Video Sharing Sites for Backlinks

5 High DA Video Sharing Sites for SEO Backlinks in 2021

Video Sharing Sites for Backlinks

Digital marketing is changing with every passing minute, but one aspect that has always remained the same is video marketing.

Sharing videos related to your company or products on the top video sharing sites for SEO has always been a great way to generate brand awareness and boost more traffic to your website or blog through backlinks.

Do you want to know about some of the best video sharing sites for backlinks that are free to use and give good results?

Today I will be sharing with you some of the free video sharing sites for SEO where you get full freedom of uploading your video without having to pay for it.

Here’s the detailed list of the best video sharing sites for SEO with high DA, PA and domain authority.

  • ​Youtube
  • ​AOL
  • ​Vimeo
  • DailyMotion
  • MetaCafe


YouTube is the biggest and most popular video sharing site that is free to use.

Its PA rating of 96.5, DA rating of 100 and MOZ domain authority of 100 makes it the best video sharing site for SEO.

It gives its users the facility to watch videos, upload their own videos and even share the video links on social media.

If you want to submit your videos, then all you need is a free Google account and you can create your own channel to upload your videos.

Then it will be there for all of YouTube’s users to discover and watch.


Aol is a high authority video website with high DA PA ratings and a huge active user base.

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The PA, DA and MOZ domain authority of 85.3, 98.6 and 94 respectively make it an effective high PR video submission site for posting videos on a variety of topics.

This makes it a favorite platform for bloggers, news agencies and digital marketers to attract their audience and drive more audience to their websites with high quality backlinks.


With impressive ratings of 97.3 for PA, 98.4 for DA and 97 for MOZ domain authority, Vimeo is another great video sharing site that allows its users to control who sees their videos and who does not.

Users sharing their videos on Vimeo can customize their viewers based upon region and time of the day with the advanced privacy controls.

This makes Vimeo a highly suitable video site for targeted SEO.


The next entry in this video sharing sites list is Dailymotion.

Having a 81.6 PA, 95.7 DA and 95 MOZ domain authority ratings, Dailymotion is a widely used video sharing website for backlinks.

It provides a variety of categories for uploading your videos like news, music, entertainment and sports.

It also has a high DA PA ranking on most search engines and has a huge user base that watches the videos uploaded here on a regular basis.


Metacafe is a widely used platform for sharing short videos and pictures.

The uploaded videos are sorted into a number of categories like Commercials, Comedy, Cooking, Entertainment, Science and Tech, News, Pets and more.

Metacafe’s PA rating of 64.7, DA rating of 82.1 and MOZ domain authority of 87 make it very useful for sharing short video clips made to promote your business and generate brand awareness.

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You can get a significant amount of backlink traffic from here to increase your search engine page rankings.

These were a few of the best video sharing websites for backlinks that bring in more traffic to your website.

I hope that this video sharing sites list will help you add to your website’s off page SEO and help you gain more unique audience for your online content.

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