8 Best SEO Techniques for Beginners in 2021

In this world of globalization, it has become very easy for people to capture the mass audience. But with the easy accessibility to the market comes great competition.

So one has to stand out of the other same service or product available online. , it is necessary to hire or consult an internet marketing guru the entrepreneur and online seller can also learn SEO (search engine optimization), which basically tells how to get a high rank in the search engine.

8 Best SEO Techniques for Beginners in 2021 6

To be more precise, it means to structure your content and website in a way that Google or another search engine can easily understand what your website or business is all about.

It helps the engine to rank them in the high priority for the searcher concerning the specific keywords. This article will provide the tools or techniques to grow their online businesses faster.


If the seller or the service provider wants their online business to generate more revenue and make more customers, the only way to acquire that is to get in a higher rank of the google or any other famous search web engine.

To make this possible, one has to adopt the following Seo techniques:


Many SEO specialists have concluded that the longer the post or content is, the chances of inclusion of more keywords is greater.

Along with that, the descriptive information becomes useful for the user, and they refer or share with other people. It is also important that the quality of the article or post should not be compromised at the expense of the length.

So, to attract more audience, the content must be of high quality and substance.

Furthermore, with the long post, the dwell time the user spends on the website would be more, and it gives a sign to Google that your website is like and enjoy by people, and ultimately it keeps your website in high rank when searched.

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The other most important factor is that your website should have relevant and fresh content. But it is difficult to make high-quality content constantly.

To overcome this problem, one can instead of posting new or fresh content simply republish the earlier content like one year back with the present time.

There is an alternative option to do that via best market research websites, you must try it once.

Also, The best way to accomplish this is to take those posts of the past, which has a year in their title. For instance, “BEST SEO TOOLS 2019” into “BEST SEO TOOLS 2020”.


The third tip is to use as many keywords as possible .but it is essential to keep in mind the need and requirement of the user and customers while using keywords.

8 Best SEO Techniques for Beginners in 2021 1

It is also important to choose your keywords relevant to the subject of your content.

Else it would confuse the search engine about the topic or service the website offers, and consequently, it comes in the least choices of the search engine.

There are many techniques to know about the top things being searched by the user, and according to that, one can set their keywords.

Besides this, one can employ long-tail keywords and LSI to achieve a higher ranking of your site.

Long-tail keywords are the specific words of your site, and by this, your service or product will get more viewers and customers.

While LSI (latent semantic indexing) are the basic keywords, .this will assist the web engine to understand your content or product more.


It is very important to have the URL of your website easily readable and understandable. For that, it is necessary to use words instead of numbers, and it is also essential that the URL must describe the content.

Along with that, one should keep the URL as short as possible, and it must make sense. Also, it would be perfect to put your main keywords in the URL.

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It is universally accepted that images are easy to process than a long, endless paragraph of text.

Besides this, it is more appealing and makes your text or content more relatable and clear to the audience.

With the benefits of images, it is necessary to index your image carefully. Otherwise, it may get difficult for the search engine to understand the picture.

It is equally important with indexing to described the image properly.

Another problem that encounters is sometimes the picture does not load, so one should have software to read text aloud to tell the audience what the picture is all about.

The other advantage of images is that you get a higher ranking in google images, and by this, one can get more traffic on their site.

The writer must avoid to not write false information about the image you have uploaded.


Adobe Photoshop is a web that is found within the web page that makes the user interaction and multimedia streaming simple.

It is worth to note that flash has both positives and negatives, but the web developer should be used less flash as it slows down the speed of the browsing, and as a result, it compels the user to close the webpage.

Besides this, most of the mobile does not support adobe flash. So, it must be employ as less as possible.

According to Jacob Nielsen, “about 99% of the site faced a barrier to good structure, and less user visit is due to the use of flash”.

Furthermore, their many software online that can tell whether your website has a flash or not.


Social media has been the most powerful tool to publicize your site, such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, etc.

It is important to note that social media does not directly increase your ranking in the search engine, but it improves it through the tariff and more visits to your website.

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The good way to make your website socialized is to link it with your Instagram, Facebook, and social accounts on your site.

The uploaders of content should not miss adding hashtags and keywords to their social media post. The same method is applied in using hashtags and keywords in social media platforms, as we applied above for the usage of the keyword in a post.

With different platforms of social media, it gets very hard to keep up with a different account. The solution to that is the software called Hoot suite, through which one can control different accounts of social media on a single platform.


Since in the present time most people visit the website through mobile phones.So, it is essential to develop a mobile-friendly website.

The statistics of the 2018 report shows that around 52% of the user traffic comes from smartphones. Besides this, good has penalized many websites for not working or opening on mobile devices.


The other way to increase your website tariff is to put keywords in the heading or subheading. This makes it easy for the user and the website engine to navigate the desired information. When the information gets easily assessable to the user, the ranking of the website in result increases.


To conclude, it is evident that to improve website ranking in Google or any other web engine. It is necessary to adopt the above SEO tactics.

The top factor which can increase your tariff is to understand your user. By this, it means that your blog, service, or product must be relevant to the user or customer requirements and needs.

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