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10 Tips to Optimize Macbook Performance

10 Tips to Optimize Macbook Performance 1

Did you notice that your Macbook has taken a dip in its performance? If that is the case, you may be thinking about purchasing a new Macbook.

Spending money on a brand new computer is an option, but there are methods to speed up your current Macbook’s performance, even if you have been using it for years.

If you want to revamp your Macbook, continue reading and find out what are the methods to get more out of your current Macbook.

Method #1 – Make Sure Everything is up to Date

Updates are released for stability and performance improvements. It is necessary to ensure that your system is up to date as well.

While most processes take care of themselves automatically, you should still do a regular check now and then. Visit the app store as well to find out if your applications are also up to date.

Method #2 – Take a Look at Activity Monitor

Launch Activity Monitor and find out which of the processes are consuming the most resources. By knowing the biggest offenders behind memory usage on Mac, you can make adjustments on the computer.

10 Tips to Optimize Macbook Performance 3

Sort applications on Activity Monitor by CPU usage. Some of the processes at the top may not even have a place on the Macbook and are only consuming resources for no reason. 

If you find some applications that serve no purpose and only take valuable resources, delete them. That will improve performance noticeably.

Method #3 – Reduce the Number of Login Items

Whenever you boot a Macbook, there are apps that launch together with it. Waiting for them to load up every time is annoying. On top of that, the applications that load up consume memory.

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To stop this problem, go to System Preferences, select Users and Groups, and log in to your profile. There will be a Login Items tab. You can uncheck the boxes next to applications and prevent them from launching together with the Macbook.

Method #4 – Optimize Internet Browser

10 Tips to Optimize Macbook Performance 5

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A web browser also takes resources, and if you are browsing the internet most of the time while on a computer, browser optimization should also be a thing to consider. 

Too many extensions and add-ons slow browsing a lot. Also, do not have too many tabs open at the same time. These things add up quickly and play a role in slowing down the performance of the Macbook.

Method #5 – Limit the Number of Visuals

Visuals might look nice, but if you are looking to optimize the performance of a Macbook, you may want to take a more pragmatic approach.

Go to Dock via System preferences and untick the boxes from the following: “Animate Opening Applications” and “Automatically Hide and Show Dock”.

Method #6 – Delete Useless Files

The longer you have a Macbook, there more junk it collects. Caches, duplicates, old backups, email attachments, downloads, and even applications that you have not used for a long time. They all take space.

Lack of space on a drive is a problem and if you are experiencing the issue, look to delete the files that should not be there. For hidden ones like caches, consider using cleaning software.

As for the rest, you can take care of it manually. But do not forget to empty the trash bin once you drag the files in it.

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Method #7 – Scan for Viruses and Malware

10 Tips to Optimize Macbook Performance 7

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Whether you are using a Macbook for personal or work matters is not important. When talking about potential cybersecurity threats, even a small virus can turn into a big issue and make matters worse.

You have malware that collects personal information, makes computer’s disk their home and consumes space, and slows things down.

Anti-virus software should be up and running in the background. Do not put yourself at risk. It is better to be safe than sorry.

Method #8 – Add More Memory

RAM is a great way to increase the speed of a computer, and you can add extra memory in the Macbook as well.

These days, you can find a lot of great deals online or at a local store and get as much as 8 GB of RAM for about 30 dollars.

Method #9 – Regular Restarts

10 Tips to Optimize Macbook Performance 9

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Regular restarts are one of the most common Macbook tips you will find. A computer needs to take a break every now and then, just like a person.

Even if it is just a short restart, it will still help to boost the performance if you do these restarts regularly.

Method #10 – Declutter Desktop

Some people have a bad habit of using their desktop as the only location to have their most important files and icons.

This becomes a problem when there is no more space left. And when the desktop is full, icons have to be rendered on it every time you switch between desktop and another window.

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The rendering takes a toll on resources and slows down the performance of the Macbook. If you have a cluttered desktop as well, neatly organize everything into folders and move them in another location.


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