4 Best HR Tools You Ought to Use in Your Startup

The success of your startup is highly dependent on the efficiency of your Human Resource department. Yes, the HR plays not only an administrative function but also a fundamental strategic role in your business.

As such, a competent HR department ought to attract the best talents, carry out the hiring process professionally, and work to retain your team workers to lower employee turnover and increase productivity.

This is only possible if you can tap into the right tools that will increase the department’s efficiency. Talking of the right tools, let’s look at some of the essential HR tools that you should be using in your business.

The must-have HR tools in your startup

1.Recruiting Software

Employees are the backbone of your organization. They come in handy in realizing the vision of your startup business and achieving the goals by performing the roles given to them.

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However, finding the right hires to bring on board in your startup goes beyond filling the vacant positions. It involves finding the talent who can do the job well and mesh up to the company’s culture.

Recruiting one is a time-consuming process that involves filtering the applications, ranking, and inviting the shortlisted candidates for interviews. However, the process is automated and made easy if you incorporate the recruiting software.

The software makes easy the HR work of finding the right individual to hire by performing a list of tasks. It provides the features for job posting, screening the CVs and application letters, contacting the shortlisted candidates, and keeping track of the hiring process.

As a result, the recruiting software streamlines the entire process from candidate search to employee on-boarding, making the hiring process easy and less time-consuming.

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2.Human Resource Information System

The HR department of your organization deals with a lot of people and sensitive information. These include data like hiring information, payroll, and also individual employee’s information.


It can be quite a hassle managing and organizing such tons of data. That said, you can use what’s known as HRIS or Human Resource Information System, to make things much more relaxed and much more efficient.

The software is designed to aid human resource professionals in managing employee-related data through integrations with other tools in Finance, IT, HR etc.

You can add the software to your startup to help minimize paperwork and do away with errors in employee data management. The tool can also reduce the stress of managing, tracking, and organizing the colossal amount of data.

It will also help in avoiding duplication of efforts plus it will make data extraction fast. This will allow you and the team to get a better analysis of HR functions leading to better decision making.

3.Payroll Management System

One of the fundamental roles of HR in your startup is preparing the employees’ payrolls, indicating all salaries, benefits, and deductions. This involves a lot of work and requires accuracy as errors may not sit well with your workers and could be expensive to rectify.

The payroll management system streamlines payroll processing work. It allows HR to input the necessary employee data, such as the number of hours worked and validate it.

It further processes the data to generate gross and net salary of your employees, while at the same time verifying the accuracy of the information.

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The payroll system also creates a financial report for the employees, which may be required for taxation purposes. In a nutshell, the system is integral in the performance of the HR roles in your startup.

4.Employee Engagement Tools

If your startup includes employees who work remotely or are always out of office, you will need to keep track of their whereabouts and the progress of their work. This is necessary for ensuring that work continues unabated, and all the employees are well connected to the team.

Besides, if you are looking to hire remotely, there will be a need to engage the potential hire virtually. As a result, you need to equip the HR department with video tools such as Skype, Zoom, and Webinar.

These technological tools make the process of organizing meetings between the HR and the remote team. They also streamline the process of remote hiring of your employees.

The tools, therefore, not only save on time and resources that would be used in traveling but also helps the team working in your startup to stay connected.

Final Word

Technology has modified the way business is done. So, you have to keep abreast of the tools in the industry that can help your business.

One way to do so is by adopting the relevant tools in your HR department to help improve this critical department in your startup!


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