How Technology Has Changed Our Lives

How Technology Has Changed Our Lives

Technology is continually changing and developing with time. However, the impact it is making is both positive and negative in nature.

We humans have changed our way of living by making developments in the field of science and technology.

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Whether it is the field of architecture or our dining habits we have made everything organized with the help of new technology.

To get you updated on the speed at which science is developing here is a small example; as in 1963, a German scientist named Konrad Zuse made the first-ever programmable computer.

It took him 2 years to build and since then this machine has been updated almost completely.

Now we have almost a hundred kinds of its versions and thousands of types of machinery that use the same electronic circuits and software programs.

Whether it is a daily home routine task or an office-based work, the computer is the most essential and needed item.

For example, In designing business, it provides helpful software like photoshop and illustrator and gives the whole office to work at one spot.

If you need to search for some pictures you need a search engine like Google and if you need to draw something then you can have all kinds of painting tools organizer at one bar. You are only required to have a computer and a laptop for yourself.

You do not have to go and search for any physical tool but can make it easily at your screen.

Therefore, if you are still running your business with the same old tools and techniques then you need to get some consultants on board.

The one who can provide you with guidance and redesign your business plans and system. Just like NetSuite consultants; who upon request give the best business solutions to all their clients.

Because, only with advice and guidance, one can run the business or achieve big goals in life.

Technology has surely changed our lives and the one who is familiar with the changing trends tends to make better than the ignored ones.

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To understand this, make sure to read the following examples that prove that science has cast the most major impact on our earth’s life.


There is no doubt and argument over the fact that today’s society is the most over-communicated one.

Irrespective of the fact that we now understand the meaning of privacy and space the most.

People have so much to say but nothing to listen to.

As everyone has a voice now and access to the platform to say what they wanted to say.

As technology had made communication very easy and simple.

No matter in which state you are you can get connected with anyone you want.

Mobiles, tabs, laptops, computers, smartwatches, free apps like WhatsApp and social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, Instagram, and LinkedIn has made this process so comfortable and easy that even older generations who are unfamiliar with these devices get addicted to them.


There are several pros but there are cons too.

As with internet and communication devices if one can get connected to everyone then it also tends to cost productivity and peacefulness.

Because now each and everyone is busy seeing other people’s lives and activities and while doing this they are ignoring their life problems and becoming dormant.

This is what we call the biggest con of being in an over-communicated society.


We are the most blessed civilization because we have a cure for almost everything except death.

We have the tools and intelligence that can tell us the secrets of this galaxy and earth. Technology that can lead us to the solution of our problems.

This is the reason that the average age and lifespan of humans is increasing.

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And unlike past centuries, thousands of humans are not dying due to the breakout of one viral infection.


However, if technology and science have brought the solutions then the problems are also one of their by-products.

As most recently, the breakout of Coronavirus from China has spread to almost all the continents.

And endangering the lives of thousands of people. But the question arises: How has it spread in such a short time?

And the answer is simple. Because of the availability of easy, affordable, comfortable and time-saving commuting services.  

Advanced transport has made travelling easy and comfortable that also exchange all kinds of good things and bad things from one place to another.


It is the most famous line of our lives and we heard this almost daily from one or another: “life has become too fast now.” Why is that so?

Because with technology once what we consider a whole day job has now become a minute task.


It has also impacted our way of thinking and productivity level. As with intelligent tools one’s work has become super easy and simple. So no one has to really go in-depth of the work and check the details.

Moreover, by having social media platforms and several entertainment applications people are getting used to spending long hours of their day at browsing and seeing useless stuff that costs a lot of time and distracts them from their main life goals.


This is the most productive development of science and technology so far. In old times, schools were limited in number and always situated at long distances but now one can easily learn anything by sitting at his/her own bed at home.

As the online courses have changed the overall learning pattern and replaced the methods of traditional education. It has introduced new ways that can make one learn from any part of the world.

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There is no doubt that comfort and easiness are the big attracting features of online degree programs.

But also no one can argue over the fact that traditional learning methods or face to face presence are needed sometimes to get delve into a more in-depth and detailed conversation.

Also, it educates you in so many ways, it builds the social personality, a person’s character and strength to deal with unusual and unexpected situations.


With advanced technology, we are able to grow more farms and can make a whole meal just with a piece of meat.


Science helps us here to feed billions of the population daily. However, it is happening at the cost of our environment and health. It is disturbing the whole ecosystem and eventually our way of living.  


There is no other field that is developing as rapidly as science and technology are.

Several experiments are happening daily and changing our lives in one way or another.

Whichever field one chooses, it is running on the rules and regulations that have been set by the technology.

Science has made our lives easier and limitless. However, we are unable to work on our own. As for even the simplest calculations we need a calculator.

Our lifestyles are heavily embedded with tech devices and systems.

From cooking food to making nuclear bombs, one needs the assistance of technology. And without them, we cannot even make a day!

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