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4 Important Data Breaches & Long-Term Effects on Enterprises

Data breaches are prevalent in today’s cybersecurity landscape and it isn’t surprising why – attackers are using more sophisticated tools and methods to attack organizations and launch cyberattacks. 

Modern-day technology has not only empowered businesses with better technology and ways to protect themselves against cyber attacks but it also paved the way for attackers to conduct malicious attacks that are difficult to detect and eliminate quickly.  

Data breaches have significant long-term effects on businesses.


Be it financial loss to operational downtime or reduced customer retention rates, a data breach can be detrimental to companies.

Moreover, if customers’ data is compromised in a data breach, they can file lawsuits against the company that suffered the breach. 

Here are four of the most significant long-term consequences that enterprises face after a data breach. They clearly emphasize the importance of having better security policies in place.

Info-graphics Source – Cypress Data Defence


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Aaron Cure

Aaron Cure is the Principal Security Consultant at Cypress Data Defense and an instructor and contributing author for the Dev544 Secure Coding in .NET course.
After 10 years in the U.S. Army, I decided to switch my focus to developing security tools and performing secure code reviews, penetration testing, static source code analysis, and security

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