A Guide To Upgrading Your Home Recording Studio

The music industry is evolving and artists need to keep pace with the changing trends and techniques to stay ahead in the race.

Unless you have the right gadgets and use the right techniques in your recording studio, you cannot expect to create tracks that click with the audience.

If you have a home recording studio, a periodic upgrade is something you will absolutely need.

Yes, you can start with cheap but good equipment, but having a decent microphone or studio headsets are essential if you are looking to produce crisp and precise audio. There are lots of available reviews of studio monitors by MusicCritic you can check out of you find that what you started with does not produce the most accurate results

So if you are already considering one, here are a few guidelines that can help you in upgrading your home recording studio.

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Assess what you have

Beginners often start with the basics and it makes sense too when you cannot afford to spend thousands on your first home recording studio.

But once you have a good income churning out, you need to assess what you have.

Your studio will probably have a computer, an audio interface, DAW, some microphones and studio monitors.

Identify the hardware and software that are outdated and need to be replaced.

You may have been working on a different genre when you first established the studio and the gadgets you bought then may no longer suffice.


Prepare a checklist of the stuff you need

The purpose of the assessment of the existing workspace is to declutter the stuff you no longer need.

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At the same time, it enables you to prepare a fresh checklist of the stuff and gadgets that you will require for a complete upgrade.

It is best to buy the latest ones in the market because upgrading is not something that you expect to do often.

Pick the advanced versions of gadgets that enable you to leverage the latest technologies for at least a couple of years to come.

Get ready to invest time

An upgrade for your home studio is a humongous task and you should be willing to invest time.

You will probably have to research a lot to find out about the trending gadgets. Asking experts and exploring the market also requires plenty of time.

It would be smart to use time-saving tips because artists are busy people.

For example, it makes sense to buy beats online and save up time on producing tracks so that you can use the time to upgrade your studio.

You can collaborate with a professional to help you with the upgrade in case you are not sure about the gadgets and gear to buy.

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Have a budget in mind

One thing that matters a lot when it comes to upgrading your home recording studio is your budget.

Obviously, you would not want to skimp on quality and innovation while buying gear.

But it is always good to think about your needs rather than wants because you wouldn’t want to pick stuff that you may never use.

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At the same time, you may economize elsewhere and spend well on upgrades.

Besides sticking to these smart tips, enjoy the experience of upgrading rather than thinking of it as a burden.

You can take this opportunity to revamp your workspace’s appearance as well. Get it painted and have some cool pictures and wall hangings to give it a fresh, new vibe.

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