How to Fix Resolving Host Error Problem in Google Chrome?

How to Fix Resolving Host Error Problem in Google Chrome? 1

In this blog, I will explain to you everything from what is Resolving Host error to how you can fix it. Keep reading to find all the possible ways to resolve Google Chrome Host issues. 

What is Resolving Host Error? 

When you search websites on the Google Chrome browser, some sites take too long to load. Mostly, a “Resolving Host” error appears in your browser’s status bar. 

This Resolving Host error is the main reason for slower site loading.

Besides causing delay to launching a site, this error also loads sites with incomplete links or in a scrambled form. In addition, this error is not only limited to Chrome browser.

It can slow down the browsing process in other web browsers including Firefox, Safari, Internet Explorer and etc. 

Why do I Receive Resolving Host Error? 

When you request access for a website, you have to enter its URL in the browser address bar. Later on, the entered URL has to be resolved via numerical IP address through DNS or Domain Name System. 

 Usually, your ISP configures DNS servers for your connection.

So, Host errors occur when your DNS servers take a longer time in searching for the mapping IP address for your requested URL. 

It happens when your ISP changes your particular DNS settings.

There could be other reasons for the error just like DNS cache stored in your local Chrome browser which causes delay in finding the exact IP address of your requested source. 

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Ways to Fix Resolving Host Error in Google Chrome Browser 

There are various ways through which you can rectify Resolving Host Error.

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One simple solution to the problem is directly entering the IP address of the requested source in the browser’s search bar.

However, it is impossible to remember IP addresses for multiple sites therefore, you can also try other alternative ways to resolve Host error. Below, I am outlining the most effective ways to fix Host error problem. 

Clear Google  Chrome DNS Cache 

The first thing that you can do to resolve Host error is clearing Google browser cache. It is important because your browser deploys DNS caching through which it easily maps IP addresses of the websites which are requested frequently.

In case, if there’s any change in the IP address of the website then Google Chrome will leave a hosting error because of IP difference. You can fix the issue by clearing browser cache and here’s how you can do it: 

First copy this command “chrome://net-internals/#dns”, and then paste it into the browser address bar. Now, hit Enter and click where you find “Clear host cache”. 

Try Public DNS 

You can also resolve Hosting Error issues through changing DNS servers from network settings.  One simple way is to connect with any available public DNS server.

Be sure to make use of the trusted servers only because all your traffic will be routed via these servers. Once you have changed your DNS server then close your browser and then reopen it. 

Now, you can open your requested sites and the browser will launch it without lag or resolving host error. 

Host File Modification 

The third way to resolve Host error is by modifying your local computer host file.

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These host files are responsible for resolving domain into numerical IP addresses. 

What you can do is enter IP Address and domain name in this file separately. This step will easily resolve your Host Error problem. 

To modify your host file, you can open drive C and type your requested file name in the search field. Now, wait till the file appears in drive then open file and add both Domain name and IP address into it. 

Clean Local Computer Cache 

Earlier, I have outlined how to clear Google Chrome Browser cache to resolve Host Error. Now, I will explain to you to clear your local computer cache to fix the Host issue. To clear your local computer cache, you need to hit Windows key, then type cmd in the search field. Now, click at Command Prompt appearing in the search results. 

Write ipconfig /flushdns in Command Prompt and a confirmation message will appear and that’s it. Now you can browse easily without errors.

Disconnect Free Proxy or VPN 

Proxies or VPN are designed to secure your online traffic. They also help you to unblock websites without losing online anonymity.

However, many users use free VPNs and proxies for doing illegal stuff. Therefore, many websites blocked IP addresses that come from proxies or free VPNs

You often see an error/captcha “I am not a robot” because of the same issue. It is suggested to always buy a premium VPN service to avoid such issues.

Paid VPN services assign reliable and unshared IP addresses which are safe and create no confusions for the network hence, no errors appear while browsing.  

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When you’ll use a paid VPN service then there is no chance of receiving resolving host error in Google Chrome while browsing. 

Deactivate IPv6 

Deactivating IPv6 protocol will also help you to overcome Host Resolving error. It’s one of the easiest methods to fix Host error. Here are the simple steps to disable IPv6: 

  • Click right on the  Wi-Fi icon on your screen 
  • Open “Network and Internet Settings” 
  • Now, in the next window click where you find “Network and Sharing Center” 
  • Open Properties Windows by clicking on your present Wi-Fi connection 
  • Now, uncheck internet protocol version 6 (TCP/IPv6) and press OK to save settings. 

Restart your System 

This is probably the last way to go.

You often receive an IP conflict message while browsing. It happens when more than one devices are connected to the same modem.

You can restart your system or modem to fix the issue.

IP conflict error is not exactly the Host resolving error but both can cause delay in loading requested sites. Restarting your system will be helpful. 


I have tried my best to compile the most effective ways to fix Host Resolving error. You can try any of these tricks for your Google Chrome or any other browser.

Use these methods and enjoy a relatively fast internet browsing experience. 

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