benefits of dnc scrub

3 Benefits to Use DNC Scrub & Compliance Service For Your Calls

For a normal individual owning a telephone number, the last thing you’d want is some random stranger calling you on the phone for whatever reason, all day, every day.

On the other side of the line, a telemarketer’s worst nightmare is calling a number registered in the official Do Not Call List. Both parties require a serious solution to their problem.

According to this wiki page, The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) implemented the Do-not-call of 2003 for the dual reason of both the general population and businesses doing cold calls.

benefits of dnc scrub

But gaining that list from the FTC is not an easy feat. First, you’ll have to subscribe to a SAN (Subscription Account Number) by subscribing to area codes of your choice.

This will take some days to finish and access the FTC-approved list, and it updates every 30 days as well. Not only that! Alone, you will have to compare your leads to the DNC list with millions of registered numbers, some are even “bad numbers”.

Find out how companies that offer Do Not Contact services can offer you a very helpful hand.

What Is A DNC List?

Do Not Call (DNC) List is a database held by the FTC to compare their leads with. It is filled with personal phone numbers companies, telemarketers, call centers, and sellers should not call.

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This list is maintained and updated every 30 days, and using numbers registered here will subject the caller or company to a fine of $40,000 per call. Sounds pretty scary, right?

3 Benefits to Use DNC Scrub & Compliance Service For Your Calls 1

That is tackling a lengthy list all by yourself seems like a daunting and risky task. Luckily for you, some companies consider this as their area of expertise.

This method they use is called a DNC scrub, a colloquialism for cleansing your leads by comparing it to the DNC list and making sure it is up to date using their unique features.

Some offer a feature meant for smaller lists of phone numbers (about 1000 numbers), and another is made for larger volumes and is automated for easy use.

How Compliance Services Work

As simple as the FTC makes it seem, it’s quite difficult to make sure your company complies with their meager conditions. A million registered phone numbers, unfiltered and unsorted is nothing so scoff at.

Do Not Call services not only scrub your leads clean from any bad numbers and those matching with the DNC list, but they also make sure your company is safe from the danger of their fines.

Speaking of fines, there are special cases where companies may be given leeway. The FCC (Federal Communications Commission) has tried a “one call” rule back in 2017, where companies are given one chance to reevaluate some unused or unassigned and not a call more.

This site has updated us recently in 2019 that the FCC has taken further steps to ensure no more unlawful calls are made to newly assigned numbers. It talks about a database that can verify whether a number has been disconnected, or reassigned.

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They often offer processes that ensure your list is infallible and reliable. These services range from audits to going over numbers that may be void in the past and callable in the present. They may also offer detailed compliance reports for you to utilize if ever any complaints arise.

What Can I Benefit From This?

Now that you are aware of the do’s and don’ts with Do Not Call lists and the services tied to it, you’re intrigued on how it can help you with tackling your DNC list and compare it to your personal leads list. Here are the benefits to those services:

1. Save Time And Money

With a scrubbed list, you’ll be able to do more productive work around numbers you can call and avoid any violations by calling a registered one. This will also save you a ton of money you would have otherwise paid for the fine of each erroneous phone call you made.

2.Accurate And Up-To-Date List

DNC scrubbing companies will ensure your list is usable and recent for you. You don’t need to do it yourself, and call coming in from your company can be confidently done.

3.Avoid Going Against The Law

Other than the loss of money you will be subjected to after violating the DNC act, you will also lose reputation as a company. Always remember that over the phone, you are presenting your company and the face of it.

Once word-of-mouth or even videos and posts arise about your company calling registered numbers, your image will plummet.

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So… Should I Get This Service?

Absolutely. Even if you are a small company, there is still the fact that you cannot filter out a whole list on your own, make sure you’re in compliance and avoid reassigned numbers on your own.

A helping hand in this part of your business journey will surely lift the burden off your shoulders.


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