6 Things to Look Before Buying Security Cameras For Surveillance

Nowadays, the use of security cameras has become so common that you can find them anywhere staring at you.

From commercial places to a home, they are everywhere. And why not?

They help you notice each and every activity that is happening in front of them.

Also, people often get afraid while doing any weird activity in front of the cameras. So why not take advantage of these capabilities?

But here’s something. With so many trending models and surveillance options being available in the market, how to determine which security cam features are right for you.

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So without molding things, let’s take a peek at the features that you must consider while buying security cameras for surveillance.

Motion sensing

The greatness of motion sensing for security cameras cannot be overstated, particularly if you require to record any irregular movement that may go on while the camera is working.

Instead of recording 24-7, which can promptly fill up a local or cloud storage drive, with motion sensing, you can pause recording until something jumps in the frame.

You can also receive alerts on your computer or smartphone if something passes when it shouldn’t.

Apart from this, audio sensing is more effective, it can inform you or prompt video recording when audio is detected in the area around the security camera.


2-way sound

Audio is non-negotiable for today’s security footage, but wouldn’t it be pleasant if you could also chat through the camera to those in the corresponding room as your security device?

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Whether you utilize it to relax a pet or talk with the kids about tasks, it’s excellent to have a 2-way chat function on your security appliance.

Weather resistance

If you are planning to place a security camera out-of-doors, you definitely require one that is weather resistant.

The degree of weather resistance you require will differ based on your location, but make certain that it is water-resistant. Specialists at Mobile Video Guard opines to seek for an open-air security camera with an IP rating greater than 44.

This will capture images at a very high pixel count as compared to the analog cameras.

While weather-resistant cameras can be more costly, they are also more long-lasting and tough.

Installing security cameras outside your place can save you money on home insurance premiums and improve the resale value of your home. That’s the reason it is worth it to invest in a camera that will be reliable, for all the weather conditions such as rain, sunshine, wind, etc.

Image quality

Image quality matters a lot. The most reliable surveillance cameras of today produce videos in 720p and 1080p resolution.

Obviously, the higher the resolution, the greater will be the quality, though, it also indicates you require a greater quantity of storage to record videos. If you own a DVR with massive internal storage in terabytes, purchasing a high-resolution camera may not be a wrong approach.

The cameras with in-built storage get quickly filled. To deal with this, some of the cameras have some specific features that self-erase micro SD once it fills up and stays recording.

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A 1MP camera usually uses up to 38GB of data space on recording for a full day. To compare the resolution of the camera along with the storage space and backup time.

Camera range

Camera range is one of the prominent features that you must check while purchasing. After all, an outstanding monitoring system is nothing if cannot focus on all of the expected ranges.

That’s the reason it’s wise to look for cameras that are having wide-angle lenses, zoom capacity, and 360 views to magnify the range of your system.

Apart from this, make certain that you check the distance that a device challenges to reach, particularly for outdoor use. Regularly, 70-100 ft is standard for exterior use. Anything less may require supplementary devices, particularly if you are aspiring to reach a huge open-air area.

Night vision

Today, most of the utmost security cameras are furnished with night vision. The night vision technology developed into the cameras is the most cost-effective solution for daytime and nighttime surveillance.

The cameras automatically shift from daily operation to night vision when the light level falls below a specific point. So it is important for you to buy such cameras because it can be more beneficial and are in trend.

Keeping these things into consideration will enable you to buy a proper security camera for surveillance. Hopefully, the piece of information may help you in your future endeavors.


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