SEMRush Review – Is It Best SEO Tool in The Market?

SEMRush Review - Is It Best SEO Tool in The Market? 1

Nowadays, the Marketing industry has lots of SEO tools options to do multiple tasks such as SEO audits, Keywords Research, Backlink Audits, and Competitor Research, etc. 

But trust me, after using more than five years, I can bet that SEMrush has a better edge here compared to any other tools in the SEO industry. 

SEMrush Review $99/month
  • Ease-of-use
  • Functionality
  • Product Quality
  • Customer Support
  • Value for Money


SEMrush is a great SEO & SEM tool It has lots of great features such as SEO writing assistant and SEO content template and you can the clear ROI of the money when you see your traffic growth and It’s worth to spend on this tool.

Pros of SEMrush –

  • Comprehensive dashboard
  • Drill down analytics
  • Great for beginners to advance users


Cons of SEMrush –

  • There are so many features and tools in their program (which is a great thing) but it really can be confusing sometimes.
  • Easier collaboration without buying more seats.
  • Pricing: it would be nice if there were a lower pricing tier for infrequent/light users.


In this detailed SEMrush Review, I will give a quick ride about:

  • The SEMrush tools & its features
  • SEMrush benefits
  • Why it’s the Best SEO tool out there in the market.

Stay tuned until the end of the article.

SEMRush Review - Is It Best SEO Tool in The Market? 3


What Is SEMrush?

SEMrush is a marketing analytics software tool that offers solutions for SEO, PPC, content, social media, and competitive research to improve online visibility and discover marketing insights.

SEMRush Review - Is It Best SEO Tool in The Market? 5
SEMrush Dashboard View

Oleg Shchegolev and Dmitry Melnikov founded it on 3 August 2008, and their headquarters is in Boston, Massachusetts, United States.

How Does SEMrush Work?

As I have mentioned above, SEMrush is a power-packed marketing research tool for Bloggers, Marketers & Digital Agencies.

This tool can help you in many ways : 

  • You can track your website organic performance
  • Easily track your keywords rankings
  • Audit of the quality of your backlinks
  • Find profitable keywords of competitors 
  • You can do Organic Research of any domain to get domain overview
  • You can find link building opportunities via the SEMrush Link Prospecting tool, and there are many benefits. 

I will be explaining the latter part of the post.

Also check comparison between SEMrush vs SimilarWeb

How to Add a Website in SEMrush?

If you are new, then you might be thinking of adding your website as a project. Let me tell you, adding your new website in SEMrush can do it in just 30 seconds.

Follow the below steps:

  1. Login to your SEMrush account > Dashboard
  2. Then scroll down a bit, and on the left-hand side, you will see Projects, click on it.
  3. Now on the next page, You will see a button “Add new project” on the top right corner, click on it.
  4. Enter your Project domain and Project name and click on the “Create Project” button. That’s it. 

You can see the whole process is straightforward for a newbie to add any website in SEMrush. 

Add Your Website in SEMrush

Is SEMrush Free?

The good part is that SEMrush comes with a 14-days trial, which allows you to test out each of their tools & reports to help you realize that this tool is needed if you want to grow your traffic exponentially. 

Below are the things you can do using Free Trial for 14 Days:

  • 10 searches per day limit are set in Free users to account to test  Domain Analytics and Keyword Analytics databases. 
  • There is a limit to show only 10 results per search
  • For free users, only one Project is allowed to ADD.
  • Site Audit is limited to only 100 landing pages to crawl.
  • Only 10 Keywords are permitted to track as a Free user.
  • In the topic research tool, you can perform only two searches.
  • You can export only 1 PDF report.
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And I think it’s more than sufficient to get confidence that this SEO tool is worth buying if you are serious about your website.

I would suggest looking at their Pricing page for plans like Pro, Guru & Business. 

I will be explaining these plans in the subsequent sections of the posts.

How to use SEMrush keyword magic tool

This is the newest invention by them to save tons of hours of marketers & bloggers. They are spending on doing keywords research in finding the golden keyword (A keyword having high search volume & less competition or keyword difficulty).

SEMRush Review - Is It Best SEO Tool in The Market? 7
SEMrush Keyword Magic tool dashboard

Here is a step-by-step guide on How to use Keyword magic tool for keywords research:

  • Go to Keywords Analytics > click on Keyword Magic Tool
  • Enter your target keyword; let’s say enter “Youtube Marketing” select the country you want to do keyword research. I decided, “The United States.”
  • I got a list of 5,874 keywords which are having total search volume of 19,600
  • You can’t select all the keywords to add to your blog post. So, sorting options like sort the list by search volume, difficulty, CPC, and more. I have sorted by the search volume.
  • You even can select only questions by clicking on the “Questions” tab on the top left corner.
  • You can add chosen keywords in a list by clicking on the “+” icon, which is in front of the keyword.
  • I always use options such as filtering the keywords based on CPC, Volume, SERP features, Word Count, Keyword Difficulty (KD), etc.
Try Keyword Magic Tool

How to add Keywords in SEMrush for Rank Tracking

Yes, SEMrush does support tracking rankings on your keywords. 

SEMRush Review - Is It Best SEO Tool in The Market? 9
Steps to Add Keywords in SEMrush

Here is a step-by-step guide on adding keywords to track:

  1. Go to your project for which you want keywords to track.
  2. Then click on “Position Tracking.” 
  3. Add your keywords by clicking the “Overview” Tab 
  4. Click “Add Keywords,” as shown in the picture below. The good part is that you can add the keywords in Bulk as well. It will save you lots of time.

I like the visibility trend feature, which gives me an overall picture clear about my keywords rankings without digging deep into them.

Add Your Keywords FREE

How to Find LSI Keywords in SEMrush?

If you don’t know what LSI is, then don’t worry here is the definition of it. LSI stands for latent semantic indexing. These are the keywords that Google considers to be carefully matched with your primary keyword. 

It will help you not to overstuff your primary keyword. 

Recommended keyword density of primary keyword should be around 1-1.5%

Akshay Hallur, the founder of BloggingX, written a great piece of content on “How to find LSI keywords smartly.” You can read it here.

Does SEMrush support the LSI keywords feature? Then my answer is YES

Just enter your keyword in Keyword Magic Tool and click on “Related Keywords.” 

SEMRush Review - Is It Best SEO Tool in The Market? 11
Steps to find LSI keywords in SEMrush

You will see the massive list of LSI keywords that you can select and use in your blog post. 

Find LSI Keywords

How to Find Spam Links in SEMrush 

It is always good to focus on your backlinks closely to get the confidence that you will not be hit by any Google algorithm updates which focus on spam links as they have released Google Penguin a few years back to remove spam links or any link networks.

SEMRush Review - Is It Best SEO Tool in The Market? 13

The good part is that SEMrush has this feature of detecting broken links & removing links from the dashboard itself. Let’s see how it works:

 Step 1 – Go to SEMrush’ Backlink Audit Tool

 Step 2 – Then, navigate to the Audit tab of this tool.

 Step 3 – Review your links and segment them by Keep or Delete 

Keep = sends links or domains that you have selected to your whitelist.

Delete= It will tell you either plan to remove with an email request to a webmaster or disavow with the Google Disavow Tool.

How to use SEMrush Tools

SEMRush Review - Is It Best SEO Tool in The Market? 15
SEMRush Review - Is It Best SEO Tool in The Market? 28

As I said above, Every new user will get a 14 Days free trial to try the features SEMrush has such as Domain and Keyword Analytics, Topic Research Queries, Backlinks reports, Advertising Research reports, Site audit, etc.

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Just enter your domain as Project and configure the tools as mentioned and allowed in your FREE plan. You can opt-in for paid programs (such as Pro, Guru & Business) if you like SEMrush features & tools. 

Try SEMrush 14-Days Free Trial

How to use SEMrush for Paid Search (PPC)

Thousands of marketers globally use the SEMrush PPC tool to learn about competitors’ campaigns, find the most profitable keywords they are targeting, and, based on intelligence from the machine they build more effective Google search ads.

Here is how you can use the PPC tool by SEMrush –

1- Use SEMrush’s competitive research tools, because it will help you in:

  • Finding keywords your competitors targeting
  • Bidding duration on each keyword
  • Ads copy samples for every keyword
  • Complete spend on each keyword they are targeting
SEMRush Review - Is It Best SEO Tool in The Market? 17

2- Create Ad Groups

You can organize the imported keywords into ad groups, and the best feature is that you can add negative keywords and assign them to match types as per your campaign settings.

3- Build Search Ads

Now you have your list of Ad groups, and it will be easy for you to create search ads now. 

SEMrush has an inbuilt Ad builder, which helps you create search ads in a few minutes with the help of existing templates, and later on, you can assign those ads to specific campaigns. 

The icing on the cake is that you can add callouts, site links, and structured snippets, etc. as ads extensions within SEMrush as well. 

You don’t have to go to the Google ads dashboard to do that part. But still, if you want, you can export the ads copies via a CSV for easy upload into Google Ads.

4- Set CPC Bids

This is the most important part of the ad campaign. 

You will spend the right amount of your business as targeted users will be clicking on these search ads targeted by keywords of your choice to land on your website.

Create Your First PPC Campaign

Is SEMrush Worth It?

Many of my fellow marketers asked me this question, “Is Semrush Good?”. Here is what I reply to them, “SEMRush is worth it if you want to grow your traffic.”

I know most people in the industry talk about SEMrush being quite expensive compared to other tools such as MOZ, Ahrefs, Serpstat, Ubersuggest, and Mango Tools. 

Let me tell you; Quality products always come expensive.

How to Cancel/Delete SEMrush Account/Subscription?

To cancel your SEMrush account or subscription, follow the below steps:

1- Log into your account and navigate to the Subscription Info page. 

2- Find the link “active” and follow the “contact us” link to the cancellation form.

SEMRush Review - Is It Best SEO Tool in The Market? 19

How to get SEMrush Pro for Free?

You can try SEMrush 14-Days Free trial, and then you can upgrade your plan into Pro, Guru, and Business as per your requirements. 

If you are wondering How Much Does SEMrush Cost?

Then it starts with Pro – $99.95. Guru – $199.95. Business – $399.95

SEMRush Review - Is It Best SEO Tool in The Market? 21
SEMrush Pricing

How Accurate is SEMrush?

ScreamingFrog, a website Internal SEO audit tool, did an accuracy test between Ahrefs, SEMrush & SimilarWeb data, and they shared the results here.

They found that the most accurate tool analyzed was SimilarWeb, which overestimated organic traffic by 1%.

SEMRush Review - Is It Best SEO Tool in The Market? 23
How Accurate is SEMrush Data, Here is the Proof

How Does SEMrush Calculate Traffic?

SEMrush Sensors will detect even a minute ranking position change in their position tracking tool. All of these help SEMrush to collect traffic data, keyword data, and backlinks data.

But they maintain transparency in all of the data that is being provided by their tool.

Once they get the data, they segregate and segment it as per the convenience of the users.

How Often Does SEMrush Update Its Data?

SEMrush updates it’s Position tracking data in every 24 hours or less than that. You can see the “Last Update” noted above the section tabs. 

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They claim that daily results can be tracked for 60 days only.

Which is Better – SEMrush Vs. Ahrefs

There are many reasons why SEMrush is better than Ahrefs

1- SEMrush’s domain database is more extensive than Ahrefs. 

2- SEMRush is much better at finding toxic links than Ahrefs

3- SEMrush has an SEO writing assistant tool that helps your content be well optimized to rank, whereas this kind of feature is not available in Ahrefs.

4- In terms of Customer Support, SEMrush provides support over the phone, chat, and email, whereas Ahrefs provides only phone support.

5- Ahrefs trial lasts for seven days, whereas SEMrush provides a 14-days FREE trial.

How to Add a User in SEMrush?

SEMrush gives three types of user roles, i.e., Owner, User & Admin.

By default, your purchase account will be an owner account, but for adding additional users, you have to pay an additional amount, which I think is a drawback of SEMrush.

To see the pricing and limits of users, please refer to the “User Management” section on our Prices page.

Can SEMrush be Used for ASO?

No, As of now, they don’t have any features to do ASO of your app. You can use tools like AppAnnie etc. for this purpose.

How to Track Keywords Ranking in SEMrush?

SEMrush is one of the favorite tools when it comes to Keywords Rank Tracking. It’s very easy-to-use and user-friendly.  

Just enter your website URL, or you can do that for a particular blog post, and within a few seconds, this tool comes up with the data of keywords you are currently ranking for.

You can try it for a few weeks for free before buying a premium paid plan:

Try 14-Days Free Trial of SEMrush 

You can then use filters to check keyword competition [use of Keyword difficulty (KD)], Search Volume, and based on SERP features such as Keywords, which are coming in Featured Snippet, etc. 

You can also Discover local competitors, Group keywords with tags & Target different devices as well.

It’s effortless to start adding Keywords for rank tracking in SEMrush. There are more than three methods by which you can add keywords to track:

  1. By adding a search console and Import the keywords data from there directly.
  2. You can manually enter the keywords to track.
  3. Track the top Keywords only, which has been recommended by SEMrush for your website.
  4. Or by using a file in (*.txt, *.csv) formats.

NOTE – The keywords limit will change based on the plan you have. In a free plan, you are allowed to track only 10 Keywords, whereas If you buy Pro Plan, then you can track 500 keywords with a daily ranking update, and in the Guru plan, this count shots up to 1500 keywords a month to track.

How to use SEMrush SEO Writing Assistant Tool?

If you are always thinking in your head about how to write better content for SEO? Then I would recommend you to focus on SEO content optimization recommendations given by this tool.

Because, this turns out to be the game-changer for many bloggers and affiliate marketers. 

It will help you to know if your texts follow our best SEO recommendations or not to rank better in SERP. 

After reading this, You can improve SEO and create better content on your website. 

SEMRush Review - Is It Best SEO Tool in The Market? 25

Here is how this SEO Writing Assistant works:

  • Enter your focus keywords
  • You will get semantically related keywords to include in your article
  • Readability scores based on competition results will help to optimize content.
  • You can optimize your article headline for SEO
  • based on average length, You can increase or decrease the article length 
  • You can check for plagiarism within the tool itself.
  • You can check the tone of your content.

You can use their official add-on for Google Docs and plugin for WordPress 

If you any questions about SEMrush Features? Leave them in the comments section below! I would be happy to help.

Try SEMrush & Grow Your Traffic

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