8 Best YouTube Strategies for Travel Brands in 2021

People search for travel videos all the time on YouTube, but they hardly convert.

Travel brands have created videos for long enough to know that old practices don’t attract new customers.

However, that doesn’t take away the fact that YouTube is, by a long measure, the best marketing platform for travel brands.

The future of marketing is YouTube

8 Best YouTube Strategies for Travel Brands in 2021 1

Still, wondering what makes YouTube marketing so valuable?

Read this – over 66% of people see a video when planning a trip.

Over 70% see a video when choosing a destination.

Video content is the future, and YouTube is the home of video.

It not only drives traffic but also generates better engagement on social media while creating an emotional resonance with your customer.

If you’re wondering how to get more views on YouTube, let us take you through the various strategies for YouTube marketing for travel brands.

Build an informative and interesting YouTube channel page

A YouTube channel page is your home on the YouTube network.

Travel enthusiasts, bloggers, vloggers, travelers, tourists, literally anyone can come to see your content, helpful tips, informative videos, and everything that you put out as your YouTube content.

Customizing your channel is essential to suit your brand.

Your brand might have certain colors, styles, and typefaces that you should include while designing your channel. It has many elements: the logo, channel art, thumbnails, description, etc.

All of which should match your existing brand personality and strike an instant chord with your customer. Use high-quality images when designing your channel art and have a lot of content uploaded already before you launch it.

Optimize your keyword strategy

People search for all kinds of travel videos on YouTube, these can be informational, never-seen-before-places, travel guides, how-to videos, and traveler vlogs.

YouTube is the second largest search engine on the planet, and that makes it easy for people to search for your brand, but they won’t be able to look you up if you don’t include the keywords for the content they are searching for.

Therefore, optimizing your keyword strategy on YouTube becomes vital.

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Start by including relevant keywords in your channel, name, and/ or description. For instance, if you specialize in adventure tourism, include the words ‘adventure travel’ and ‘adventure tourism’ in your channel description.

When you are writing the title and description for individual videos, include direct keywords and related keywords as well as adventure tourism, adventure sports, travel adventure videos.

Doing your keyword research well in advance will save you a lot of time and money.

Don’t forget to look at some trending keywords and research what your ideal customer is searching for.

Post relevant and valuable content regularly

YouTube is a video sharing platform that means your content should be shareable. There are hundreds of travel videos available on YouTube.

There are certain key indicators that determine whether your content will be relevant, valuable, and shareable with your customer.

Since YouTube is a visual medium, it makes perfect sense for travel brands to market and connect with their customers on YouTube, but what goes into making a sharable video?

Let’s see –

Find your niche and stick to it

Finding what you are good at and finding the right customer for it is a match made in heaven. When you put out video content, think about whom you serve.

Finding your niche is one of the key pillars that go into making a shareable video.

Where do most customers come from?

Which destination is your biggest market?

What type of services do your customers avail? – answering some of these questions will help you find your niche. Identifying and sticking to it is powerful.

You can then create videos to stand out and connect deeply with your audience.

Tell an interesting travel story

Travelling is one of the most human things we do.

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It is how we discover stories, cultures, and people.

If you want to tell a compelling travel story, you need to strike an emotional chord with your audience, and that is best done through a story.

Say you are promoting a fairly unknown place.

Talk about its history, the culture, its people – in a narrative format – talk about the story behind the people, and you’ll find that your audience connects more with it.

The more engaging the narrative, the more likely it is to strike an emotional chord with your audience and inspire them to take action.

Create plenty of vlogs

Posting regular content on YouTube is one of the most effective ways to grow your travel brand. It helps you stay on top of the mind of your customer and increase your subscribers.

Vlogging helps to form a personal connection between the vlogger and the viewer.

It humanizes a piece of content. Travel vlogs are relatable and offer a glimpse into the travel destination as a traveler rather than a tourist.

Vloggers need to have a good screen presence and charisma to motivate the audience to not just watch the video but engage with it.

You can either hire a professional vlogger or choose someone from your company to be the face of your vlogs.

Connect with video testimonials

What’s better than people recommending your travel brand to their friends and family? People recommending your brand on video.

We underrate the power of video testimonials.

8 Best YouTube Strategies for Travel Brands in 2021 3

Video testimonials are superb ways to capture the interest of people who visit your channel to take action.

There’s a reason travel testimonials can make or break a deal.

For travel planning, the experience matters more than the monetary value. People want to make sure they are booking the best experience that they can find.

Endorsement by genuine people who have gone through the experience can increase the trust of a potential customer towards your brand.

Mobile-friendly videos

The increased penetration of smartphones has pushed people to browse and watch videos from their mobile.

Mobile video now takes up almost 70% of viewership and means one thing – people watch videos on mobile, and so you should keep that in mind. Your travel videos should make your customer ‘live the experience’ even if it’s one video.

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In that case, have the orientation, aspect ratio, resolutions, and subtitling for your finished video mobile optimized.

Promote your videos on social media and Google

So now that you’ve made a travel video, what do you do next?

It must reach the widest audience and connect with your followers and potential customers! That’s where social media comes in.

Share your videos on social media pages, groups, and playlists. Make sure you tag relevant people and include a title and caption that makes your followers watch the video.

Posting regularly on social media is more likely to get your more followers and higher engagements that directly convert to potential customers.

You can also explore to promote your videos and YouTube page on Google using Google AdWords that can help your target new leads and place your videos on relevant pages that might convert to paying customers.

Don’t forget to promote your videos extensively on your social media pages and channels.

Conclusion – Make the most out of YouTube

People are craving for travel and interesting travel experiences. As the world slowly limps back to normal, travel is the refuge for people.

It is the best time to use YouTube to promote your travel brand and reach out to more customers.

Travel brands should use YouTube smartly; the biggest video-based search engine has customers waiting for interesting visual content that captures their hearts and minds.

YouTube is the best place for travel marketing; the audio/ visual platform makes it well suited to reach people looking for newer and better travel experiences.

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