5 Tech Tweaks You Can Do to Boost Office Productivity

There are many ways you can improve productivity and general feelings of satisfaction around the office, but few tips can match the positive effect that technology can have on your employee collective.

5 Tech Tweaks You Can Do to Boost Office Productivity 1

Nowadays, companies and their teams rely on technology like VoIP, automation, various tools, and hardware solutions, and IoT tech to make their lives easier, cut extraneous expenses, and elevate productivity across the board.

This should come as no surprise, of course, seeing as how the majority of growth-oriented companies utilize various tech and tools every day to reach their goals.

So, if you want to build a successful team and grow your business, you should focus on digital transformation and various tech tweaks around the office.

Here are the top solutions you can integrate today to boost productivity, output, and employee satisfaction.

Leverage messaging apps

Let’s start with a simple and straightforward tip that you can implement right away – better use of messaging apps in and out of the office.

Employees are nowadays communicating via messaging apps all day long, whether they are exchanging business-related information or simply sharing memes on group chat – there is no denying that this is a powerful way to keep your team in sync.

Now, the problem occurs when the use of messaging apps is out of control around the office, or when your employees don’t know how to use them properly for business communication.

This can lead to files getting misplaced, information reaching the wrong person, and a complete loss of accountability, which is why you need to standardize app use.

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Make sure that all employees are using the same app for business-related communication to ensure complete data encryption and ease of use, and don’t forget to educate them on proper data handling and exchange over mobile applications. 

Embrace automation across the board

Technology has allowed small businesses to enter the global scene with ease, and established enterprises to grow and expand seamlessly – one of the key components of success being automation.

Automation is one of the driving forces behind continuous growth in the modern business sector, as it helps expedite numerous crucial and menial processes, alleviates the pressure off of your staff, and helps cut extraneous expenses, among many other benefits.

It should come as no surprise that automation can help you elevate office productivity significantly, whether you’re automating marketing processes, sales tasks, customer support, or any other department in your company.

If you invest in company-wide automation, you will effectively improve employee satisfaction and output, and thus create a happier workforce while boosting results.

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Upgrade your old phone system

Internal and external communication are crucial processes that every growth-oriented business needs to prioritize and upgrade in order to reach new heights of success.

Nowadays, customers and clients want and need to communicate with their brands regularly, while employees need to keep in touch throughout the day to maintain productivity and efficiency.

This means that you need to have a comprehensive phone system at your disposal, however, traditional phone systems simply don’t cut it anymore. 

Because legacy phone systems lack the digital features necessary to run a smooth operation, business leaders are increasingly investing in feature-rich VoIP telephony services that bring numerous perks and tools to the table.

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These include full mobile optimization, lower operating costs, video and audio conferencing, analytics tools, speech-to-text functions, and more.

You can leverage these features to improve all internal and external communication processes in your company. 

Improve network security and data safety

There’s nothing that can kill productivity around the office like a data breach, a network failure, or inadvertent loss of sensitive customer information.

One of your key objectives should be to ensure the complete safety of your employees in the digital realm, as well as the security of all business and customer data that flows through your network throughout the day.

Improving information security will allow your employees to do their job seamlessly while feeling secured and empowered to navigate the online world.

Remember, it only takes a single cyber-attack to be successful for your brand reputation to get ruined, possibly irreversibly, and it only takes a single act of social engineering to lose valuable information.

Aside from investing in employee training, you should integrate network monitoring tools, hardware and software firewalls, and secure web gateways for your IT infrastructure.

5 Tech Tweaks You Can Do to Boost Office Productivity 5

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Adopt team management software

As a growth-oriented business, you stand to gain plenty by investing in all kinds of handy software, but if you want to boost productivity and output, investing in team management tools should be one of your priorities.

Team management software allows you to run a smooth operation whether you’re keeping all of your employees under one roof or if you’re managing several remote teams, some of which can be halfway across the globe. 

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Having such a comprehensive overview of all team members, their workflows and projects, will help you identify pain points and growth opportunities for the individual.

In turn, this will allow you to help every employee in your team become more productive and satisfied with the job, which will lead to better results in the short, mid, and long term.

Wrapping up

Essentially, you can employ various solutions to raise productivity around the office, but using technology is your best bet.

With these upgrades and changes in mind, go ahead and build a more productive work environment and a happier employee collective.

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