6 Mistakes Amateur Bloggers Make Their Blogs

6 Mistakes Amateur Bloggers Make Their Blogs 1

Blogging is not a new concept.

Many people have been putting their lives on the Internet since the World Wide Web went live for the public at large.

And as social media evolves, it has become more and more common to air dirty laundry, private thoughts, and even mundane events of the day for everyone to see.

Blogging Your Way to Fame

Bloggers who get the most followers have opinions that make them controversial or edgy, or they have a political stance that distinguishes them from the rest.

The other side is the few bloggers that harbor idiotic notions, and they are famous for ruffling feathers and trying to change hearts and minds with concepts that are just ridiculous.

Either way, they get readers, endorsements, and make a comfortable living by spilling the beans about their lives.

The things we used to hide are out in the open.

If we love to drink Bacardi out of a sippy cup or play so-called Mr Bet or other games until the wee hours, someone will find it fascinating and tell their friends.

This is the nature of journaling for the public.

Blogging as a Business

There is another side of blogging, and that is the blog article.

These are informative, fun pages written by content writers, which let an audience know about different subjects from an expert, well-researched perspective.

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Businesses hire writers to draft copy for their employees, inform their customers and investors about new things happening within the company, and entertain readers with exciting ideas and adventures, adding a personal connection between them and the world.

For the new blogger who wants to promote themselves, any forum will do.

Put your blog on Facebook, Twitter, or any social media, and direct people to your words.

For those who want to monetize or get paid as a professional content writer, your blog will be for both information and possibly marketing.

It is ok to do both as one supports the other.

What to Avoid When Getting Into Blogging

We have already told you what to do and how to do it if you are a newbie in the field.

There are many resources to help start and improve your blog, and even make money from it. But many new bloggers make the same mistakes, and, if learned in advance, they can be easily avoided.

Let us help you before you become a blogging pariah.

Driven by Monetizing

Many bloggers think they can become marketers and make money with their words for companies, despite a lack of training.

This is where marketing blog mistakes can cost you.

Jumping into the deep in without knowing how to swim can be a great way to learn, but it can also be a great way to die. Read up on what companies need, get some articles in your portfolio, then swim.

Writing Blog Mistakes

What are blog writing mistakes?

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Well, they are the same as all other writing mistakes.

Blogging is still writing and must be done in the same way as any other writing, with proper punctuation, everything grammatically accurate, and spelling on point.

Vomiting words and hoping they land on the page as catchy sentences is a common blog writing mistake.

It must be readable. That means cohesive, coherent concepts.

Email Subscribers

One of the most common blog mistakes is not having a way for people to get your blog when it comes out.

Setting up a subscriber list is a great method to generate constant buzz by keeping people interested through the personal delivery of new posts.


Blogging is done on a website, which needs hosting. Without it, the ability of people to know about your blog through searches, and often the visibility of your blog through other mediums, is minimum.

If you want traffic, lots of traffic, get yourself some hosting. Hosting services are not expensive, and you can make it back quickly once you have a steady audience. Not hosting is a major blog mistake.

Your Website

Cookie-cutter is not going to do it. Using pre-made templates and taking the lazy route when making your site is a big blog website mistake.

Everything from your domain to your contact area should be 100% you. This is your brand. Make it specific, unique, and personal.


If you are writing for content, research is key. You are the expert, and to sound like an expert, you must know what you are talking about.

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That comes from research into the subject. A mistake in blog content is blowing smoke and hoping it goes unnoticed.

Take the time, read the info, then write.


Blog mistakes are easily avoidable.

But every blogger that has written a blog post make mistakes that have either helped them get more adept or bitten them in the butt, but either way, a lesson was learned. No one tries to blog in mistakes, but they happen.

Allow yourself to be human, to err, but learn from failures. They will help you become better as a writer, as well as a published blogger. Do you blog for fun or profit, and have you made any big blog mistakes?

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