10+ Unknown Facts about Favorites Sports Streaming Apps

With all of the advances in technology, you no longer have to rely on your local cable provider to show your favorite game.

There are a lot of apps dedicated to showing sports from the top leagues around the world. In this article we’ll take a look at the top apps to follow your favorite sports.

DAZN Has Made Big Moves Globally

10+ Unknown Facts about Favorites Sports Streaming Apps 1

DAZN has been around since 2015 and in that short amount of time, they’ve been able to make a big imprint in the world of sports streaming apps.

One of the reasons for their rapid rise in the world of sports has to do with a hire that they made in 2018. Former ESPN CEO John Skipper became the chairman of DAZN which was a massive coup for the company.

ESPN is unquestionably the most recognizable name in the world of sports news and to have an individual like Skipper on board gave DAZN access to his global contacts as well as a new level of creativity.

In terms of the services they offer, it depends on the region you live in.

The differences are most obvious in North America where DAZN has been able to own a large chunk of the market share in Canada as compared to what they are able to offer in the United States.

In the U.S, you can get DAZN for $19.99 a month or $99.99 for the year. The pricing in Canada is very similar but the services offered are not.

In Canada, DAZN offers: NFL Game Pass, English Premier League Soccer, Italian League Soccer, Champions League Soccer, MLB Network, Boxing and some MMA.

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In the U.S, DAZN mostly focuses on Boxing and MMA while also offering an MLB highlight show as well as Soccer.

While the differences might seem a bit extreme, remember that the NFL League Pass was exclusive to Americans while the soccer available in Canada belonged to local networks which was never the case in the U.S to begin with.

This is just a small example of what DAZN offers regionally and it is the same in all of the markets where they are available.

The sports that they offer will be the same as fans have come to expect in their region, the only change then is the access to those sports.

In Canada for example, English Premier League and Champions League soccer used to be available on regular cable TV. Now DAZN is the only place you can watch those leagues in Canada.

DAZN is also available in; U.S, Canada, Austria, Brazil, Germany, Italy, Japan, Switzerland and Spain.

FuboTv is Making Waves in the Market

10+ Unknown Facts about Favorites Sports Streaming Apps 3

FuboTv is not just a sports streaming service but for fans, it might as well be.

This service offers over 100 channels, a lot of them regional which is the best way for them to sell their product globally.

The service focuses on channels that offer: NFL, MLB, NBA, NHL and MLS. They also offer international soccer in terms of sporting events.

The reason that this service is popular among sports fans is the fact that they also offer news, television series as well as movies.

Although this article is about sports streaming services, we have to be realistic about one thing; not everyone can afford several streaming services on top of their local cable.

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If you have a family, it would be nice if your spouse and or children can also find programming that works for them in one service.

DAZN for example only offers sports which is great but that means you will most likely still need to keep your regular cable subscription for the other individuals in your house or even for yourself if you have other programming that is important to you outside the realm of sports.

FuboTv is available in Canada, the U.S and Spain.

For those of you that like to get a little action on your favorite team, apps like FuboTv and DAZN allow you to tune live to a game that probably wouldn’t be available in your region otherwise.

The same goes for fans of combat sports, especially those that like to wager, will love the ability to tune in live at home or on the go with their mobile device after all the freedom of smartphones is one of its biggest selling points, why not taking advantage of it?

Sports Streaming Services Still Regional

There aren’t many global streaming services outside of DAZN that have a global presence while still being legal.

There are a host of black market streaming services but we recommend against using those because of the risks to your PC/laptop/mobile device.

Black market apps are unregulated which means you really don’t know who you’re giving access to your device or what they are doing with your personal info.

In the meantime, the global sports streaming services aren’t going to war in the same sense as companies like Netflix, Disney+ and HBO are for example.

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As sports fans, we might be lucky in that sense because that would mean certain sports will only be available on certain streaming services in the same way that HBO shows will never be available on Netflix for example.

Disney+ also removed all of their content from Netflix before launching their own platform so now we’re talking about needing to pay for three different services to enjoy all of your favorite movies and TV shows.

The ability to view sports on laptops and mobile devices with the help of DAZN has certainly helped live wagering.

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