How to Add Adsense in WordPress site

When it comes to Google AdSense, many business owners use it to make money from their websites.

It helps to sell the ad space of your website to the advertisers and receive payment in return.

Therefore, you too can monetize your website if you haven’t done so far. You might be wondering how. Well, let us explain here in this article.

If you have a WordPress (WP) site, you can include AdSense using some of the best practices and tips to boost your income.

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AdSense is nothing but an advertising network run by the search engine giant Google to let bloggers, as well as site owners, spin money by displaying text, videos, pictures, and other interactive ads on their business websites.

Now, such ads are well-targeted, thus extremely relevant.

The ad program is simple and hassle-free, as you do not need to cope with advertisers or fret about amassing money.

There are Google administers, who maintain good relationships with the advertisers.

These administrators will pull together the payment, charge a management fee, and send the remaining money to you. It is as simple as that.

According to an article published on, there are easy ways to get advertisers on your website including AdSense.

AdSense provides cost-per-click ads or CPC. It implies that you get the money each time a web user clicks on an ad on your WP site. The amount you receive for every click depends on many aspects. Here are some of the smart ways to add Google AdSense to the WP site:

Placing AdSense ad code manually in WP

You will need to click on the Ads menu, which is found in the left side column and next switch to the ad unit option or tab.

From this place, you will have to click on Create New Ad. You will need to select the type of ad and choose from in-feed ads, display ads, as well as in-article ads.

When you are not so sure, begin with display ads.

Then, you will have to mention an ad name for this particular ad unit and choose the ad type and ad size.

It is important to note that the ad name is solely used for internal reasons. Therefore, you can name the ad like SiteName Sidebar.

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The subsequent alternative is selecting the ad size.

Though Google provides a range of ad sizes, you will find definite sizes listed under suggested, as these are the most well-liked with the advertisers.

You are also free to select whether you would like your ad to be fixed or responsive.

We suggest selecting responsive ads because they work fine on every device and screen sizes; be it smartphones, tablets, or PCs.

Then, you will need to click on the Create button to carry on the process.

AdSense would now create the ad code just for you. It includes the only one of its kind ad unit ID as well as your publisher ID.

When your business website has a Google AMP version, in that case, you are free to copy the ad code for the AMP pages.

All you need to do is simply copy the ad code and paste the same in simple text documents such as TextEdit or Notepad that you will require in the subsequent step.

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If you want to monetize your website, make sure you work with an experienced digital marketing professional near you.

Including AdSense in WP

You can integrate AdSense in your WP site’s sidebar using WP widgets. It is important because you need to decide where you will like to see the ads displayed.

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Take your mouse to Appearance, then Widgets page in the WP admin area.

Then, simply drag and drop the customized HTML widget to the right widget section and just paste the AdSense code there.

For enhanced monitoring and placement, you can look for the ADSanity WP plug-in.

Include auto AdSense code in your WP site

The best way to do this is with the help of auto-ads. It permits you minimally include a single code snippet to your WP site and allow Google AdSense to determine the high paying location, ad type, as well as ad-size.

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First, you need to login to your Google AdSense account. Next, click on the Ads tab. Then, you have to click on the Get Code button to create the auto-ads code.

AdSense would then create a code snippet with the publisher ID and display the same on the device screen. Simply copy as well as paste the code in Notepad.

Include auto-ads in WP

Next, you will need to add this code on all the pages of your WP site, where you would like to see the ad showing up.

One way is integrating the code in your WP theme’s file, which is header.php.

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Please remember that the code will vanish if you change or update the theme.

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Therefore, the smartest way is adding any site-wide ad code to your WP website through plugins such as Insert Headers or for that matter Footer.

First, set up and activate the plug-in Insert Headers and Footers.

Once activated, move to Settings, then, Insert Headers and Footers web page and from here, you have to paste the AdSense code in the header segment.

Next, click on Save to record the changes.

The plug-in will now include the code on every page of your WP site.

Please note that it would take some amount of time for Google to show the ads. Once that is done, start making money!

Wrapping up

Earning money from your WP site is not just about placing a couple of ads and start earning your paycheck.

It calls for much research, effort, and testing on a previously reputed website to implement the best digital marketing strategies that pay off in the future.

Despite that, you might notice that your prospects dislike the existence of ads.

Remember that if you are annoying your audience by positioning ads on the web pages, you may lose your potential customers as well as revenue.

Before running ads, test all aspects of your new campaign that you want to run.


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