SurveySparrow Review 2020

SurveySparrow Review – Is it the Best Survey Maker?

SurveySparrow Review 2020

​SurveySparrow is an online survey ​software ​that you can use in order to generate more leads for your business.

This software was founded in 2017​and is located in the United States.


  • ​SurveySparrow pricing starts at $19.00 per month, per user.There is a free version. SurveySparrow offers a free trial.
  • SurveySparrow’s prices are ​very cheap and affordable, they give value for your money.
  • ​Beautifully designed front and back, it is easy to set up surveys via email by their software.
  • ​You can create different web links for the surveys


  • ​Sometimes you will be Feeling bored when using it.
  • ​The website embed feature needs work as we I can’t use the survey on marketing landing pages because it doesn’t redirect properly to the next page.
  • ​The question type should be customizable.


​They help businesses of all sizes to engage better with their stakeholders (customers, employees & vendors), improve their experiences, run periodic surveys, derive insights, and steer business growth.

What we like the most is that, Chat-like Surveys enabling highly engaging conversational surveys and Classic Surveys asking one question at a time.


14-Day Free Trial

​ Cancel Anytime • No Credit Card RequiredSurveySparrow Review – Is it the Best Survey Maker? 1SurveySparrow Review – Is it the Best Survey Maker? 3 Table Of Contents1 What is SurveySparrow?2 SurveySparrow Features3 SurveySparrow Features ​Breakdown:4 SurveySparrow VS Competitors5 SurveySparrow Pricing:6 SurveySparrow Customer Testimonials:7 ​FAQ about ​SurveySparrow

What is SurveySparrow?

SurveySparrow is an online platform that helps in building conversational surveys by turning surveys into conversations so that necessary insights from respondents can be collected efficiently.

It helps in collecting valuable data from websites which helps in getting feedback from the target audience.

SurveySparrow Features


Digital way of filling up forms.

  • Vibrant color palette to customize the questions, answers, buttons
  • Over 20 diverse font families
  • Eye-catching background images
  • CSS customization


It creates highly engaging survey forms for business.

  • Create smart surveys that ask relevant questions based on past responses.
  • Skip logic to bypass questions when certain logic is met
  • Display logic that shows questions based on certain conditions
  • Multiple logic blocks to quickly program clever surveys


It is user friendly and allows you to share your survey through all social media platforms.

  • Guarantees easy reach to the audience.
  • ​Provides analysis of data collected.
  • ​It gives you the feel of your brand by providing different themes.
  • ​It allows you to generate an understanding of competitors through its competitor analysis software.
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SurveySparrow Features ​Breakdown:


Provides Conversational Surveys

It provides completed look of your brand so that customers can feel its presence



It is important to gain the trust of customers; SurveySparrow provides you personalized Survey options to maintain personal touch using customization options.

Create personalized surveys instead of a ‘one-size-fits-all’ using Piping and Custom Parameters.

  • ​Make surveys personal by ‘Piping’ previous answers in subsequent questions.
  • ​Use custom parameters to include relevant info with custom variables.


Automate Tasks

It provides you one of the best features to balance your work by automating your tasks.

Reminder emails and Thank you emails are sent separately to respondents taking care of every step.


In-depth Analysis

It allows you to ask different open-ended and close-ended questions according to the survey approach of the company.

Customers are free to present their perceptions using different rating scale options provided by SurveySparrow.


Segment your target audience

It becomes important to segment your audience according to different marketing campaigns to know how successful it created the impact on customers and this is the reason why SurveySparrow provides you the option to segment your audience accordingly to improve desired behavior from the audience

SurveySparrow VS Competitors

Here’s the list of the SurveySparrow alternatives and I will tell you why they cannot surpass SurveySparrow by any chance.




•Qualtrics Core XM

•Google Forms

I will now consider a few of them to make you understand.


​SurveySparrow vs SurveyMonkey

If I talk about ​SurveySparrow vs SurveyMonkey, the result is significantly clear.

One of the greatest limitations of SurveyMonkey is it cannot track the respondents who have received survey forms from other links thus one has to send a survey form link using SurveyMonkey only to get the Accurate analysis however when it comes to SurveySparrow forms can be sent through different mediums.


SurveySparrow vs Google Forms

The design customization is very limited in Google forms.

There are certain restrictions in accepting texts and images, it accepts texts up to 500kb, images up to 2 MB, and spreadsheet limit is 40, whereas SurveySparrow provides different customization options in different languages. And size of the uploads allowed is 10MB.


SurveySparrow vs Typeforms

It has fewer customization options which make it hard for a business to relate it with their brands. 

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There are very few features available in type forms whereas SurveySparrow provides different features that match your brands to give it complete feel.

SurveySparrow Pricing:





$0 per month


$499 per month


$149 per month


$49 per month

SurveySparrow is similar to SurveyMonkey with better user experiences. 

The SurveySparrow has a limited free plan but they provide the free trial of 14 days on their ​Enterprise plan.

​You can use the SurveySparrow discount code to save significant bucks.

Let me guide you on the things included in different pricing sections of SurveySparrow.

Free: Here you will get 100 responses per month, 10 questions per survey, advanced reports, filters, embedded survey, and more than 1500 app integrations with Zapier.

Basic: In this plan, you will get $19 a month paid annually ($29 a month paid quarterly). Unlimited questions, 1000 responses, display logic, scoring, share via email, social, web URL, widget, QR code.

Premium: If you pay a bit more, you will get everything in Basic +, 10,000 responses, display & skip logic, recurring Surveys, reminder emails, accept payments, schedule reports.

Enterprise: In this plan, you will get everything in Premium +, white-labelling, Salesforce Integration, HubSpot Integration, 100K emails, 2 offline devices, 2 users included.

SurveySparrow Customer Testimonials:

Many companies like Brella, ASL marketing, AMEYO, Paytm, Parsia consulting, ​Deloitte , and Paysafe have recommended SurveySparrow as a good Survey Software which has proved to be efficient in their companies. 

The above survey templates with the sample size of 303 respondents say that out of all 225 respondents gave it 5 stars followed by 65 respondents (4 stars),11 respondents ( 3 stars), and 2 respondents( 2 stars).

The majority of the respondents have rated it in the category of 4 stars to 5 stars which shows its good acceptance among the respondents.

SurveySparrow Customer TestimonialSurveySparrow Customer Testimonial

​FAQ about ​SurveySparrow

In my SurveySparrow review, I will discuss some of the FAQs that you need to know to have a clear idea about the software.

What are the main features of SurveySparrow?

Here’s the list of key features of SurveySparrow.

•Project Management

•Project Management

•Mobile Survey


•Data Analysis Tools

•Skip Logic

•Supports Audio / Images / Video

How much does SurveySparrow cost?

The SurveySparrow usually comes with 4 plans – ​Basic Plan starts at 19$/ month billed Annually, ​Enterprise ​$499 (Per Month), ​Business ​$149 (Per Month), and Premium ​$​49 (Per Month)

Free trial: Available

Make sure you start with a free trial and go with a starter to premium. That’s what I did when I first used SurveySparrow.

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Who are the typical users of SurveySparrow?

SurveySparrow includes the following typical customers: Freelancers, Startups, SMEs, and Enterprises.

Is SurveySparrow worth?

SurveySparrow provides a wide range of features which helps user in customizing the Survey Forms according to the target audience.

Surveysparrow Ratings

​​According to the above data, 9.4 ratings are given to SurveySparrow out of 10 in terms of Ease of use which shows that the platform is very user friendly. 

9.3 rating is been given to “Quality of support” which shows that it provides good features and services to its users.

On the other hand, a 9.1 rating has been given for “Ease of setup” which shows that forms can be easily edited and different tools can be embedded effectively.

The SurveySparrow allows conversation build-up and its features of live interaction surveys to keep customers more engaging and lead to an in-depth analysis of data collected.

It becomes easy to interpret data in SurveySparrow as it allows to you analyze data using different charts and graphs.

One of the important parameters is customer preferences which are taken care of by this software effectively as it provides different formats of asking questions to users.

Different types of rating scales can be added to surveys ​& forms which gives a wide range of options to customers for selecting their preferences and also gives them the freedom to present their opinions in open-ended questions.

It allows its users to get feedback from different online platforms so that the conversion rates can be increased effectively.

It helps you to collect the data about the usability of customers and how effective they found your website to be, this triggers various businesses to take more surveys to know the perception of customers regarding their products.

Thus concerning all the features mentioned above SurveySparrow is a good Software, however, people use several alternatives such as SurveyMonkey, Google Forms, etc.

​Final Thoughts

​Well, if you ask which one to use, I would like to suggest you SurveySparrow because of its cost-effectiveness, flexibility, and efficiency, not to forget.

I hope this SurveySparrow review has helped you a lot in getting a thorough view of the tool to grow your business exponentially.

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