Paypal security tips

5 PayPal Security Tips To Follow When Making Purchases

Paypal security tips

​Shopping online is a great convenience in our busy lifestyle, and PayPal makes it even simpler and quicker.

However, calling it safer to shop online with PayPal is relative to how much you know about it.

PayPal is the largest payment system online that solves overseas transaction problems smoothly.

With over 300 million active users, PayPal is not only the largest transaction maker but also the biggest target for the scammers.

PayPal itself has the most sophisticated security system to protect your account, but you have to fulfill your side of the security.

You can get a PayPal card, link your credit or debit card, and fund your online purchases without putting in your card or bank information on the purchase page.

You can protect your PayPal account from potential breaches and scams if you follow the tips I’m going to get you through.

5 PayPal Security Tips To Follow When Making Purchases

Online shopping using PayPal can be a neat experience, and secure if you know how to use your PayPal account correctly.

Here are five security tips and tricks to securely use your PayPal card account, or link external card to it:

 1. Don’t connect your  bank account or debit  card

Using PayPal is easy; you can open an account if you have an email address and start using it.

However, the confusion will come forward when you need to verify your PayPal account and get the full benefits.

You need to connect a debit card, or credit card, or your bank account to the PayPal account for verification.

The must-know security advice is to avoid linking your bank account or debit card to the PayPal account.

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If your account gets compromised, the hacker will be able to drain your bank account through PayPal.

Although you have a chance to claim the money, there remains a chance of not getting it back.

If you really have to connect a bank account for verification, never connect your primary bank account.

​ 2. Connect your credit card for better security

Connect your credit card for better security

If you’re planning to use your PayPal account without adding any card, or bank account, it’s fairly easy to do so.

You can send money from your account to another, make purchases, receive and request money, and so on.

However, if you have to connect your card to your PayPal account, that should be your credit card, not a debit card.

A credit card gives you more security because you will get protection from both PayPal and your credit card company.

The credit card company will get your money back to you within 60 days, where PayPal may take up to 180 days for the return process. 

Furthermore, you will get money back protection from the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) as well.

 3. Buy only from the verified sellers on PayPal


The most secure way to stay safe while purchasing something is to buy only from the sellers who are verified on PayPal.

As you know that anybody with an email address can open a PayPal account and start pulling money, you must stay safe from the scammers.

The best way to determine a seller to be fraud or not is to see if the seller has a verified PayPal account.

When a seller verifies the account, that means they have added a bank account or a debit or credit card to PayPal.

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Another way of getting verified on PayPal is to give the Social Security Number (S​​​​SN) to PayPal to prove his legitimacy. 

Although it doesn’t prove the inside of the person, it ensures that the person is under the radar of PayPal.

 ​4. ​Beware of PayPal phishing emails

The most common way of getting compromised on a PayPal account is the phishing emails that seem to be from PayPal. 

Hackers and scammers use phishing emails as a trap for PayPal users, especially new users.

The spoofing emails will contain a link; if you click on it, you will get to a fake PayPal login page.

If you put in your login credentials and login to that page, they will get your information to hack your account.

They can drain all your money from the account if you let them get the login details.

Beware, PayPal won’t send you any login address on your email address, if you get an email, don’t click on the link.

Go to the PayPal website manually and login there to see if there is any notification for you in the support box.

 5. Keep a keen eye on the transactions

The most common way of stealing your money from the compromised PayPal account is to take it slow.

The hackers will strike your account by stealing money in a small amount, as small as $1 or less

Once they make a successful transaction from your account, they will give it the second strike with $10 or $20.

If you still don’t seem to react to that unauthorized transaction,​ they understand that you’re not paying attention to your account.

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They will keep draining your money in small or large portions, and you won’t even know you’re getting robbed.

The best way to prevent such scams is to keep close surveillance over the account and the amount you have.

If you notice any transaction that you cannot recognize, even if it’s a transaction in cents, report it immediately.

Report it to PayPal or your credit card company or the bank that you’ve linked to your PayPal account.


PayPal is the most popular online transaction system with countless benefits, whether you need personal transactions or have a business.

It can be a big help, especially if you do international transactions as PayPal does the conversion itself.

However, new PayPal users often get into trouble because the hackers and scammers are all around the web.

Not all the sellers and buyers, especially from eBay and other eCommerce websites, are not honest and good at heart.

If you’re a new PayPal user and have a PayPal card or account to use for purchasing something, follow the tips I’ve got you through.

You will be able to bypass all the fraud that can be dangerous for you with less experience with scammers.

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