Is AtWork The Best Software for Staffing & Recruting Talented Professionals?

Businesses all over the world are elevated by all means due to the opportunities introduced every other day for their swift operation, promotion, or expansion.

There are many software’s and tools out there that are assisting in multiple ways and are more efficient with performance.

You get to choose from a wide variety of task management, project management, and communication tools.

But every luxury one may desire to avail comes at a price.

However, even if you have the investment budget, deciding which software to incorporate in the system is a challenging task. With so many options in hand, you need to know which one is the best for you.

Another essential aspect that you will be required to consider is its integration in the existing operational structure.

You may be focused on finding a tool that provides all the features that well suited for your business.

Remember that you need to take care of several activities and processes so that your business can run smoothly.

Sending and receiving official documents, and analyzing processes, monitoring events, guiding the team as well as ensuring collaboration and coordination, to name a few.

During unfavorable conditions, finding a multitasking software is the ultimate desire of every business personnel.

They need something that will help eliminate the usage of many different platforms at the same time and the confusion that comes with it.

But fortunately, the business world has been gifted with some new and fantastic platforms to rely upon .

@work, for instance, is emerging as the most installed software because of its incredible and redefining opportunities to accommodate the requirements.

Just think about it for a moment; you have your business’s entire set of activities and processes in your hand, with everything under control and just a click away.

Here are the salient features of this tool that you will want to take advantage of:


Is AtWork The Best Software for Staffing & Recruting Talented Professionals? 1

Here is a problem that a lot of businesses face when multiple tools oriented platform.

If they go for a software that is highly sophisticated and housing many operations of the business, they have to compromise on the user-friendly interface, and if they want something easy to use, they don’t get the features that they want.

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Sometimes you need outside help to figure out how to operate such tools, and even then, you have to face various obstacles along the way.

With @work, you get the best of both worlds.

Not only is it one of the most secured options available in the market right now, but it also allows people with slight knowledge to operate the software conveniently.

Navigating the tool is pretty straightforward, and with just one training session, you and your employees can understand it all without any kind of complications.

Connect with your employees, maximize their potential, and enhance employee engagement, without the need for sophisticated strategies.


Is AtWork The Best Software for Staffing & Recruting Talented Professionals? 3

So, what is the second thing that that is most desired in businesses?

Effective and quick communication mediums.

But a lot of them end up disappointing us.

There are various reasons for it. One of the reasons is the total lack of security. Why would you use any other software and pay for it when you have to conduct all the communications through WhatsApp, Skype, or messenger?

Even if the tool has its communication module, it rarely provides the kind of security that you are looking for.

This is one of the biggest reasons why the business world is turning towards @work.

The SSL encryption that it provides makes it the perfect tool to use as a messenger for official and confidential purposes.

You can send a memo, survey, a private or confidential document, or anything else for that matter and never have to worry about it falling into the wrong hands or getting hacked.

The auto-timed messaging feature has enhanced the overall essence of secrecy and sanctuary. It infers that the message will be self-erased soon after the customized preset time is over. The timer starts as the recipient view the message after receiving an alert; the message will not be available when the timer hits zero.

Is AtWork The Best Software for Staffing & Recruting Talented Professionals? 5

You can use this tool to chat individually with anyone or have a chat with your entire team.

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You can send auto-timed messages which make your work easy.

Just write the message, enter the participants in the discussion, and set the timer.

The tool will take care of the rest. You can send voice messages, locations, photos, and much more since breachers have scared many organizations due to their increased capabilities over the period.

Having a secured medium for communication is a blessing.


One of the things that businesses find hard to control is their conversions.

They need to have multiple people just for this purpose, who chat with clients, answer their queries, and handle their complaints. Businesses also need to track their customers so that they can provide a unique and customized experience for future dealings.

One of the best features of @work chat is that you can view your lead conversions by integrating your web chat with the tool.

You can do it yourself or assign it to someone else and easily track your leads. You can monitor conversations and take necessary actions as required.


Is AtWork The Best Software for Staffing & Recruting Talented Professionals? 7

Business officials are usually found to be concerned about the new technology that is introduced to the working system. They are often calling the company or the professionals for assisting or to troubleshoot a problem.

But whenever you think it’s enough, you end up encountering more issues. Well, you can get rid of it with @work.

It comes with a significant list of training videos and examples, and your employees can initiate working soon with the help given.

On the first day, you could ask them to sign up to @work and automate the process of their training.

They will watch the videos and read the tutorials, and as soon as they are done, you or your HR manager will get the reports.


Is AtWork The Best Software for Staffing & Recruting Talented Professionals? 9

You can configure your hiring process, tasks, projects, and almost everything else that you want to with @work.

It allows you to set up a hierarchy and assign project management to the team leaders, and they will get the reports of the team on time, and you can see the overall reports and reviews.

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Easily track, monitor, and assign tasks across your board and set up timers, edit timers efficiently, and effectively.

You can even manage your targets with this fantastic tool.

Just set the KPIs that you want and then get the reports as they are completed. Analyze them efficiently to find out just how close you are to your goals.


Is AtWork The Best Software for Staffing & Recruting Talented Professionals? 11

This tool allows you to be as creative and innovative as you want and operate your company processes.

You can define in detail what happens when a new employee joins your team.

Assign the tutorial videos that he or she needs to watch, send their details to HR, assign a mentor, and add them to groups or conversations, and many more options.

You can even automate sending tickets and receipts for uniforms to the HR or procurement department, complaints and requests, and various other processes that you couldn’t do with other software and tools.

One can create surveys, polls, and quizzes and send them to your teams to know the ground realities, to keep them up to date with the latest trends, and stay ahead of the game.


Undoubtedly, @work stands ahead as one of the best software that we have witnessed in the market.

Business personnel is giving no second thoughts to this product installation and making the most of its features and tools to keep up with this fast-paced world.

It is allowing users to automate most of the everyday tasks so that businesses can focus on other things like expanding or diversifying the product line and services.

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