5 Fun Online Games You Should Try While Social Distancing 1

5 Fun Online Games You Should Try While Social Distancing

Coronavirus pandemic has put life at a halt, and people around the world are strictly ordered to stay at home. While governments are doing all they can to control the pandemic, as a responsible citizen, it is our job to maintain social distancing.

The introverts rejoiced at this news, but extroverts had a difficult time processing it. This post is for both of them; the introverts who love to stay home and the extroverts who can start a virtual party in their house by playing online games.

Having fun during the lockdown

While you are trying to pass the time during social distancing, you can enjoy some of these online games available at freejackpot.com. The games on this list are chosen for both single players and multiple players. In some titles, you can play alone, while others give you the option to invite your friends to an online playing field.

The World Health Organization (WHO) also launched the #PlayApartTogether initiative to encourage gaming with friends to ease loneliness and have a good time during social distancing.

Check out some of the best online games, ranging from old-school to new titles for all kinds of fun experience:

The Escape Game

It is time to find an escape, but in an online game called ‘The Escape Game.’ You will be required to put your problem-solving skills to test with this virtual escape room. Follow all the puzzles and try to run from this computerized room before the time runs out. This game is a replica of real-life escape rooms.

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This is a two-part game, and the second part is called The Heist. It is for players ages 12 and above. The game allows you to be a secret agent looking for an art thief.

The price for this two-part game is $10 or $17 for both in a bundle.

Space Miner

Stay at home but cruise into space with this game. Space Miner by Unlimited Gamez mo is a strategy game that you can play online on your smartphone or tablet. The good thing about this game is that it does not require a complex console to play it.

Space Miner will take you into an old-school Sega world where 1D animation ruled the show. You are an extraterrestrial miner in Space Miner, and you live on a planet unknown to humankind.

Savvy players can dig through the 20 levels before the quarantine period is over and become a miner of the galaxy. While you mine in space, do not forget to collect the loot on each successful expedition.

While at the website, check out the other games they offer. All these games can be accessible to you on your mobile phone after paying a small subscription fee.

Call of Duty Warzone

Call of Duty is surely one of the most famous online games of all time. The game has a new version called “Call of Duty Warzone,” where you fight with 150 other players on the same field. The feeling of playing online games with other humans from around the world is more surreal during social distancing.

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You and your close friends can choose to form a squad and enter as a team to fight until the end. The best thing about warzone is that it is free to play. So anyone can join in from their house during the quarantine.

No matter what device you join from, you and your friends can huddle together and have the same playing experience on any device.


Social distancing got everyone feeling hungrier, as we spend more time near our refrigerator. We suggest that you play Overcooked more than going to your snack station. Overcooked is a fun, lighthearted, and simple cooking game that anyone will enjoy. Overcooked has many challenging levels and locations, and you can even go to an alien planet to cook.

The best thing about overcooked is that it does not limit you to a device. You can play it on your laptop with family or friends because overcooked now allows cooking with friends. Try to make the chef in your house play this game and hear how they like the experience.

Words with Friends

During the lockdown, parents want their kids to spend more time on online educational resources rather than playing games. However, kids want the other way round. Fret not; we have an acceptable solution for both sides.

Words with Friends is a game that tests your skills in the English language. So, this makes it an educational and fun game at the same time. No matter where you and your friends are social distancing, you can play a game of old-school scrabble on a mobile phone.

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The good thing about Words with Friends is that it does not require constant play. If you are busy, you can play your turn any time in the day and then wait for the friend to take the turn. It enables playing at your comfort level.

Last word

These are our recommendations for responsible people trying to remain indoors throughout the pandemic. Games are said to lighten the mood and work as a fun hobby, so we strongly urge you to try one of these.

Do let us know once you try one of our suggestions, and we would love to hear about more online games from you in the comments below.

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