email list using facebook

How to Build Email List Using Facebook?

Creating a Facebook email list may seem daunting at first. It may sound impossible as we all know that using Facebook to build your business is as difficult as other marketing strategies. Maybe it could be that the competition is tough or that you need some money to make it work.

The latter statements are true, but working with giant social media platforms has a lot of benefits than doing nothing at all.

email list using facebook

Collecting an email list is crucial to many businesses. It brings in more leads that the sales team can turn into paying customers.



Since there are billions of people utilizing their mobile devices for any activities, it is easy to get more leads. People prefer to conduct their business using mobile devices most of the time because it’s accessible, fast, easy, and they can bring it anywhere they go.


Using Facebook to gather leads as it becomes easier on your part and your potential customer. You can set up a form that can auto-fill parts as provided by Facebook. Users don’t have to fill in every part of it.

High-value customers

Unlike other platforms, Facebook brings customers that will most likely show interest in your business or product.

Facebook appears to be easier when it comes to collecting leads for your email list. So, if you haven’t got a chance to set up your Facebook account for your business, then it’s about time.

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Here’s how you can build your email list using your Facebook account.

Add a Sign-up form on Your Page

Adding a sign-up button to your Facebook page gives you more opportunity to collect email addresses. You can automatically direct this lead to your Constant Contact Account.

The sign-up page will lead the user to a subscriber page where they can give their email address in exchange for something, like promo, discounts, or information.

Or, Add “Subscribe to Our Newsletter” Tab

If you don’t want to add the sign-up button, you can choose to add the “Subscribe to Our Newsletter” tab on your Facebook business page. It’s easier than the sign-up option, as people can sign in to your email list without leaving Facebook.

Make it Part of Your Cover Photo

If you want to get more leads, add a cover photo that will encourage your page visitors to sign up on your email list.

There are different ways you can spice up your cover photo and persuade your visitors to sign up on your email or newsletter.

Include a Lead Magnet

A lead magnet is an offer given to potential customers in exchange for their email address or information. It’s a successful way to acquire more customers.

You can offer coupons, discounts, or E-books as incentives for your visitors to subscribe to your email list. But remember to always create a better and effective lead magnet because not all offers are effective.

Run a Contest

Running a contest for your potential customers can also help you with gaining leads. You can collect their names, email addresses, or other information you need.

Start a content where you could give away a product, service, or anything like a gift basket.

It’s an easy way to attract more leads and grow your potential customers.

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Create/ Join a Facebook Group

A Facebook group has a higher click-through rate as compared to a Facebook page. Although the competition is tough, you can still gather more leads in here.

There are ways you can make your Facebook group a success to drive more to your email list.

  • Use Facebook groups to spy on your competitors and know what people want, so you can provide them with your products or services.
  • You can also create your own group on Facebook and optimize it to make it easily searchable.
  • Use keywords on your description and tags.
  • Write a description page that explains the group and how it can add value to the target person, and include a link.
  • Make your group open and free to the public. It would help increase your email list. Also, allow your member to invite others to your group.
  • Pinned a post on your page. You can pin rules, promos, or call-to-action on it. Also, don’t forget to include a link to your pinned post to direct your visitors to your site or a landing page.
  • Welcome newcomers by sending them a message or directing them to your pinned post. Welcoming a new member makes them feel special, and it is more likely they are to engage or purchase a product.

Share it on Other Social Media Platforms

You can get more email lists by sharing your newsletter on other social media channels. Customize the caption when sharing on other platforms and always include a link for your possible leads to subscribe.

Use Facebook Live

Lots of people are into watching videos nowadays, particularly live streaming. It helps them get over the FOMO effect.

With these, there is no doubt using Facebook Live to promote your business could be a big help.

You can use live streaming to interact with your potential customers by giving tips, answering questions, and a lot more. You can grab the opportunity to convert your viewers into signing your email list.

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Offer something in return so your viewers will want to subscribe to your newsletter.

Run A Facebook Ad

Not everything you post on Facebook needs to be promoted. You have to be selective of what should be and what will work to get more people to sign up for your emails.

Here are simple tips on what to consider when running your ads to generate leads.

  • Target the right audience by knowing what they want. It’s impossible to increase conversion when you have the wrong target audience. There should be a clear buyer persona to determine who is your target.
  • Test different lead magnet to know which will work better, instead of spending time and resources promoting an ad that’s not generating leads or helping in conversion.
  • Decrease advertising costs by targeting lookalike people/ customers.
  • Facebook Lead Ads are an easy way to convert mobile users into subscribers. When they see your ad, they can easily sign-in without the need to go to your website.


Facebook is one of the most popular and visited social media platforms in the market. That’s why it’s one of the best channels to reach out to potential customers. With the tips mentioned above, you can increase your Facebook email list, gain more leads, and convert them to paying customers.

Now, it’s time to increase your conversion and grow your business.


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