Top 6 Call Center Technologies You Are Not Using (But Should Be)

Operating a call center is challenging job, if you don’t have right call center technology available to you.

Either your focus is on the products or services, you can enjoy the success with the right technology and software.

Are you focusing on inbound calls or out bound calls?


Either starting from scratch or expanding your company call center, the right tools can help you achieve the goals!

Here we have listed top call center technology you should know about in the 2020.

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Get to know more about these software’s before getting them.

Build an effective call center with these:

Predictive Dialer

“Good, bad or indifferent, if you are not investing in new technology. You are going to be left behind”.

(Philip green)

Do you often see blank calls, or your agents are free in the call center? All call centers need predictive dialer software these days to actually make right use of the shift time!

This is because, with this latest call center technology, the dialer makes automatic calls from the leads and contact list you have updated!

It is actually a part of most of the outbound call centers these days!


It makes your agents connected to the phone calls which are actually picked up.

This means no more call waiting, no answers, voices message, and other problems.

Moreover, it is actually successful for all the channels! It is highly recommended!

ACD (Automatic Call Distributor)

“Good service is good business”

Siebel Ad

Wondering how to actually provide good or excellence in service to your customers?

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Different customers are facing different sorts of problems or for different products.

How to handle them in the most efficient way or how to guide them to the right agent.

With ACD, you can now manage time better in your call center!

Does your call center have large number of incoming calls? Or do you have large number of products?

With ACD, you ensures the call is actually forwarded to the right agent in your call center.

This increases the chances of sales as well as more customers converting into sales.

This call center technology can ensure your contact center’s success in 2020.

– IVR (Interactive Voice Response)

IVR Process

According to the recent survey, customers love to deal on the phone automatically.

This is especially true for the financial and confidential information.

This means you have a strong need for IVR as it gives access to your customers without talking to the agent!

Your IVR efficiency and technology is dependent on the access it allows to your call center.

Depending on the call center need, you may get the IVR software that can recognize different languages.

If you have already one for your call center, keep updating it!

Call Recording Software

Do you often organize training sessions for improvement of your call center agents?

Or do you have any call recording software at your contact center which can record the call?

This call center technology is highly recommended for 2020, as managers need to know about what happened over the phone.

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Even if some of your agents are making enough sales or if someone is actually not able to generate a single sale.

It is time to go through their call and share them with the call tips they are unaware of.

Moreover, this is actually an information source for the training classes as well! Don’t forget to share your agents with the best and worst calls!

Workforce Management Technology

If you are now aware of it, you can get the idea from the name.

Depending on your call center needs, you may need different number of agents and other resources.

This all can be manage well with workforce management software 2020.

How many agents to hire?

How many agents should be part of a single team?

How often trained sessions are required?

How to deal with shift rotations?

What about the vacations and leaves?

You can manage all this efficiently with workforce management technology.

IV (Interactive Video)

Reduce down the call drops with getting this call center technology.

This means, how you are entertaining your customers while they are on waiting over the call.

You may need to run a promotion or marketing activity?

It can also be use as medium of entertainment with IV.

In today’s challenging and competitive market, customers have the choice of choosing best.

They look for the call center where they can get satisfied services.

You can simply make your call center best from the others through implementing useful call center technologies.

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