3 Things About Microsoft Surface Duo You Should Know

Microsoft pleasantly surprised its fans on August 12th. The new double-screen mobile that was expected for Holiday 2020 was officially announced to be ready to launch on September 10th.

The downside is its lofty price, a dizzying 1399 $.

There are reasons why the Microsoft Surface Duo is so pricey, mostly the significant effort the company put into developing the technical solutions.

You can test its power to deliver entertainment using a Golden nugget to access some lottery fun.

A double screen makes everything easier in gaming. Yet, when it comes to professional use, the Surface Duo reveals its full potential.

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The Duo is meant to be a productivity device

The specs of the new mobile are not all the latest or most powerful.

For example, its 11-megapixel camera’s specs are a poor comparison to those of the highest-end devices from Samsung and Apple.

There are no stereo speakers either, so if you are looking for a mini home theater on your mobile, this is not the one for you.

Productivity devices do not need a lineup of the most powerful single features, but a functional combination of the ones that can do the job.

The double screen is the star of the show here, since it is a given fact that working on two screens enhances productivity.


Microsoft put a lot of effort into delivering this while keeping the device’s thickness and weight to a minimum.

The power of the conception is to let you work without interruptions, thanks to the double screen.

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There is no need to stop what you are doing to switch apps to open a link, or having to close one to copy and paste something.

Need one more app? Just open it on the second screen.

You can drag and drop images, files, and text along with apps across the two screens and get work done faster.

The operating system is not Windows

The Surface Duo will not use the late Windows Phone software.

That operating system was discontinued in 2017, after the unhappy adventure with Nokia’s Lumia phones.

Microsoft has accepted the fact that it was an epic fail, and modified its strategy accordingly.

For its new baby, the company has developed a modified version of Google’s Android.

More precisely, it is an Android 10 with a Microsoft Surface Duo user interface.

The Office suite of apps and OneDrive have been adapted to span across the two displays.

Amazon Kindle, for example, can now provide a book-like reading experience while you hold your Duo as you would with a traditional, printed book.

Standard apps will work normally, on one or the other screen.

For developers willing to develop new apps that can make the most of the new design, Microsoft has created APIs for dual-screen apps to work in the Android codebase.

They will be available to other manufacturers and third parties to use.

5G wireless technology is not supported

The reason Microsoft gave for this is that it was meant to save battery life. That is what allows the device to be only 4.8 millimeters thick when open.

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In comparison, iPad Pro is 5.9 millimeters.

The overall thickness of the Duo when closed is 9.9 millimeters, less than half an inch.

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