5 Bad SEO Practices In 2021 Digital Marketers Should Avoid

Webmasters still use bad SEO methods today, either through their ignorance or as a way to try to play the system.

These terrible SEO tactics nearly ruin their online presence and damage their rankings in search engines.

5 Bad SEO Practices In 2021 Digital Marketers Should Avoid 1
Bad SEO Warning Signs

Occasionally you will use these slick methods if you are ignorant of the SEO rules and appropriate strategies.

Optimizing the search engine is a difficult process. You must have the right and current information to succeed, particularly because SEO continues to change year after year.

In this post, we wanted to take a moment to tell you some of those bad SEO practices that might frighten visitors and push bots away from your website and jeopardize your presence online.

Using hidden links and keywords intentionally

It is too terrible that some webmasters are still hiding keywords to try and play search engines.

They put a group of keywords in the same color as the page background at the end of a page or blog post, so that keywords are invisible for human readers but taken from a spider of search engine.

This kind of practice is a black hat SEO practice.

5 Bad SEO Practices In 2021 Digital Marketers Should Avoid 3
5 Bad SEO Practices In 2021 Digital Marketers Should Avoid 6

Those who do this are always trying to ensure that the fonts on the screen do not appear too suspiciously large.

They also use a very small font size. Some webmasters also go so far as to hide links on their websites.

Regardless of how you hide keywords and links on your site, Google’s highly smart algorithms still reveal this kind of SEO absurdity. Penalties are inevitable in such cases.

Do not use your own hands to hide links and texts to kill your online presence. When you choose to hide keywords within a page of your website, the search engines will interpret them as keywords stuffing, which we will discuss in the next point.

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Using other sites to copy their content

Content copying is comparatively easy if cloaking is slightly too technical for you. You only need to copy and paste the contents of other users into your website.

The consequence is never-ending. The penguin and Panda algorithms will penalize you because Google does not operate in such a way.

Copying someone’s content is hated by Google, and they make your site go down in rankings very fast if you lift content from other sites.

Don’t use content from other sites, or in other words, don’t steal content for your own sake. Create fresh content for your website as mentioned above, to make sure that your content is original.

Use plagiarize checker to check if your content is original and doesn’t match with any other content on the web.

Don’t try to fool Google by using old content to make them look new. Make sure you always add something new by writing unique content for your site.

Keyword stuffing in the content of a website

Suppose you had a little respect for people in the above point and therefore did not want to show the hidden keywords to them.

You are not afraid of anybody here, and you feel that you can add as many keywords to your content as you like.

You think it works fantastically for descriptions, contents body, heading, and Meta tags. This is a terrible and obsolete SEO practice and known as Keyword stuffing.

Not only will users ignore your online reputation and legitimacy, but search engines such as Google will severely blame you for it by either lowering your rankings or by deleting your full site.

Apply keywords but only naturally to your content. You don’t need to stretch over your contents hundreds of the same words.

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You can use the synonyms of the words or its (LSI) latent semantic indexing, instead of overusing a key term. Use Google Keyword Planner to plan keywords for your target audience.

Ignoring the scope of fresh content for your site

Google likes new content, and we all knew that very well. SEO requires a huge amount of fresh content.

Being reliable in your publications would make you lead the contest of ranking and make Google like your website because you always give searchers everything.

But most webmasters did not realize this, unfortunately.

Search engines primarily seek to provide users with the most pertinent information on the basis of their search questions.

The more important material you post that addresses users ‘ desires, the greater the reputation and rating of your platform.

It’s not that everyone is publishing copied content.

There are people who love fresh content, and in return, Google loves to rank their site high in rankings. Look at the best web writers, they always use fresh content.

And because they know that new content is key to a good Web presence. So, do that for your site too.

Fresh content doesn’t mean the quantity of content or the publishing time of the content.

For writing new unique content, writers can use a paraphrasing tool. New content includes a new context and the facts behind it. You should not only reflect new dates but reflect new data points from your old content.

Content that is written earlier can have facts that are outdated today. So, apart from writing fresh content, you should also update your older content. It will be very valuable for searchers and Google will give you extra points in ranking your website.

-Cloaking practices are really bad

Cloaking is a search engine optimization technique where the site or website that is shown to search engine crawlers vary from that shown to users.

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It can be done because the search engine requests the source page or hosting site provides content based on the user-agent’s HTTP header, or IP addresses. This was once a common practice, but no longer.

It’s a very bad practice to use such a technique now.

In short, this SEO technique is punishable.

The correct thing to do is only to have one edition of a website for users and search engine crawlers. Always, ensure that users can differentiate between advertisements and content on the website.

Naturally, your website may have access to technologies that may be difficult for search engines. Flash and JavaScript may be examples of such technologies.

In such a scenario, we urge you to see suggestions from Google to make the content of the website usable without cloaking for search engines and consumers.

To prevent your website from being penalized by Google, you can use an online cloaking checker tool. As hackers target a website, one of the hackers’ tricks is to make it more difficult for the site owner to spot cloaking.

Wrapping up

Google has made clear that the top three things that can drive the website to the top are original quality content, Rank Brain, and Links.

Avoid using the above-stated practices because these practices will take your site down in the search results, and all your hard work will go away. Put your efforts in the right direction to get the fruit on time.


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