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7 Reasons to Switch to Gigabit Ethernet for Business

Internet connectivity is one of the main components of a business.

The productivity of an enterprise depends on various factors one of which is the speed of the internet connection.

It has been researched that employee productivity is proportional to the speed of the internet at the workplace. Enterprises that use the latest and high-speed internet connection have shown a good improvement in employee satisfaction and productivity.

When employees do not have to wait while the data is being uploaded, downloaded, or shared, employees find it convenient to work faster and do not feel irritated or stressed.

This directly results in efficient and effective completion of work within the schedule.

While most enterprises are upgrading their internet connectivity for improved speed, some businesses still tend to adjust with the existing ones.

In this blog, we are going to see the reasons for enterprises to upgrade to Gigabit Ethernet and give their businesses the required boost to perform better.

7 Reasons to Switch to Gigabit Ethernet for Business 1
7 Reasons to Switch to Gigabit Ethernet for Business 4

What is Gigabit Ethernet?

In simple terms, Gigabit Ethernet is an internet connection which allows us to download 1,000,000,000 bits per second. That is equal to 1000 megabits per second.

This means that compared to the ordinary internet connection, Gigabit Ethernet is about 100 times faster. Gigabit Ethernet runs through fiber optics cable.

Only fiber optics cable is capable of transferring data at the mentioned speed without compromising on the quality of the internet connection. Imagine the amount of time that would be saved if enterprises used Gigabit Ethernet For Business.

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Moreover, if an enterprise is planning to use cloud solutions to run the daily business operations, it is essential to have an internet connection that provides uninterrupted high-speed reliable network connectivity.

From downloading multiple large files at the same time to having video conference meetings, there are innumerous advantages of upgrading to Gigabit Ethernet.

Advantages of upgrading to Gigabit Ethernet:


Since Gigabit Ethernet requires a fiber optics network, we can safely say that it is highly reliable and trustworthy.

Fiber optics is a strong cable and is resistant to weather and climatic changes. It is almost impossible to damage the cables without cutting them open.

Since fiber optic cables have multiple layers of protection, corrupting or stealing the data while it is being transmitted is not possible.

Low Latency

The time taken for a page/ image/ video to load after we click on it is known as latency. The lesser the time, the better is the speed of the internet speed.

When working with huge amounts of information, the loading time invariably gets compromised when using a regular internet connection. With Gigabit Ethernet, the page-loading times are relatively fast and this translates to faster access to the required information and reduced chances of the page freezing midway due to overload on the network.

Symmetric Speed

When the upload and download speed of the internet is the same, it is known as symmetric speed. Many network connections provide faster download speed and a slower upload seed.

Also, when more people on the network are downloading or uploading data, the speed is further reduced. With Gigabit Ethernet, employees don’t have to wait while the information is being shared.

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Multi-point Usage

Numerous employees can use the Gigabit Ethernet connection from different locations in the office. Multiple points are available for individual internet connections from the same main point. And, this doesn’t affect the speed or the quality of the internet connection.

High-speed HD Streaming

Gigabit Ethernet For Business is the best option for high-speed HD streaming of videos.

From having quality video conferencing meetings to sharing multimedia files with others, Gigabit Ethernet makes it easier for enterprises to cut down on travel costs by having online meetings and also sharing interactive media without compromising the quality.

Value For Employee Time

When employees do not have to wait for data to get downloaded or uploaded, their time at the office is not lost. Employees will feel happier that their valuable time at work is being put to good use and is providing effective results for the enterprise.

When employees are driven and successful, they will lead the enterprise to a bigger success and give a tough competition to other enterprises in the market.  

Focusing on Digital Revenue Streams

Enterprises can focus on expanding the business and venturing into new avenues (in the digital market). They can identify and create new revenue streams by concentrating on the digital or online market to take their business to the next level.

While the cost of installing a Gigabit Ethernet connection can be high, it also depends on the quality of network availability in the region and the distance from the nearest service provider.

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If the enterprise is already using a fiber optics network for internet connection, upgrading to Gigabit Ethernet can be cost-effective and time-saving.

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