strategies to grow facebook business

3 Strategies to Revive and Grow Your Facebook Business Page

strategies to grow facebook business

The algorithms of Facebook keep changing with time, which is why you need to keep up with what’s new and how you can engage your audience on Facebook as a business page. Facebook business pages are notorious for getting fewer engagement rates as compared to the number of likes.

There are more than 2.60 million Facebook users; however, it’s not easy to increase your reach. Long gone are the days where you could easily get your posts to appear on people’s Facebook feeds.

Now it takes consistent efforts and newer strategies for business pages to increase their reach.The platform has drastically improved and expanded since its creation, which is why it is becoming a challenge for business pages to market their product and increase their post reach.

Each business has its different goals through Facebook pages; however, the platform has provided an excellent opportunity for brands to market their products.

Usage Stats and Figures

There are millions of business pages on Facebook, which is why the competition is high, and Facebook is working towards a personalized experience for each individual in which they get to see only the relevant ads and pages on their feeds.

Let’s have a look at a few stats to know more about Facebook usage.

  • More than a billion users are active on Facebook daily
  • 88% of Facebook user use the app to stay connected
  • 300 million viewers view Facebook stories daily
  • 59% of Facebook users understand how the Facebook algorithm works
  • The average CPC of Facebook Ad is $1.72; it’s 4 times more likely for people to watch a live stream on Facebook than a recorded video
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How to Grow Your Facebook Business Page?

To improve your Facebook business’s pages reach, you need to actively follow the guidelines and checklists that are important to manage an official business page. Moreover, there are a few strategies that you can follow to enhance your Facebook reach.

Following are the 3 strategies that you can follow to improve your Facebook business page’s progress:

1. Live Stream

Live stream is not a new feature on Facebook; however, businesses have been hesitant in using it. According to various researches, going live on Facebook can help business pages improve their reach as billions of people watch live streams every day.

Facebook has also reported that people spend a lot of time watching Facebook live videos as compared to pre-recorded videos.

Not only can you improve your reach via going live on Facebook, but you can also develop a relationship with your consumers.

In the wake of Coronavirus, several business pages have creatively used the Facebook Live feature to build a relationship with their customers and audience.

For example, many businesses made use of the Facebook live feature to give online tours, virtual classes, webinars, informative sessions, and motivational talks.

On the other hand, several cosmetic brands also use the Facebook live feature to teach makeup, answer follower questions, and increase brand engagement.

In conclusion, Facebook Live is a great option to enhance your business reach and gain comments, likes, and new followers.

2. Personalized Experience Using Facebook Messenger

According to Mckinsey’s report, it is essential to personalize experiences for customers to gain promising results. There are now various ways you can personalize your audience’s experience by giving them only what they want to see.

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According to the same report, in the next 5 years, personalization will improve people’s experience as physical spaces are likely to shift online. Another important aspect of connecting with your audience is through empathy.

You can build a strong relationship with your clientele, using empathy to connect with your audience.

Personalization has a broad range – it can be as small as using your customer’s name to address them in an email to the ads a search engine chooses to show a person based on their preferences.

Facebook messenger is another great way of personalizing customer experience. Several tools can automate the Facebook messenger responses for you. Frequently asked questions can be automated by the chatbots available online, which helps increase user satisfaction.

You can also use Facebook messenger to alert the users about offers, promotions, and other on-going events to engage the audience. Reminders can also be sent using Facebook messenger to the audience.

3. Targeted Interested Audience

Boosting your posts to increase visibility for the people who have already liked your page can be useful as the users who are already following your posts won’t notice that it’s sponsored. In this way, you can increase post visibility with your already existing audience.

Although consumers mostly ignore ads, if they’re shown an ad from a page that they’re already following, they would most likely be more interested in what they are being shown. There are also chances of retargeting the audience via sponsored posts.

Whether you are a company or a fast-food restaurant, 80% of your profits are being generated from 20% of your repeat customers. Therefore, it’s worth it to increase brand visibility among the existing clients.

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Seeing your ad will remind existing customers of the experience they had while transacting with your business, and they are likely to shop again.

Your viewers are your biggest marketing target, which is why you need to test your audience’s views and retarget the audience that is most active on your page.

Facebook page dashboard provides a detailed insight into your audience’s geographic location, age, and spending limit, etc. which can be used by brands to strategize their campaigns.


To sum it up, Facebook has become an essential platform for any business; however, the changing algorithms make it challenging for marketers to follow the same strategies.

You need to be consistent and keep up with the changing algorithms to keep your audience engaged and active on your business page.Once you have your audience engaged, there are high chances of achieving your marketing goals.

Live streaming, personalization, and retargeting existing consumers are 3 great strategies to engage the audience and increase your Facebook page’s reach.


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