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5 Creative Marketing Ideas for Your Business

5 Creative Marketing Ideas for Your Business 1
5 Creative Marketing Ideas for Your Business 16

According to one research done by Epsilon, 80% of consumers are more likely to do business with a company that offers a personalized experience.

Frankly, that can’t happen if you don’t get it right in your marketing strategy in such a competitive world.

The good thing is that marketing does not need to be expensive!

You just need to think outside the box to improve your marketing facet of business on a budget.

Let us give you some of the creative marketing ideas for your business.  

Build a nice website experience

Marketing in a digital era requires that you invest in a nice business website. Yes, most of your users are on the web searching for solutions.

You also need to be there advertising your solutions in the form of products and services.

It isn’t just about having a nice site; you need to design a site that delivers a nice user experience to the users.

Here are a few tips to help you craft a top site that will sell you more:

  • Keep your user experience in mind. For example, a create a site that has top draw graphical elements
  • Track your website using tools like heat mapping, Google Analytics, and the likes to help keep tabs on performance
  • Add tools like Live Chat plugins to engage your customers online

Be smart with content

Content is growing to be one of the best ways to market brands online.

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For starters, you need to craft proper web content for your website including creating a nice blog section.

You should also keep updating your website with quality blog posts that are tailored for your web users. If you don’t want to add a blog section, you can just use a WordPress single page theme.

Other than keeping your users engaged, good SEO optimized content will lead to your site ranking higher in the search results of your niche.


  • You can repurpose your old content into new ones and formats like videos that are also growing popular.
  • Always create content that users are looking for.
  • Use guest blogs and content to boost your authority in the industry
  • Don’t forget to use SEO as a strategy to beat your competition.

Take advantage of entertainment marketing

Entertainment marketing is one of the most creative and effective methods of marketing that you can adopt.

It is essentially using a fusion of pop culture to sell the products or services in your business.

There are different types of entertainment marketing approaches you can add to your marketing strategy:

  • Embedded marketing: This is also known as product placement. It involves creating awareness of your brand by embedding it into other forms of entertainment such as TV or movies. You can work with entertainment marketing experts who can help you place your brand in showbiz material and content. This will increase the visibility of your brand with the target audience, faster!  
  • Getting product endorsements by celebrities: celebrities usually have a nice fan base that might also be your target audience. So, why not collaborate with some of the famous celebrities as brand ambassadors of your company? This is another form of entertainment marketing that will increase brand awareness and product visibility in your niche.
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Embrace social media marketing

Social media marketing has become an increasingly effective aspect of marketing. It is cheap, and most customers are there these days!

Now, you need to pay close attention to personalized marketing strategies if you are to reap the benefits of social media tools.

These include tracking consumer behaviors and targeting them based on their taste, preferences, and interests.

More importantly, social media platforms allow you to engage consumers directly as they interact with your brand.

You can respond to their questions on Facebook or through live chat on Twitter.

That will make them feel like part of your brand. Also, it will be a great chance for you to collect useful feedback that will improve your marketing effort.

Use email marketing

Email marketing through newsletters and email blasts is another effective and reliable marketing strategy you should add to your funnel.

The key is to first build up a nice list of subscribers, perhaps by collecting mails via a web form. With a list of emails from subscribers, you can then send customized and targeted email content that resonates well with the audience.

For example, it will be more effective to send an email to a new parent on a variety of baby products available.

Talk about their usefulness and prices. It will also work better if you use their preferred titles and specific real names, which makes them feel acknowledged.

To enhance email effectiveness, create catchy subject lines to hook the customer.

This will prompt them to open and act on your emails, thus, increasing the rate of conversion. Also, make sure that the emails are appealing.

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Try to also configure the email newsletters for mobile viewing besides making them readable to various audiences.

This will increase the rate of conversion. It will save you a lot in cash, plus you will get more in ROIs.

Final remarks

Marketing is an important part of business success.

That’s why you need to work on ways to increase your brand visibility and create awareness.

Again, you don’t need a huge budget to fine-tune this aspect. Use the tips we have covered but also get creative as the world keeps evolving.

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