12 Smart Tech Gadgets to Consider in 2021

12 Smart Tech Gadgets to Consider in 2021 1
12 Smart Tech Gadgets to Consider in 2021 16

In 2019, we all observed a huge demand for foldable devices and gadgets, wearable devices, PC gaming, smart home speakers, and virtual assistants.

All these technologically advanced smart gadgets have truly transformed the technology landscape while heightening expectations from all those gadgets scheduled to hit the market in 2020 and beyond.

From 5G compatible handset to IoT home products, fitness bands to smart shoes, and gaming-focused Smartphone models, many smart gadgets are scheduled to be launched in 2020 for the tech enthusiasts.

Let see what is there in the store for smart gadget lovers in 2020.

Below is the list of some latest smart gadgets that are likely to hit the market in 2020, and to buy these gadgets, keep yourself ready with Amazon Coupons to save a great deal of money on smart gadgets.   

Razer Tomahawk

Razer Tomahawk is an innovative, customized desktop computer dedicated to veteran gamers.

It prefers PCs with a minimal form factor and consumes very less space, but it doesn’t mean that it has lower processing power.

It is the performance powerhouse designed using Intel’s Next Unit of Computing infrastructure, and all the mission-critical hardware components are beautifully integrated within its 10 litres chassis.

It is possible because of its Small Form-factor build designs that allow users to experience a desktop-level performance, making it a perfect solution for LAN parties and other tournaments. 

It needs a 750W power supply, 64GB DDR4 RAM, GeForce RTX 2080 Graphics and 45W Intel Core i9 mobile CPU to perform.

It is out for sale now, and it comes with a price tag of $2000 online. 

LG ThinQ Washer with AI Technology

The all-new ThinQ Washer by LG comes with Artificial Intelligent Direct Drive motor and intelligent sensors to identify the volume, fabric types and weight of each laundry load.

Depending upon the data collected, it sets the wash cycle and amount of liquid detergent required for the best washing results.

The smart washer improvises the cleaning efficiency and extends the life expectancy of the fabrics by 15%.

Plus, the AI-powered proactive customer representatives from the company also offer suggestions and tips on how much detergent to use, how to improve product performance and life expectancy and notifies when the washer needs a servicing. 

Olive Smart Ear

Olive Smart Ear is the cost-effective hearing amplifier designed to enhance the users’ hearing abilities.

It allows them to hear sounds better while preventing the stigma around the usual hearing aids.

The engineers have put all efforts to design the smart ear that looks just like the cool wireless earbuds in the market. 

It is amongst the few Innovative Awardees at CES 2020, and it is available in two colour options and comes with the price tag of $299 for a single piece.

It has a portable charging case, and it can be purchased online now from any e-commerce portal. 

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MamaRoo Sleep Bassinet

Designed and marketed by 4Mom, the MamaRoo Sleep Bassinet comes with built-in speakers where a range of lullaby sounds are played and mimic natural bounce and sway motions of parents without adult interventions, thereby helping the toddlers to fall asleep quickly. 

Parents can also set a timer, vibration speed and frequency, and speed with 4Mom dedicated application.

It comes with five different variations of motions, including rock-a-bye, tree swing, kangaroo, wave and car ride.

So, it becomes easier for parents to make their baby sleep faster without their supervision.

It comes with a price tag of $329 online, and you can purchase it from any retail store online using coupon codes to save money.


Laxilens is the innovative and technologically advanced gadget that is mainly designed for kids with dyslexia.

The spectacles feature high-performance electrochromic lenses that allow precise modulation of light required for clear and faster reading.

It is easy to wear and take off, and there is no formal training needed. 

Regardless of the native dialect of the kids, the gadget can use used right off the box.

It has been awarded in the CES 2020 Innovation category.

It is likely to hit the market by October 2020, and the price is still not announced.

Y Brush

Developed by a French company FasTeesH, Y Brush is the prototype of the creative auto cleaning electronic toothbrush.

It can clean your teeth and turn it to sparkling white in just 10 seconds.

The gadget comes with a brush tray filled with nylon-based bristles fixed in different angles to efficiently reach every corner and nook of your teeth.

Apart from teeth, it also cleans the gums surrounding the teeth. 

A motor power the innovative teeth cleaning gadget, and users need to place the device in the topside of their mouth and press the power button to start cleaning their teeth.

Continue with the same process for the lower teeth and set five seconds from its timer.

Within 10 seconds, you will have sparkling and brighter teeth without any efforts. 

Samsung Bezel-Less TV

Recently an innovative gadget has been included in CES 2020, and it is the Samsung Bezel-Less TV series that comes with 8K resolution and Smart TV functions. It is hyped as the first of its kind ultra-thin TV within the bezel-less panel.

The TV is likely to have the best surround sound audio, and the screen to body ratio is about 99% which is something unique in the category of Smart TV.

The TV features quantum dot color and a complete range of local dimming technology. 

The Samsung Bezel-Less TV is first of its kind within the industry to feature playback of native 8K content.

It allows streaming pure AV1 codec videos that are recorded in 8K resolution.

The maker has not yet revealed the amount for the TV, and the release date is expected by the end of 2020. 


Hydraloop Systems, a Netherland based company, has recently designed a groundbreaking water recycling gadget that is best suited for all modern homes.

Hydraloop comes in a visually appealing and compact design that can be integrated with any modern home, and it can recycle about 85% of all domestically used water.

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The tech gadget can clean the water and also make it safe and free from infections and impurities.

The water recycled by the gadget can be used for shower, bathing and washing utensils and washer.

The recycled water can also be reused for washing machines, toilet flushing, pool, and gardening.

The gadget can reduce water consumption by 45%, therefore helping you save energy bills and water.

It also curbs carbon footprint, which is important in the present scenario where water scarcity is prevailing significantly across the world. 

Xbox Series X

Microsoft has recently announced in the annual CES event to release its next gaming console, Xbox Series X, and it is likely to hit the market by December 2020.

The gaming console would support 4K resolution with 60fps, and it can also extend up to 120fps for graphics-rich games.

The gaming console comes with a variable refresh rate and 8K compatibility.

The customized processor powers the console with next-gen RDNA architecture and Zen 2 processor, and it is developed in collaboration with AMD.

The gaming console also features Auto Low Latency Mode.

It allows the game developers to create and integrate many new functionalities like Dynamic Latency Input to make the console more responsive than its predecessor. 


ScanWatch is the latest hybrid smart gadget designed by a Finish company, Withings, and it has been debuted at CES 2020.

It is the world’s first smart wearable gadget to feature medical-grade ECG or Electrocardiogram and Sleep Apnea monitoring.

The gadget also features a multi-wavelength PPG heart sensor and a SpO2 sensor that monitors the wearer’s breathing issues and heartbeat. 

The gadget comes with excellent battery backup that lasts up to 30 days with single charging, and the gadget is available in 38m to 42mm in size, and the price is set for $249 and $299, respectively.

You can expect to have the smart gadget on your wrist by the 2nd quarter of 2020. 

iPhone 12 5G

Last year in 2019, Apple launched their iPhone 11 Pro series, which has garnered the title of top 2019 camera gadget, and in 2020, Apple is focusing on launching its new 5G compatible handset, iPhone 12.

Apart from 5G network compatibility, the Smartphone is likely to integrate 5mm class Apple A14 Bionic chipset, which is near the 15 billion transistors.

The 2020 iPhone 12 5G is likely to come with 6-core desktop-level performance, and hence it will become the most powerful smart gadget for tech enthusiasts. 

Google Pixel Watch

The year 2020 has many smart gadgets and technologically advanced devices in the store, of which Google Pixel Watch is the must-have gadget for tech lovers.

It is likely to come with game-changing features that you see in the Apple watch.

Google, the search engine giant, has gained many patented smartwatch technologies from Fossil.

As per the reports, the Pixel Watch is likely to come with many amazing features like Apple Watch, but with a lesser price tag. 

From round OLED display to several sports activity tracker modes to long-lasting battery life and life-saving heart monitors, the Pixel Watch would have all these functions and acts as a dedicated fitness assistant Google Coach.

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It would guide the wearers on their workout routine while helping them to develop a healthy lifestyle ahead. 

ThinkPad X1 Fold Laptop

ThinkPad series is already a successful model in regards to laptops. ThinkPad X1 in 2020 comes with no physical keyboard, but it features a fully-fledged edge to edge display.

It gives you the advantage to enjoy its 13 inches OLED display, and the foldable laptop is designed in collation between Microsoft and Lenovo.

It brings to your the special Windows 10 OS with clever mode switching apps to adjust to the multiple usages of new design languages. 

ThinkPad X1 Fold has undergone many stress tests, both for the display and hinge, to ensure that the laptop’s longevity is maintained.

The hinge mechanism combines lightweight alloys and includes a carbon filter reinforced frame plate for optimal viewing angles when folded or unfolded flat.

You can buy the gadget by mid of 2020 with the expected price range of $2400. 

OnePlus Concept One Smartphone

The Chinese Smartphone maker, OnePlus, has recently announced its new Concept One Smartphone in the CES event.

The makers have confirmed that the Concept One Smartphone would showcase the vision of both new technologies and alternative design approaches for the future of Smartphones.

However, it is too early to conjecture what the Smartphone would offer.

But experts expect that the Concept One Smartphone would come with no buttons and ports with many other technological advances. 

LG UltraFine Ergo Display

Being the part of LG’s Ultra Series in 2020, the UltraFine Ergo Display is mainly designed for professionals who spend hours working with their desktop computer.

The monitor’s interesting feature is the ergonomically designed arm-type adjustable stand, which you can extend outwards or position it close to the wall, lower to the desk or move up to eye level as per your convenience.

The monitor can also be swiveled to the position where it faces the opposite direction. 

The Ergo Display replaces all the traditional monitors that come with stand base or desk clamp, thereby freeing spaces at your work station.

It also features USB C-Type One Cable solution for fast data transfers, charging and 4K imaging.

It is available in varied screen sizes ranging from 15 inches to 18 inches and even 20 inches.

It is the best monitor for content producers and gaming enthusiasts. 

These were some of the best and upcoming smart gadgets that you must consider buying in 2020.

Ensure to have the workable coupons to buy these tech gadgets in 2020 and make great savings on your purchase. 

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