Is Your Mobile Data Really Secure?

Half of our lives are (arguably) spent on gadgets.

Mobile phones, laptops etc. have more information about us than any other physical formats like photocopies, scans or original documents.

Under such circumstances, mobile data security becomes important.

Mobile phones have made data accessible for sure but they have also made it vulnerable to theft.

In this article, we are taking a glance as some important facets of mobile security.

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1) Do you have a PIN/key lock code?

Recent researchers have found out that most of us do not use a PIN or any security password to protect our phone.

It makes the phone unprotected and subject to unwanted changes, data theft, wrong calls being placed, or assigning to unwanted activities once stolen.

To prevent all these, we could start by putting a simple thing: a password.

Passwords can be a personalized pattern or a number key, and according to the new technologies it can be facial or fingerprint recognition as well.

However, we need to remember that phones have another aspect as well.


The SIM cards. They can be taken out and used in another phone by any thief if we don’t protect that from happening.

Here’s where the SIM lock comes into play.

Along with the main password lock of the phone, there is SIM lock which will prevent SIM from being activated if the phone and SIM aren’t locked out.

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These basic steps will make the phone protected from thieves at least.

2) Have you turned sync back on? 

Technology has many sides.

It is upon us to choose.

The mobile data that we thrive on can be protected by a simple mechanism: backing it up.

Mobile phones have backup sync present in the gallery, file managers, or any other folder storing our data.

This sync backs up our data on a daily basis. In case our phone gets lost or stolen this back-up will help us recover all of that.

Google Drive is one of the most commonly used interfaces for storing the data.

Apart from that, every phone has its own Cloud which can be available to you if the next phone you use is of the same company or franchise.

3) Are you aware of malware?

Malware also known as “malicious software”, are some risky software which make our computer infected by viruses, spyware, Trojan horses, etc.

These can be present anywhere. It can appear in the browsers we use or in the files we download.

It enters our computers or mobile phones without our notice and corrupts all of our data.

Hence, it is imperative that we find out measures in which we can protect our data from such mishaps.

Bitdefender Mobile Security for Android is one such product. Having a reliable antivirus offers a lot of layers of security which are crucial for your device’s health.

Let us look at the features of the example we have used.

  • On-demand and on install scans: Running periodic scans of the mobile phone helps us stay away from such viruses. We can run this antivirus scan every now and then to make sure that there are not any such suspicious threats in our mobile device. Besides, this also runs an on-install scan whenever a new app is downloaded on the phone.
  • Web protection: A huge part of our day goes into browsing the internet. The kind of rabbit hole that it is, the Internet can take us to suspicious websites, or make us aware of suspicious links. However, Bitdefender conveniently provides us with the tools that help us block all pop-ups and unwanted traffic, and can protect us from all other online dangers.
  • Watch out when you are online: Overall, our online experience is laden with potential threats from many sources. Using a two-step verification procedure, having a password for every web account and using a VPN can help in protecting our web presence.
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4) Do you ignore operating system updates?

How often has your phone bombarded with the notification that your operating system has got a new update and needs to be done?

Well, the operating system updates are infamous for being so extensive, internet data consuming, and not time friendly.

Despite all those drawbacks, it is important for us as it contains some much-needed security patches. These would help us by protecting our device from various threats.

5) Is your Wi-Fi protected?

Obtaining a Wi-Fi connection comes with its own hassles.

Not wanting to face all of those, many want to just get a free Wi-Fi connection.

Sharing your Wi-Fi opens you up to the possibility of sharing your private information to another user.

It is pivotal for small businesses or families who use Wi-Fi to understand that.

Putting up a password to the Wi-Fi will help in protecting it and all of the data that could be exploited otherwise.

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