Why a Robot Vacuum is a Good Gift for Your Parents 1

Why a Robot Vacuum is a Good Gift for Your Parents

A robotic vacuum cleaner is a fantastic gift idea for your parents. This convenient and effective smart cleaning gadget will surely change their lives forever.

Why a Robot Vacuum is a Good Gift for Your Parents 2
Why a Robot Vacuum is a Good Gift for Your Parents 8

What Makes Robotic Cleaner a Great and Thoughtful Gift Idea?

It’s challenging to find the best gift for your parents. You want something that they will not only love but use as well. It has to be something that can transform their lives for the better. Likewise, it has to be a gift that can give them back their freedom, sanity, and even their happiness.

Although most parents prefer small kitchen appliances or tools, a robotic vacuum cleaner will surely put a smile on your loved one’s face. These gadgets have a lot to offer. Robotic cleaners can improve their life by reducing the burden that comes with cleaning carpets and floorings.

Ever since the market opened its doors to these innovative gadgets, homeowners can’t get enough of them. And there are many reasons why a robot vacuum cleaner makes an excellent gift for your mom and dad. So keep on reading to find out more.

What’s the Difference Between a Robot Vacuum and a Traditional Vacuum Cleaner?

Many people still can’t grasp the idea behind robot vacuums. However, they’re just like your conventional vacuum. Both of these cleaning appliances utilize the suction approach of cleaning. 

However, a robotic vacuum cleaner is much more convenient, which is its most distinctive factor between the two. So while you need to physically operate an upright vacuum cleaner, your robot vacuum works autonomously. 

This means that your loved ones only need to learn how to set it up, and it will do the chore on its own even when they’re away. Hence, it doesn’t require any human intervention to keep your floors sparkly clean.

Why a Robot Vacuum is a Good Gift for Your Parents 4
Why a Robot Vacuum is a Good Gift for Your Parents 9

Why Your Parents Will Love Robotic Cleaners

Robot vacuums require little to no assistance on your part. Emptying out its bin is probably the toughest job you’ll have to do when using it. With that in mind, here are some of the reasons why these cleaning machines are worth your investment.

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Why a Robot Vacuum is a Good Gift for Your Parents 6
Why a Robot Vacuum is a Good Gift for Your Parents 10

1.Extremely Convenient

Robotic cleaners have a feature enabling them to operate autonomously. If your mother is too weary of cleaning her house daily, then these machines will make her life easier. She can schedule her robot to begin cleaning independently without the need for her to prompt it.

Your mom only needs to program the unit at the time she prefers. When it’s time, the robot cleaner will move from its dock and begin doing the chore. She doesn’t even have to be physically present for it to run. When its charge runs low, it will simply go back to its docking station to recharge and return to cleaning where it left off. 

When shopping around for the best robotic vacuum cleaner, make sure to look for a unit with an auto-resume feature. It’s a convenient feature that makes robot vacuums an ideal gift, especially if your parents are elderly.

One model to consider is the iRobot Roomba s9+. Here is a link to the iRobot Roomba s9+ review 2020 by Atephen Hancock. It comes with the ability to recharge and resume up to three times, which is sufficient to complete a single run.

2. Time-Saver

As they say, time is gold. And that phrase is especially true if you have working parents. In this case, keeping their home clean becomes an exhausting and time-consuming task.

A robot vacuum can do the chores by itself. It doesn’t require supervision. So your loves ones can save plenty of time and physical effort if you give one of these gadgets as a gift to them.

3. Great for Parents with Mobility Problems

If your mom or dad has mobility issues or disability, it’s a fantastic alternative to costly housekeeping services. They can just set the device to clean whenever needed and with minimal upkeep.

4. Fast and Effective

Another amazing benefit of owning a robotic cleaner is that it’s very effective and fast at cleaning. Normally, it takes around three hours or more to clean your carpets and floors. But with this machine, it only takes 45 minutes on average to keep your house fresh and tidy. 

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Robovacs also features a precise navigational system that will map out your home’s layout. It will then plan a systematic pattern cleaning process. Doing so allows it to clean a space quicker.

5. It Can Detect Transitions between Surfaces

The robotic cleaner can also recognize if the surface below it changes. Once it detects the change, the machine will adjust its settings automatically and accordingly. Likewise, it will turn around automatically once it detects stairs and walls.

6. Virtual Wall Setting

These smart devices enable you to set virtual walls. These will serve as boundaries that your unit is not allowed to cross. It’s an excellent feature that can prevent your robot from going through openings and doorways, or other rooms it’s not supposed to clean.

7. Cleans Even When You’re Parents Are Not Home

As mentioned earlier, your mom or dad can set the robovac to work even when they’re outside the home. Just ensure that the floors are free of any obtrusive objects, and keep the drapes away from the flooring.

8. Reliable Cleaning

In terms of floor cleaning, robovacs offer reliability. They have a low profile, which means they can easily go under most of your furniture. This is a good thing since most dirt loves to settle under beds, sofas, as well as hidden edges and corners.

Moving furniture just to get to these spots is an extremely tedious chore that may strain your mom or dad if they have to do it often.

9. Minimal Maintenance

Robotic cleaners are very tough machines and will last for many years when handled properly. It doesn’t require rigorous maintenance. Just make sure to keep sharp objects out of its way, replace its dust bag when necessary, and clean its brushes and filter. That’s just about all the maintenance it needs.

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What to Look For When Shopping Around For a Robovac

When searching for the best robot vacuum to give to your parents, you need to consider some essential factors:

1. Cleaning Performance

Before purchasing your robovac present, you need to know the house cleaning requirements of your parents first. Make sure that the unit you’ll get is suitable for the type of flooring they have in their house. If they four-legged companions, opt for a robot designed to suck up pet hairs.

Aside from this, you also want to check out things like a robot’s cleaning cycle and how low its battery will last per cycle. Additionally, take a look at its navigation system, as well as its cleaning settings and modes.

2. Add-On Features

The latest models available on the market nowadays come with plenty of extra features. Most brands today even include Wi-Fi connectivity to their robots. This means that you will be able to remotely connect your device through a smartphone app.

On the other hand, some models feature voice control function, UV sterilization, virtual walls, and more. Nevertheless, get ready to pay extra for these sweet features.

3. Brand

Brand is a major consideration when you’re shopping for any tech gadget, including robovacs. The top robotic cleaner to give as a gift to your loved ones should come from a trustworthy brand. 

First and foremost, established brands like iRobot are cost-effective. These machines are usually incorporated with fantastic innovations and provide reliable performance in comparison to unknown names. Likewise, it’s easier to find replacement components for popular brands.

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