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An Insider’s Look into the Influencer Marketing Industry

Influencer marketing industry is growing day by day with an expected rise to $15 billion market by the year 2022.

A couple of years ago in the year 2019, it was noted that the industry was around $8 billion.

See the jump the industry is experiencing.

There is no looking back because the fate of technology and the growth of technology have no bounds.

An Insider's Look into the Influencer Marketing Industry 1
An Insider's Look into the Influencer Marketing Industry 6

Moreover, there is nothing that can stop the expanding market size and exploding growth of influencer marketing.

When we talk about statistics and influencer marketing survey, there are many organizations that undergo the surveys to reveal the most surprising data about this innovative and most acceptable form of marketing.

Some of the known statistics about the same industry include:

  • The year 2017 has experienced a spent of $570 million on influencer marketing across the world.
  • The same year 2017 have also experience brands spending between $25,000 and $100,000 on the campaigns.
  • The year 2018 has seen a spent of $1.6 billion for sponsored posts on Instagram that is officially known as the influencer marketing platform.
  • It is also stated that more than 93% of marketers have claimed to spend more than $10,000 on marketing campaigns purely designed for influencer marketing spends.
  • When it comes to service charges, micro-influencers charge around 84% and 97% for posts sponsored on Instagram around $250 and $500 respectively.
  • The market campaign has increased its significance and value on LinkedIn and this in turn has increased the job sector from 77,000 jobs in 2017 end to about 176,000 in 2019 beginning.
  • Instagram has seen a phenomenon rise from 2017 to 2018 and many more years to go with an ever rising steep.
  • In the mid of 2018 the platform of Instagram has known to surpass 1 billion active users with more than 95 million photos and videos every day along with around 400 million stories every day. This has eventually given a boost to the growth of influencer marketing industry.
  • In the recent years more than 320 innovative platforms and more than 4.2 billion posts have come into picture as an incredible part of influencer marketing with a view to promote brand’s product or services. Even the best influencer agencies have increased its number because the business itself has become the most lucrative business.
  • Influencer marketing searches on Google has increased to 1500% over the last couple of years.
  • Back in the year 2015, the searches on Google has been around 3,900 searches every month and then later in the year 2016 the searches rose to 6,460 and later in 2017, Google searches came to a surprising 21,000. Moving ahead with a faster ignition, the Google further rose to around 61,000 searches.
  • It is also noted than around 69% brands are undergoing a B2C influencer marketing campaign and the remaining percentage go for B2B sector.
  • When it comes to business or B2B sector only 33% businesses make use of Instagram for influencer marketing, on Facebook it comes to around 89%, on LinkedIn it comes to around 81%, and on Twitter around 75%.
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Industries Making Use of Influencer Marketing

An Insider's Look into the Influencer Marketing Industry 3
Influencer marketing concept with hand holding smartphone and like and hearts Illustration.

The statistics have revealed that the various industries have been impacted by this innovative format of marketing. Some of the known industries are:

  • Beauty Industry: There has been a dramatic rise in the beauty influencers because the market has seen a dramatic rise by bridging the gap between online purchase and social media channels. To give push to this type of influencer marketing majority of the people rely on Facebook and Instagram. Many retail and wholesale brands place their eyes on these social media channels. Cheap products but high volume of delivery and acceptance in the trending world, the industry makes a boom. The choice of makeup has become an increasing trend with the use of various social media channels through the means of influencer marketing.
  • Travel Industry: The current day tourism trends are purely favored by increasing reach and influence of travel influencers. Instagram has certainly become the travel guide with hot spots for travel, and an in-depth awareness of travel including when to travel, where to travel, what to carry, and the kind of experience you can expect there. Hence, influencer marketing has changed the concept people look at travel options now.
  • Fashion Industry: Fashion industry has been the earliest adopter of influencer marketing. The platform is used to showcase and promote various fashion brands in a completely unique manner. These channels make the fashion trends more accessible and successful. This gives the fashion freak people an opportunity to take their own decisions and share their experiences using various brands and products through the social media channels.
  • Music Industry: There are many music influencers that make each piece of content post very creative and compelling. Whatever you put to audience for seeing and listening on social media channels comes to you at every stage of having a unique experience. This is making a great impact on the audience globally.
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To conclude, there are many more industries that collaboratively work to deliver a clear insight into the actual influencer marketing industry.

Some of the added examples include food industry, healthcare, and lifestyle adding to a long list of influencers.

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