8 Common Misconceptions About Refurbished Macbooks 1

8 Common Misconceptions About Refurbished Macbooks

Today, there’s an overwhelming selection of laptop brands and models in the market. With tech companies launching a new version one after another every year or so, it’s tempting to get your hands on the latest releases with the assumption that they’re superior machines.

But, it’s also not false to say that buying a new laptop doesn’t come with a cheap price tag.

8 Common Misconceptions About Refurbished Macbooks 2
8 Common Misconceptions About Refurbished Macbooks 6

If you’re looking into Apple’s lineup of MacBooks, you know that they’re quite costly. However, its performance is highly-rated and its design is well-admired.

With this, alternative options like choosing a refurbished unit is getting an upward swing. More and more consumers welcome this trend. In fact, a survey revealed 75% of consumers say they’re likely to buy refurbished electronics.

What Does “Refurbished” Mean?

To clarify, refurbished gadgets are not pre-owned.

Refurbished goods are returned items (for different reasons that may be undisclosed) that were reconditioned or remanufactured. Meaning that the products go through a stringent quality assessment process (i.e., functionality testing, adjustment, part replacements, and thorough cleaning) to make sure that the units look and operate like new.

Manufacturers and retailers of refurb products sell them at a discounted price. They also usually offer a limited warranty and other coverage (for an additional cost).

It’s understandable why a lot of people remain hesitant to spend their hard-earned savings on a refurbished MacBook. The stigma that surrounds it makes people assume that it’s inferior and fragile.

However, the reality is many people are missing out on the number of practical benefits refurbished gadgets can bring.

Below, let’s debunk the common misconceptions behind getting a refurbished MacBook. By the time you finish reading this post, you’ll definitely be checking out refurb Macs.

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8 Common Misconceptions About Refurbished Macbooks 4
8 Common Misconceptions About Refurbished Macbooks 7

1.Slow and runs poorly

Truth: Works as new

To make sure that reconditioned MacBooks perform to the best of their capacity, the software and hardware components are cleaned, assessed, and tested before they are returned out to the market.

The units go through a strict recertification process to assure buyers that they will work as good as a new one.

2.Easily breakable

Truth: Optimum performance

All MacBook units acquired by certified refurbished MacBook retailers have been listed and profiled methodically. All the technicians who worked on each unit take note of all the details, big or small, to ensure that their process follows Apple product standards.

So customers can rest assured that the units work with optimal performance.

3.No warranty provided

Truth: Same warranty period as a new one

Apple provides the same one-year standard warranty for a refurb Mac, unlike if you purchase secondhand units. If you encounter software problems, it can be fixed remotely with the help of your provider’s customer service team.

If you experience issues with your screen or keyboard, your unit can be fixed within 24 hours.

4.Contains old user’s data

Truth: Unit is reformatted, and storage is cleaned

As mentioned earlier, refurb MacBooks go through a thorough quality assessment process. This includes getting the unit reformatted, and its storage wiped out completely, so users can start with a clean slate. With this, users won’t have to think about any sort of privacy concern.

5.Can’t carry out daily functions

Truth: Functions good as new

Whether you’re going to use the refurb Mac for basic tasks or heavy tasks, they can handle the workload and run on optimum performance. Some retailers are even willing to customize your refurb MacBook as per the requirements of your daily work.

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6.Bought through resellers and marketplaces

Truth: Bought from certified retailers

Non-certified Apple resellers are understandably not specialized in re-certifying Apple products, so they can’t tell you about the unit’s history. Refurbished MacBook retailers only put out their best models on sale.

They are also associated with high-volume suppliers and observe internal quality systems in place, including the refusal of non-working units.

7.Scammers just waiting for your money

Truth: Trustworthy partners

There are reputable refurbished MacBook providers out there. You can check Trustpilot to ensure a dealer’s credibility and their previous customers’ reviews about the refurb Macbook partners.

8.Refurbished gadgets have a shorter lifespan

Truth: Long lifespan when handled with care

From the very start, refurb MacBooks are only slightly used. Furthermore, the units undergo a rigorous recertification process, where all adjustments are made to ensure it can live through heavy usage for years. As long as you take good care of your refurb Mac, it can last long.

Benefits of Buying Refurbished MacBooks

  • Affordable rates – Refurbished MacBooks are far more affordable than the brand new units you see at Apple stores. Since there’s almost no difference between a new and a refurb unit, even when you place them side-by-side, you’re better off purchasing a refurb MacBook.
  • High resale potential – Apple is known for marketing its products as the premium choice in the consumer market. Their branding and products, including refurbished units, are notorious for their high resale value. If you ever find yourself in a financial turmoil, you can sell your refurb Mac for a generous fund. Make sure that you maintain the quality of the unit for a higher gain.
  • Reliable customer support – Unlike buying a pre-owned device, purchasing refurbished devices from reputable retailers come with warranties and customer support. From the moment you pay for the device to when you test it out at home, support agents will be ready to address your concerns.
  • Scale your start-up easily – If your business needs multiple MacBooks for expansion but lacks the funds for brand new units, you can opt for refurbished Macs to stay within your budget.
  • An eco-friendly option – Choosing a refurbished laptop means minimizing electronic waste, reducing your impact on the environment. If you’re an eco-conscious consumer, going refurbished is a small step to more sustainable living.
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Summing it up

If you really want to buy an Apple laptop, It’s worth considering getting a refurbished MacBook since it’s an affordable alternative but an equally powerful machine compared to a brand new unit. Before you invest your savings in one, make sure to research and choose a reputable provider to get your money’s worth.


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