth.

  • Price:
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Maybe not with money, but viewers are paying with their time. So make it worth their while!

  • Promotion:

We will discuss this in later sections, but essentially, how will people get to know about your channel?

With efficient tools and effective strategy, surely you can achieve a successful YouTube channel!


Harinder Kaur has completed her M.tech in Computer Sc. & engg. from Kurukshetra University. She has done research on Mobile ad hoc networks as project fellow at SMVD university. She is currently working on her new startup dealorcoupons.com

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