How To Save Money On Printer Ink And Toner

You know that the price of printer ink is exorbitant and you can often find yourself trapped into buying the most expensive ink because you do not want to have to buy a new printer.

We have come up with some money-saving advice in order to help you rein in your spending on ink so that you can enjoy spending it elsewhere.

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Consider An Ink Subscription

Lots of ink suppliers will offer you an ink subscription and whilst this won’t save you a ton of cash it will help you to spread your costs over each month of the year.

The method involves you sharing your usage with the company and then signing up for a printer cartridge package that will arrive when you need it the most.

The benefits are prepaid ink so you never run out but the downside is that you won’t save money, just budget better.

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Buy Bundles & Bulk

Many stores will offer bundles that save you a percentage off the recommended list price.

This is great if you have the budget to buy the cartridges for printer machines as they come on offer and if you buy these in bulk then you are sure to save a decent amount of money.

The perks to this are the potential cost-saving but the negatives are finding enough cash up front and having the storage space to store a lot of ink.

Buy Replacement Ink Not Original

There are many companies out there that sell printer ink replacements instead of original inks and this is the best way to save money on your ink costs any day of the week.

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Companies like Smart Ink spend a ton of time and money perfecting their inks so that you get access to the best ink on the planet without having to pay through the nose for it.


The perks to this are getting access to quality ink for a fraction of the costs while the only negative is finding the right ink company to use.

Don’t Print

It may sound like a cop-out but the only way to save money completely is not to print at all. This will probably sound ridiculous when you own a printer but the logic behind it may be able to help you save money!

The next time you go to print something it is well worth considering if you really need to print it out or whether it can actually be used on-screen instead.

There is so much wasted printing where people don’t proofread correctly or print in excess of what they need that moderating your use is a great idea.

Pros for this are reduced costs but we also understand the reality that you will need to print somethings. Aim to reduce your printing rather than stop it altogether for a happy medium!

Final Word

Ultimately, there are many ways to get ink for printer owners in Canada that don’t cost the earth.

The next time you go to print, consider if it is necessary and if it is then, look in to using the cheapest font and the best replacement ink you can get in order to get what you need for a fraction of the usual cost.

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