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6 Top Mobile Applications For 2020 & How To Use It

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Mobile applications and its advanced tech features have changed many of our day-to-day tasks over the last couple of years.

From large social media platforms that allow plenty of interaction between users to apps that make business tasks more convenient, the world of mobile applications has indeed become a major playground.

Today, new applications get developed for almost any function and it can be difficult to choose which apps to download on your mobile device. Here are 6 of the top apps and what you can do with it: 

Ruling mobile apps in 2020

In 2020 we will see more apps that feature innovative mobile technology such as Machine Learning (ML), Artificial Intelligence (AI) and cloud-based services, which will improve user experience. Let’s look at a few of the top apps that may already use or will incorporate this technology soon: 

1.Vanilla Bean

Increasingly more people are looking at following vegan and vegetarian diets to improve their health or to keep up with certain personal values.

While suppliers have made it very easy to buy vegan and vegetarian products in stores today, it can still be difficult to find a restaurant that offers vegan and vegetarian dishes on their menus.

Vanilla Bean makes it easy to find these establishments with a simple and easy-to-use free app. From the apps’ user-friendly interface, you can search for restaurants in your area, browse their menus and see their customer reviews.


Video has become an important element in the business world. It is used for presentation, education and data sharing purposes.

However, it can be difficult to create or edit a video without the correct software. KineMAster is a powerful video editing tool that makes it easy for anyone, including non-technical users, to create beautiful, media-rich videos. 

It is an affordable tool to create professional products.


This one has been around for a while, but with physical paperwork slowly disappearing, this app is booming.

CamScanner is a free mobile app that allows users to quickly scan documents on their mobile devices. The app then stores the scanned documents in Jpeg and PDF formats which can easily be shared.

Our lives have become so busy, you can’t run around scanning and sending off documents every day – try CamScanner! 


In recent years, we have seen a lot of planner applications that promise to help you get things done.

However, not all of them are as effective. Todoist was first released in 2007, but it is still making waves on the internet. Even The Verge called it “the best to-do list”.

If you find yourself a bit unorganised and don’t want to use a diary, try Todoist. 20 million people are already using it to plan their days, to make to-do lists, to set goals and to collaborate on tasks. 


Often, we need some sort of distraction in our busy lives. Enter DoodleLens. This fun app allows users to doodle objects and to copy and paste it onto a real-world screen in augmented reality.

This is ideal for situations where you have to wait for long periods or simply feel a bit uninspired. You probably won’t use it often, but it is a fun way to keep busy. 

6.YouTube Music 

If you’re passionate about music, you have to try YouTube’s new app. YouTube Music is a free streaming platform that offers a tailored interface allowing music lovers to browse music videos and songs on YouTube.

The searches can be performed using different filters that include genres, playlists and recommendations. It’s the newest music app designed with passionate music listeners in mind. 

Data is still an important topic

South Africa’s data prices have been a major concern for mobile users in recent years. Without data, apps cannot be downloaded or used. Some mobile network operators have now started to lower their prices or offer monthly specials on data bundles.

As mentioned on, MTN often has an excellent record of offering deals on airtime and data. Their aim is to save South Africans hundreds of Rands every year while making the internet more accessible.

It does help to scroll the internet for the latest in data specials every month to see how you can save. Once you have your hands on cheaper data, you can download more of your favourite apps! 

Application development has boomed beyond our imagination and smartphones have become an essential object in our daily lives. While some apps can be quite useless and only take up space on our phones, some of the top apps that are trending in 2020 will not only enhance our creativity but will assist us in our daily business tasks.

App stores are a treasure chest of new and innovative technology, it is worth browsing around to see which top apps for 2020 will suit your needs.


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