5 Best Google Hangout Alternative Apps That Singles Must Try

Hangout is a communication app and it is designed by Google. With the help of this app, you can connect with your friends via text or video chat. Most of the smartphones have built-in Google hangouts app.

If you don’t find it on your smartphone, you can download it from the Play store. If you want to connect with your friends with this app, you should make sure that your friends should have Gmail accounts.


The main popularity of this app was that it was connected with some other Google products. Nowadays, this app has lost its popularity because lots of Google Hangout alternatives are available. Here, we will discuss the five best online hangout alternative apps that singles must try.


WhatsApp is known as the best alternative of the Google Hangouts. That’s why it has become the world’s most famous messaging app.

This app is owned by Facebook and this app is providing lots of facilities to the users. If you have installed WhatsApp in your smartphone, you can send instant text messages, you can send video messages, you can send voice messages, you can share files and you can also share important data. Some people don’t like to type messages.

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For them, this app is the best solution because it is providing a facility of voice messages to the users. The most important benefit of this app is that this app instantly picks up contacts from your contact list.

The supported platforms of this app are Windows, macOS, Android and IOS etc. The features of this app are freely available.

Recently, WhatsApp has introduced a payment feature. This payment feature is available in the Indian market. With the help of this feature, you can easily transfer the money to the people in your contact list.


It is a free app and the supported platforms of this app are Windows, Linux, Android and Web. You can also try this app as an alternative to Google Hangouts.

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In the beginning, this app was famous among the gamers but now, this app is famous among the other people too due to its magnificent messaging features.


Along with sending the real-time messages on this app, you can also send voice messages. This app provides an opportunity to the users to share media like images, GIFs and videos. This app also provides you with an opportunity to find out like-minded people.

Some other features of this app are that it is providing an opportunity to push notifications, one can easily invite friends and one can involve their friends in the group chats.

For gamers, it is the best platform. On this app, they can see who is online in his friends’ list and which game he is playing. As we have discussed earlier that the features of this app are available for the users on all the devices. Therefore, you can easily connect with your friends on all the devices.


Telegram is also a free Hangout alternative and the supported platforms of this app are Windows, Linux, Android and Web.

The layout of this app is just similar to hangouts. Along with usual features like instant messaging, voice messaging and media sharing, this app is also providing some unique features for the users.

These unique features of this app are encryption and secure key exchange. These essential features of this app make it the most secure app. This app is also providing some useful features to the users. The most important and useful features of this app are that you can set up the bots for the specific tasks and you can also create a group of 100,000 members for group chatting. This app is also providing extensive photo and video editing tools.

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It means that before sharing photos and videos with your friends, you can easily improve the quality of your photos and videos. With the help of its self-destructing secret chat option, you can send and receive messages of your friends securely.

The most important aspect of this app is that all the features of this app are free and it is also free from the feature ads.


Signal is also Hangout alternative app that is also providing a free platform for users to send and receive instant messages.

Some usual features of this app are that it is providing the instant messaging feature, it is supporting voice and text messages, it is supporting group chats and it is also allowing the users to send and receive media files. The unique feature of this app is that it is allowing the users to send traditional messages.

To provide security features to the users, this app is focusing on the encrypted group chat. This encryption of the data also ensures the users that Signal doesn’t have access to their data. It means that they can freely chat without concerns about privacy.

This app is supported on the Android, Windows and IOS devices. The layout of this app is also easy to use for users.


If you want to enjoy the social features along with an instant messaging feature on an app that can be Hangout alternative, Line is the best choice for you.

Its reason is that Line is offering some usual features like text messaging, voice messaging and video messaging to the users. Along with these usual features, this app is also providing social media features to the users.

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These social media features set apart this app from other apps in the list. The most important social media feature of this app is the Facebook-like timeline.

With the help of this feature, you can easily share photos, videos and other media with your friends and this essential feature of the app also allows you to contact with the celebrities. The line is also providing a great selection of the stickers.

With the help of this feature, you can select the best stickers and send these stickers to your friends.

This app is also providing personal storage space for the users. In this storage area, users can easily store their messages and media files. This app is freely available and you can easily use this app on the Android, IOS and Web.


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