How To Do Guest Posting In SEO? 1

How To Do Guest Posting In SEO?

How To Do Guest Posting In SEO? 2
How To Do Guest Posting In SEO? 18

Do you ever wonder, How Google shows us accurate results for our weird and unusual queries?

Let me answer with a three-letter abbreviation, “SEO.” 

The advent of websites, blogs, online forums, and online communities has raised the demand for SEO exponentially. SEO and guest posting both are important features to market your website in this modern-day and age.

With millions of websites online, it’s almost impossible for search engines to rank sites. Therefore computer engineers came with a genius solution to rank websites according to the adhered SEO standards. 

These standards make a website SEO friendly. Although it’s no easy task as there are innumerable rules to follow. Optimization rules keep on changing with changes in Google algorithms. 

These website optimizations increase organic visibility, drive more than usual traffic and improve your website’s Google rank.

Understanding SEO:

SEO is an abbreviation for “Search Engine Optimization.” It is a list optimization or changes required in website content and design to appear on search engine results.

These optimizations are known to improve the website’s organic visibility and search engine ranking. To understand it more concisely, we can take an example of the world’s most utilized search engine, “Google.”

It analyses or scans your site to determine the type of content your site offers and how user-friendly is the website’s interface. In technical terms, this is called crawling. That’s an intelligent way a search engine delivers relevant content and information to its end-user.

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First-page Dilemma And Understanding SERP:

Every website created shares a rudimentary goal to rank on the first page to ultimately reach their target audience. SERP or Search Engine Results Page ranking determines your rank on search engines.

SEO improves your website’s rank while boosting your site’s visibility. SERP works by targeting specific keywords and phrases. This way, you’re more likely to be discovered by the relevant audience, specifically searching for a particular service or product.

This way SERP is important to reach the potential customer and increase visibility on the search engine. Now further ahead, these SERP’s can be categorized into three types of SERP with totally different intentions of end-users.

  • Information – Have you ever heard a suggestion to “just google it.” Yes, this the contemporary answer to all our queries, to settle long prevailed debates and, in general, to increase your innate knowledge. All these results for such queries are organic.
  • Navigation – In such SERP’s, people are looking up specific websites. These SERPs include individuals looking to locate a specific website they can’t remember using keywords and phrases.
  • Transaction – These are the SERP’s where one can see paid results. All these transactional SERPs have high intentions for commercial transactions. The majority of such transactional SERPs will have keywords to show the user’s intentions to buy, purchase, or devour a service in exchange for money.

Understanding Guest Posting:

Guest posting is self-explanatory nothing really to explain. You post original content on someone else’s website or blog. This type of posting is a mutually beneficial thing for the guest writer as well as the host.

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A guest writer, in return for the content, gets an external backlink for his site. These acquired backlinks are important for SEO as more number of backlinks increases your chances to rank higher on google.

Networking is another crucial part of guest posting. Your content gets exposure to new audiences and online communities. This can improve your credibility as a guest poster which further benefits in finding new opportunities.

Guest posting is vital for SEO to drive more and more traffic to your website. It attracts traffic via the direct link you get in return for content. This link redirects interested audiences to our site as well as increases your backlink numbers for your site to rank higher on search engines.

While on the other side of the story, the host gets quality content on his blog to lust for his existing customers. This content brings more readers to his site, improves his organic visibility, increases traffic, and the number of internal links.

Before you even think of improving SEO for your website. It’s no easy task, it takes years of experience and perseverance to learn with always changing Google SEO standards.

To plan your SEO strategy start from the bottom. Define your end goals clearly, write them down. These written points will help you and your SEO guy to shell out a custom plan to improve your website’s SEO and keeps you on track until the final goal is met.

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How To Do Guest Posting In SEO? 19

Clearly Define Your Guest Posting Goals

  • Established Credible Source Of Information: With guest posting, you can establish your platform as a credible information source for the entire industry. This credibility will ensure consistent and increased traffic for the foreseeable future.
  • Increase Traffic (exposure) On Your Website: As mentioned above, backlinks generated through guest posting are direct links to redirect some of the traffic from the host website to your website or blog. Plus, it also helps to improve SERP rankings.
  • Backlinks: the whole concept of guest posting is in existence for the sake of backlinks. The more of these direct links, the better it is for your website. Google ranks sites with more number of backlinks higher and vice versa. These backlinks are important to crack the first page for search engine rankings.
  • Search engine ranking: rationally think about the desired website rank you wish to achieve. Plan out a guest posting schedule to make sure you achieve that goal. Always remember higher the number of backlinks better the website’s ranking. 
  • Important for content marketing and social searches: Guest posting is an important opportunity to market content to untapped relevant audiences. With guest posting, you ensure high content distribution, social shares, and searches.

Why Is Guest Posting An Integral Part Of Contemporary Seo Planning?

The internet is a strange place which is still expanding and growing. Just like the universe, there is no definitive end to the internet. Thus search engines need parameters to arrange all accessible websites and show them to the correct end-user.  

The millions of websites available share a common goal to crack that first-page listing on google, bing, and other appropriate search engines. And considering the space reserved for advertisements on the first page. The scope of appearing on the first page further diminishes away.  

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Here comes the guest posting to the rescue. It creates these direct links to redirect a minute amount of traffic from the host website. These backlinks also help to improve the search engine ranking, ultimately increasing the website’s traffic. 

Out of all the visitors and countless google searches all over the world, only a mere 25% of the people go till the second page while the other remaining 75% are happy with the result on display on the first page. 

That’s shocking considering there are millions of websites and blog posts on any given topic on the internet. Same with an cloud based attendance management system you can increase productivity of your human resources. And there are mind boggling 34,000 searches each second on google at any given time. Thus think how difficult it must be to rank on the first page on google.

But with experience and experiment with SEO, we keep on trying until we crack the first page.

How Does The Whole Guest Posting Process Work?

Guest posting can be segregated into two main processes. One is finding an opportunity to guest post or looking for websites to post your ideas, and the second one is pitching relevant topics adhering strictly to the guest posting guidelines.

Finding Guest Posting Opportunities:

  • Google search: The simplest way to locate host sites providing guest posting opportunities starts with a simple google search. Google search – keyword + guest posting, a guest post by guest post guidelines, accepting guest posts.
  • Know Industry Leading Writers:Know all the industry-leading bloggers and their blogs. These known prolific writers pen down blogs at the best guest posting sites. With a simple google search with their name is enough to reveal places they have been writing consistently.
  • Check competitor’s backlinks: Two ways to know where your competitor is getting his backlinks for. One is with accessing the open site explorer from that reveals the exact spots and backlinks of your competitors are posting. And the other way is to perform a google search with the domain link + guest posting, it should do the trick. Reveals all the guest post locations of your competitors. You can target the same host sites for building backlinks to your blog or website. 
  • Social Media Search:Over the years, social media has been a proven platform for content marketing. The majority of the known guest bloggers have a strong social media presence. Most of them tend to share their work via social media. Especially on LinkedIn and Twitter, do a quick search before you with your keyword while looking for a new place to post. Follow the links to find out the exact websites accepting guest posts.If it’s still not enough to satisfy your guest posting needs, you can always look for numerous online resources for a plethora of guest posting opportunities. 

Pitching Guest Posting:

Once you have found the suitable host website for guest posting, which aligns with your business services and genre of your business. The next step is to pitch him relevant topics to write guest posts. But before you directly jump to the pitching part, you have to investigate the host site a little.

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Analyze the content of the host website to determine the key content. Then analyze what type of content they deal with, the audience’s proficiency, and the type of audience they write for. After this, find out who are the other guest blog contributors and type of content performing well on his website.

Now go through guidelines for guest posting and pitch titles that are beneficial to the host’s audience as well as relevant to your website. You don’t want backlinks from sites that have no connection at all with your business. 

So if you’re a B2B website for selling a cloud-based HR Software India, you can’t have backlinks from a fashion blog. 

Maintain Solid Relationship Even After Posting:

To improve your name credibility among the blogging community, keep up excellent communication with the host site owners and other eminent guest bloggers in the industry.

These networks can land you further opportunities to guest post. Additionally, it can help you market your blog and content to blogging communities with a correct audience ready to devour your content.

Attract Guest Posts To Your Blog:

If you’re a regular and consistent with your blog. Just for the sake of networking and increasing traffic, you can invite guest bloggers to post on your platform. This way, you can increase traction on your blog as well as attract audiences from other blog authors.

Decide on the kind of guest blogs you want to entertain on your blog post. Write them down with exact guidelines mentioning everything from word limits to grammatical mistakes and other exemptions.

Post this open invitation to your blog, as well as share it on social media platforms to get the word out as soon as possible.

Let’s Sum up:

Guest posting and SEO both are inseparable as they are in this parasitic relation where they need each other to exist. Guest posting is vital for search engine optimizations required to build backlinks. 

These backlinks are rational reasons for guest posting to exist in the modern-day. More backlinks increase your website’s chances to rank better. At least this is how Google interprets the backlinks.

How to do guest posting? It is a very simple process overall with multiple self-explanatory steps to follow. You locate the places to guest post, analyze the content for relevance, and send a proposal with pitched titles.

Write on the mutually decided topic, get it published, and maintain a good relationship with the host for future works and networking. SEO and guest posting will always go hand in hand until Google doesn’t bring up any major change for ranking websites.   


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