How A Cool YouTube Intro Can Help You Gain More Likes

Every modern marketer will agree that video marketing is the best strategy to attract, engage, and convert prospects into loyal customers.

According to data by Cisco, online videos will account for 79% of internet traffic in 2020.

Businesses use videos in their marketing campaigns on their social media handles that include Facebook, Instagram, and now even on YouTube.

How A Cool YouTube Intro Can Help You Gain More Likes 1
How A Cool YouTube Intro Can Help You Gain More Likes 6

YouTube has almost 2 billion users worldwide that include one-third of the total internet users, according to a report by Statista.

With the rise of video content on the internet, more and more businesses are turning to YouTube to promote their brand.

Because of its massive reach, YouTube is one of the most valuable marketing channels for individuals, brands, and organizations.

After Facebook, YouTube is the second-best channel for brands to share their video content, according to data from The Buffer, 2019.

Creating a Professional YouTube Video

Though there is no magic formula that can make your YouTube video go viral overnight, there are still a few ideas that you must consider while creating your next video.

Great content, clear call to action, an offer, and an appealing brand intro are some of the essential factors that decide the success of your YouTube video.

There is a lot of free video creator online that you can use to create amazing videos to boost your engagement on YouTube.

As a viewer, you may identify branded videos with the video intro that they use in every video. Read on to know more about the importance of these intros and how you can use them to grow on YouTube.

What is a YouTube Intro?

In recent years, these YouTube intros have gained immense popularity among creators.

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A YouTube intro is a short video clip that you can use at the beginning of your videos to introduce yourself or your brand in a stylish, animated format.

A video introduction sets the tone of the channel, and gives viewers an idea of what to expect, and makes it easy to identify the channel.

There has been a lot of discussion about these YouTube intro and their impact on the viewers. You can find a lot of resources online to learn how to make an intro for YouTube

Top Reasons to Use a YouTube Intro In Your Videos

Many brands spend a lot of time researching to decide the most suitable kind of intro that aligns with the type of content they are sharing on the platform.

How A Cool YouTube Intro Can Help You Gain More Likes 3

Below are the reasons why you might consider using these cool intros in your next YouTube video:

-Look Amazingly Professional

While creating professional-looking videos for YouTube, you must consider lots of fundamental points like camera angles, light, background, sound, and much more. One thing that can set you apart from others is an astonishing YouTube intro.

A beautiful YouTube intro will make your videos look more professional to your viewers. It helps in creating an identity for your brand that viewers will always remember.

A YouTube intro is a one-time investment that will serve you in the long run. There are many cost-effective platforms on the internet that provide you amazing templates to use while creating the best intro.

-Builds Recall of Your Brand

Everyone remembers some of their favorite TV shows from early childhood. You used to watch them daily without missing a single episode.

Your first memory from those TV shows is probably the intro music, and you can easily recognize it within seconds today. It is called brand recall.

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YouTube intros are a great tool to build a brand recall for your viewers.

Every time people watch your videos, they involuntary memorize the logo, brand name, and the animation you use in your intros. It helps in strengthening your brand identity and creating a lasting impact.

-YouTube Intros Help in Building Trust

It takes a lot of effort in creating reliable video content that your viewers enjoy watching, adding an intro in videos can help you build credibility.

Research shows that people make their first impression of any brand in less than a few seconds.  If you manage to capture the attention and engage with the viewers in those first few seconds, they are more likely to trust you and your content.

Almost every traditional brand uses a logo-animated intro in their videos to build trust among viewers and sound more credible.

People not only watch and share videos from trusted brands, they like, comment and subscribe to these channels to never miss an update.

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-A YouTube Intro Gives Time to Build Focus

An introduction is an essential part of any conversation as it allows you to collect your thoughts and be mentally present to engage with the person completely.

YouTube intros act as an essential element where your viewers get space to change the subject of their thoughts and concentrate on your content.

It helps in building better engagement with your viewers so that they can completely consume your content and understand your brand message clearly.

-It Offers Consistency in Your Video Creation

People love brands that are sharing their video content consistently with their audience on YouTube. It helps in creating credibility and sets you apart from amateur, non-consistent creators that change their identity now and then.

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It is human nature to trust a brand that has a consistent opinion about a subject and has an unchanged identity over a long period of time.

When viewers interact with your brand via video content, the intros can create a lasting impact and show your consistency. To increase your audience base on YouTube, you must use a powerful intro that has your brand logo, name, and tagline.

-It Gives Viewers Context Before the Final Content

A YouTube intro helps viewers understand more about your brand. It provides viewers an understanding of what to expect from the video.

If your YouTube intro aligns with the channel’s look and feel, it can create a lasting impression and can hook them in to watch the complete video.

There are a lot of engaging strategies that creators use in their intros that boost the view counts of their videos.

They create a YouTube intro that manages to excite particular emotions like curiosity, humor, and love.  

When viewers feel these emotions inside them, they crave the need to consume the relevant content.


YouTube is a proven marketing channel where most of the established brands are sharing content and building a massive following.

To leverage this platform completely, you must consider working on your videos more professionally.

YouTube intros are one of those methods where you look credible, consistent, and trustworthy.


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