How to Make a Lot of Money from Ecommerce in 2021

As far as money-making methods on the internet go, hardly anything comes close to ecommerce these days. The industry continues to grow rapidly and it does not appear like things are going to be slowing down any time soon.

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How to Make a Lot of Money from Ecommerce in 2021 6

There is no real ceiling as far as profits go, and with all the information available on the internet, pretty much anyone can go ahead and get started. Not to mention the fact that the entry levels are not that high either.

Of course, having no experience has its downsides. One of those would be picking the right method. Ecommerce has quite a few and it ultimately comes down to personal preference. Having some knowledge is also a plus, but it should not be something to prevent you from picking a method.

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How to Make a Lot of Money from Ecommerce in 2021 7

As always, if something does not work out, you can always move on to the next idea until you find one that satisfies you. But for now, here are some of the best available options.

Print on Demand

Most people who have already started with this one would probably urge you to begin print on demand ecommerce business with Printify as the platform has pretty much all you need.

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There is one aspect that may discourage some individuals. And that would be a lack of creative talent. After all, print on demand will not sustain itself if you do not come up with interesting designs consistently.

However, there is no point to panic about this aspect since you can always hire a freelancer designer who would be more than happy to work with you. And in most cases, these graphic designers are more eager to add something to their portfolio rather than make a lot of money.

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Leaving the designing part in the hands of others would open up more time for you to focus on other matters, like marketing and brand awareness.

Finally, you do not have to stick to selling just t-shirts. Merchandise like key chains, hoodies, phone cases, calendars, etc. can make you just as much money as t-shirts.


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You can read a lot of articles about dropshipping. Some of them will obviously criticize the method and advise you to look for something else entirely. On the other hand, you will also encounter some who heavily encourage giving it a try.


Plenty of entrepreneurs have made a fortune and continue to improve their assets with just a single or a few dropshipping ventures. Since they have achieved this, there is no reason to believe that you would not as well.

The biggest problem will be picking the right niche. One that is not too competitive, has reliable product suppliers and is evergreen. If you manage to come up with a product that ticks all these boxes, it should not take too long before your dropshipping project starts to bring in money.

Affiliate Marketing

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Some entrepreneurs argue that affiliate marketing is long dead, but the reality is completely opposite. Things are happening all the time and instead of being downers, these people should recognize that the situation is better than ever.

Now, you do not have to rely on ClickBank and Amazon. Sure, the two are still great in what they offer in terms of conditions and product variety, but even if you are in a very specific niche, you should not have any issues finding a good affiliate program to join.

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Digital Goods

Those who can create online courses, music, write ebooks or even take mesmerizing pictures will never run out of money because you can sell such digital goods. The only thing you need to ensure is that they are of great quality. 

If you can produce something like that consistently, look for the right market. Amazon is the clear favorite for selling ebooks. As for others, there should be specialized platforms as well. Or if you cannot find one you feel is reliable, there is always an option to create your own website.

Selling Physical Products

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Selling stuff on the internet directly is also an option. While it may be a bit slower due to its nature of you needing to own the products, there is still decent money to be made here.

Websites like eBay have been around for what feels like forever, yet they still continue to be a primary source of income for quite a lot of individuals as well as companies. 

The most important requirement is having knowledge about the stuff you want to sell. It becomes much easier to find great deals at cheap prices and sell them later for a profit.

So to sum it all up, if you are looking for an ecommerce business idea, any of these methods will do nicely so long as you are working hard and do not quite in the middle of your journey. Be persistent and after you get your break, you will not want to go back to any other type of work. 

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