7 Facts About New ChromeOS.dev

This long hot summer is full of surprises for you tech guys out there.

Google has picked up on the increased need for new apps that can run on large-screen devices, like Chromebooks, tablets and the new foldable, double-screen mobiles.

This is why the new ChromeOS.dev portal, which launched on August 12th, is particularly focused on making life easier for developers working on Chromebooks.

There is a series of new features available to build and test Android applications on Google’s customized laptops.

Developers have been busy developing mobile gaming applications in the last few years, since the market is expanding.

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As for Google and Chrome, they are apparently living a magic moment.

Let’s see a few interesting bits of news.

1. Chromebook unit sales grew 127%

From March through June 2020, sales of Chromebook unit sales increased 127% year over year (YOY).

This is even more impressive considering that the rest of the U.S. notebook category increased by 40% only.


2. ChromeOS.dev is available in English and Spanish

Other languages are coming soon, but the interesting fact is that Spanish has been given priority above all.

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Who is more comfortable with this language can now enjoy the latest news, product announcements, technical documentation, and code samples from popular apps.

3. The Linux Terminal is now customizable

A series of personalized features are now directly available on the Linux (Beta) Terminal:

  • Integrated tabs and shortcuts – Windows and tabs can be used to manage different tasks and switch between multiple projects. Familiar shortcuts are available, such as Ctrl + T, Ctrl + W, and Ctrl + Tab. Use the settings page to control if these keys should be used in your Terminal for apps like vim or emacs.
  • Themes – The background, frame, font, and cursor color can be customized by selecting a preferred theme.
  • Redesigned Terminal settings – Customizing all the Terminal options is now easier thanks to a reorganization of the settings tab.

4. Android Emulator support available to supported Chromebooks

A full version of the Android Emulator now allows developers to test apps without needing the actual hardware.

Simulation is available for map locations and other sensor data.

The performance of an app can be tested with various motions, orientations, and environmental conditions.

The Emulator allows developers to optimize their apps for different Android versions and devices.

5. Apps can be deployed directly to Chrome OS

Developers running Chrome OS M81 and higher can now deploy and test apps directly on their Chromebooks.

Developer mode is no longer needed. Neither is connecting different devices physically via USB.

6. Android Studio has an improved project wizard

If you need to build different user experiences for larger screens, including Chromebooks, tablets, and foldables, there is an updated Primary/Detail Activity template for you.

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Multiple layouts are available for both phones and larger-screen devices. This feature will be available in Android Studio 4.2 Canary 8.

7. The Android’s lint checks have been improved

Developers can now identify and correct common coding issues more easily.

This will give you a boost in fine-tuning apps to run on larger screens, such as non-resizable and portrait-locked activities.

This feature is currently available for testing in the Canary channel.

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