WPX Hosting Review – Why They Are Fastest Hosting Provider

WPX Hosting Review 2020
WPX Hosting Review - Why They Are Fastest Hosting Provider 16

When you set up a WordPress website for your online presence, what is your primary concern?

Well In my experience, I have seen most of the people in the initial stages of setting up the websites want their investment to be minimal to keep a balance of their finances. 

And what will be the most primary and necessary expenditure?

Hosting right!

Now here comes the point of time where you will look hosting plans for your WordPress sites and you will eventually come close with the fact that some of the WordPress hostings is quite pocket friendly and you will fall for the trap.

Now, what should be your take on it?

This article will be enough for you to understand that why WPX hosting for your WordPress site is the best possible option out there.

WPX hosting covers all bases for the perfect, secure, and fast functioning of your website.

Trusted by thousands of professionals out there, there’s no way you should even think about any other.

I have been using it for all the sites. So read this WPX hosting review till the very end.

Why WPX Hosting And Not Any Other?

WPX Hosting Honest Review 2020 20.83
  • Ease-of-use
  • Functionality
  • Speed
  • Customer Support
  • Pricing


WPX is very fast, beyond expectations.  On one new site, You could install everything yourself if you are not IT, it was so easy to follow click, their docs, blogs are very good. Also, the feature that surprised us pleasantly, the Free SSL & DDOS protection with FREE CDN.

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Excellent Customer Support:

The most basic problem faced with other hosting services is poor assistance with the customer for the issues faced with hosting.

If you have used other hosting services for your WordPress site, you will get to know that many of them genuinely don’t care what happens with your website after they fetch the money out of your pocket.

Most consumers end up taking the yearly plan and then the problem persists till the very end.

You don’t want that right?

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WPX Hosting Review - Why They Are Fastest Hosting Provider 1

You can clearly see in the above review, that the average time for WPX hosting is around 29s for responding back to the customers with a 98% satisfaction.

  • The live chat is so great that your queries will be get answered and resolved in literally in less than a minute.
  • They will completely take care of the security issues and even regular audits on your sites to ensure everything’s fine. Isn’t that great? I mean I can’t name even one such hosting service with this level of concern.
  • It’s 24-hour assistance for your issues and you will be just seconds away from getting it resolved. Their support team is the best in business.
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Click here to get started right away with WPX hosting for your WordPress website to unleash their amazing services.

Free Site Migration: 

This service is the one that I particularly love.

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Generally, when you want your site to be migrated, several aspects which the chances of getting affected the sites’ location, structure, content. 

  • With WPX Hosting, It will genuinely hassle-free transition for your WordPress website. They will take care of everything until you are satisfied with everything.
  • There are no constraints with the number of migrations. Yes, it’s unlimited.
  • You do not need to worry about the time for the transition. In most of the cases, I have come across, it typically takes around one day or less. 
  • Other website hosting companies and specifically WordPress hosts charge heavily for this feature of website migration like that of Bluehost Hosting.

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Free SSL Certificates: 

You don’t want your website to end up having HTTP instead of HTTPS, right?

There is a certain protocol that takes its functioning in the backend to decide about the security of your website of which your SSL certificate plays a key role in the decision. 

  • With WPX hosting, you will get free SSL certificates and this computerized installation will take around just a minute or so. 
  • Due to the inception of a new free SSL project called Letsencrypt backed by leading tech companies Google, it’s the best SSL service you can avail out there in association with a hosing service which here is WPX hosting.

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Malware Scans And Inspection:  

There are instances when you try to access a particular webpage and google gives you a warning that it’s not safe to proceed further. 

WPX Hosting Review - Why They Are Fastest Hosting Provider 3

So again at this front, WPX hosting completely ensures that no such warning comes up by safeguarding your website against external attacks and hacks if you ever encounter them.

  • This malware scans done by WPX hosting is completely free and to my knowledge, no other hosting company provides this feature.
  • If your site is getting hosted with WPX, and you feel that your site is being infected with anything at any point of time, you can ask WPX hosting for assistance, and they will run a complete checkup in almost no time to deal with it immediately.
  • It provides a regularly improved and updated Web Application firewall.
  • It provides you excellent and professional level DDOS protection. Don’t know what it is? See below.

What exactly is DDOS protection and why you should know about it?

When a specific target server is safeguarded and protected from a distributed denial-of-service attack, it is called DDOS protection.

It is a very important aspect for you to know about it because hackers and attackers try to target the nodes of the network to get access to the data and also hindering the incoming traffic thus affecting the very purpose of the website.

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Protect Your Site with DDOS Protection NOW

WPX hosting again provides excellent help to deal with it. Once you will experience the WPX hosting, you won’t regret your choice and would be carefree about the security and risks of your website. 

The most important and unique feature is the daily complete system malware scans and destructive file removal

No other web hosting company comes even close to providing such an excellent service. 

Click here to get started with WPX hosting to avail best hosting service and completely ensure the security of your WordPress site.

Fastest WPX Cloud

When you try to open a website it’s very obvious that you want a quick look at the content of the desired webpage to get and learn fast what interests you. And you want the very same thing for your audience.

WPX hosting has excellent CDN(content delivery network), which means several servers are spread and distributed across a large region to provide fast internet connectivity and functioning.

The advantage is that the traffic which enters your webpage from different parts of the world will have the ability to access the content of your webpage really quick and also very less load time.

  • Since the inception of the WPX cloud, all the customers are exploiting this feature and enhancing the performance and speed of their website. And yes, it’s again free of cost. All come with a hosting plan.
WPX Hosting Review - Why They Are Fastest Hosting Provider 5

You can clearly see that other companies charge a huge amount of money for quality CDNs as Cloudflare does.

  • Easy incorporation and configuration of the WPX cloud and user-friendly setting for further changes.
  • Coverage across major nations to provide great hosting space for a spectacular performance.
  • Statistically proven very less load time for the content of the webpage as compared to other websites hosted on different platforms.

Click here to select and start with your WPX hosting plan

Why They Are Best WordPress Hosting

So, in this WPX hosting review I presented some of the finest features of the same.

I have used some of the hosting plans which claim themselves to be the best, I have finally rested on WPX hosting for some reasons.

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  • The most important aspect is the customer support. I haven’t seen any other hosting company with such a level of dedication to work for the customer’s satisfaction.
  • Some other hosting companies such as Siteground Hosting do have plans that you will find more economical but trust me, they are not meant to be in the long run. It’s all worth it to spend for WPX hosting and you will realize it every time once you use it.
  • The security which WPX hosting provides is far better than any other hosting plan. 
  • You must have seen in many reviews online that some of the trusted web hosting companies such as Bluehost hosting are the best for WordPress hosting but that’s only one side of the story.
  • If your WordPress site is accepting large traffic than its better for you to get yourself WPX hosting because :
  1. It has way better security which is the most critical aspect.
  2. It provides you with unlimited email addresses.
  3. Specially built for managing WordPress sites.
  4. It has better uptime.
  5. Free website migration.
  6. It is best for exponential growth.
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WP engine vs WPX Hosting

While still to some people, other WordPress hosting plans may be more appealing like WP Engine because it looks and seems to be more professional. But let me tell you something.

It may seem so but WPX Hosting still possesses characteristics and services like security, speed, performance, and customer assistance that can’t be matched with any other.

And as a matter of fact, WPX is still economical than the WP engine after such features.

WPX Hosting Pricing

WPX Hosting Review - Why They Are Fastest Hosting Provider 7

WPX hosting offers include several plans depending upon the uses and flexibility of customers.

All the plans possess some of the basic characteristics that set WPS hosting parts out of which some are High-speed, custom CDN, Unlimited Site Migrations*, Unlimited SSLs, 24/7 Fast-response Support, Staging Area, Email, Manual Backups & DDoS Protection, etc.

The most basic plan starts at $20.8/month. and advances up to Elite plans for $83/month.

WPX Hosting Reviews

WPX hosting reviews are such that it has successfully managed to meet the expectations of critics and reviewers. 

After going through multiple platforms, and testing its ability on different parameters, the following are some of the results of the tests published by Matthew Woodward.

WPX Hosting Review - Why They Are Fastest Hosting Provider 9

You can clearly see that WPX has aced all the different characteristics.

If you also have a look at some of the leading review websites such as Trustpilot.com, you will perceive that WPX hosting is way better than any other out there in the business.

How WPX Hosting Started

WPX Hosting Review - Why They Are Fastest Hosting Provider 11

The founder of WPX hosting, Terry Kyle when founded the company in 2013, specifically worked on those problems which he felt that customers primarily face.

Due to his experience of working with leading hosting companies, he directed his focus on issues accordingly.

And since the very inception of WPX hosting, he completely reconstructed the features of Hosting Plans and specifically working on the difficulties that were commonly faced by the users.

The Cons Of WPX Hosting

Yes, It Has Them.

1. It offers multiple websites hosting in its plan. Though the features it claims are breathtaking, but for those people who want WPX hosting for just one site, it wouldn’t be a great deal of money.

2. There is no separate and specific cPanel to manage the hosting as provided by other WordPress Hosting companies. You have to manage it through the dashboard.

3. There is no support through the phone. You will have to use emails and live chats which are very fast of course.

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