4 Businesses and Career Paths to Try if You’re Suffering From Social Anxiety

It can be extremely challenging to find a career option that aligns with your social anxieties and provides you with the emotional protection you need while allowing you the opportunity to earn a living.

There are all sorts of viable options to consider and the way that we now work has also changed for a lot of people, meaning you are not restricted to a traditional 9-5 working module.

4 Businesses and Career Paths to Try if You’re Suffering From Social Anxiety 1
4 Businesses and Career Paths to Try if You’re Suffering From Social Anxiety 3

You only have to look at the growth in coworking and the use of coworking apps, for instance, to see that you should be able to find a suitable arrangement that helps you work in a way that you feel comfortable with.

If you have a good head for figures

The world of accountancy is an excellent example of how you can enjoy a career that lets you work on improving your social anxieties at a pace that suits you.

The nature of accountancy work means you will spend a fair amount of your time working independently, with a certain amount of interaction required with colleagues or clients, if you are running your own accountancy service.

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As you build up your reputation and get introduced to more people this will provide the chance to conquer any social fears you have, gradually.

Make your own rules

At the end of the day, if you are working for someone else you are going to be driven by a set of rules that you don’t have total control over and that could mean you experience some social anxiety issues.

If you decide to run your own business you can choose to work on your own and interact with clients and suppliers by email or phone, if that’s what suits you.

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A job for the digital age

Life would be very different without computers and if you acquire the skills required to be a computer programmer you will find that your services are likely to be in constant demand.

Once you are qualified as a computer programmer, you could choose a freelance route or work for a company remotely, if that helps you to manage your social anxiety.

If you like working outside

Another potential business opportunity to consider would be to set up as a landscaping contractor and gardener if that is something you are passionate about.

The nature of the work would mean that you will be spending a fair amount of your time working on your own while enjoying the benefits that come with being exposed to so much fresh air.

If you run your own business, you will need to learn how to deal with customers and communicate with them, but it could prove to be a happy combination if you like the great outdoors and want to have some element of control over your level of social exposure.

These are just a handful of viable career options to consider if you experience social anxiety and they offer you the chance to improve your ability to deal with social situations on your own terms.


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