How to do Safe Online Transactions with an Anonymous Blog

The ultimate goal of blogging is to monetize your anonymous blog.

But even with the already safer choice of maintaining anonymity, it is even more important to practice safe online transaction practices to avoid fraud and malpractice.  

With new internet-based online transaction platforms popping all over the web daily, it is hard to know which of them are authentic and which ones are frauds.

Thus, it is important to evaluate every choice out there and finalize only the ones with credible resources and services. Here are some tips to help you do that.

Tips to carry out safe online transactions

Anonymous payments

How to do Safe Online Transactions with an Anonymous Blog 1

A successful anonymous blog has already utilized the benefits of anonymity to its content.

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So, it is a good idea to the extent that benefits when using online transactions for the said blog.

The seclusion of your identity can ensure the security of any sale and purchase that your blog may have to do.

Further, in this process, you would not have to reveal any financial detail to the second party that you may not want to reveal.


Anonymous blog platforms often use cryptocurrencies in their online transactions.

The crypto tokens used in such processes are verified along with each transaction and hence are proved to be authentic.


This is also another way to keep your anonymity as it does not use the actual currency from your physical monetary account.

It is a popular method of online transactions that are gaining faster and wider acceptance across many anonymous blog platforms.

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While the registration required to purchase cryptocurrency and the expensive exchange rate may pose a challenge, nevertheless this method of payment is one of the most secure online transactions available.

Cash Payments

How to do Safe Online Transactions with an Anonymous Blog 3

While this may seem like an unlikely option when it comes to online transactions, nevertheless, it is one of the tried and tested ways to ensure security with anonymous blog platforms.

The payment method can be made even more secure by using anonymous aliases or handlers. Cash also doesn’t leave any paper trail, thus ensuring further anonymity.

Having been used by many financial gurus since the advent of the economy, cash transactions will remain a secure method of online transactions until money as a concept exists.

The best thing about it is the availability and the anonymity it can provide without the hassle of filling up forms online that make you reveal your financial details.

Third-Party Services

How to do Safe Online Transactions with an Anonymous Blog 5

To set up an anonymous blog, bloggers often take the help of third-party services, especially when it comes to online transactions.

In the growing demands for such services, many centers have come up to help facilitate smooth transactions.

One of the main advantages of this method is that it largely depends upon the type of vendor that you are dealing with.

It is necessary not to reveal any real details during registration. It is also very important to be vigilant and avoid scams and frauds that are often found in such services.

Payment through Gift Cards

Anonymous blog platforms can maintain their anonymous payment by using the popular option of online transactions through gift cards.

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A largely available service that is used by many retail stores and large conglomerates, it can definitely serve as a good option.

Prepaid gift cards are a great method as the transaction is only enclosed within the service-providers assets, and hence its prepaid nature helps maintain anonymity.

It also comes with the added benefit of instantaneous payment which is a big plus when dealing with time-sensitive projects.

Thus prepaid gift cards are another important way of online transactions that are secure.


How to do Safe Online Transactions with an Anonymous Blog 7

One of the first rules to secure payments when it comes to anonymous blog platforms is to have a strong and secure password.

It is important to make your password hard to guess by using numbers, symbols, and both lower and upper-case letters.

It is also very important not to share this password with anyone.

Passwords are also important to ensure a two-party transaction that may be affected by the knowledge of a pre-fixed password by both the parties.

Online transaction payments can be made doubly secure by using encrypted passwords that are hard to decode.

Anti – Virus Programs and firewall protection

Many anonymous blog platforms use secure firewalls to ensure that online cybercriminals cannot hack their way into their online transactions and safe houses.

It is also important to have updated and secure anti-virus programs to ensure that malware doesn’t corrupt and delete the online transaction and cause security downfall.

Cyber-security is always an important field to ensure, especially when it comes to anonymous blog platforms.

In order to ensure total safety, be sure to follow these steps when you start to set up an anonymous blog. After all, anything worth doing is worth protecting.

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