How to Fix the Problem of Limited Wi-Fi in Windows 10

How to Fix the Problem of Limited Wi-Fi in Windows 10 1
How to Fix the Problem of Limited Wi-Fi in Windows 10 12

Windows 10 is well known to have many network problems. One very strange problem is that which occurs with a limited internet connection. There is a very high possibility of you also facing this problem and thus if you are one of them, let us solve your problem.

How to Fix the Problem of Limited Wi-Fi in Windows 10 3
How to Fix the Problem of Limited Wi-Fi in Windows 10 13

When there is an unlimited internet connection, it restricts you from going too many websites that you would be interesting to surf.

One common message that people get includes – Can’t Connect to this Network WiFi’ or ‘Limited Access Wi-Fi Windows 10′.

Here you need to check whether your drivers are up to date or not.

There are some messages which are very common on a Windows 10 desktop or device. From an unidentified network, the one that continuously keeps getting disconnected or keeps dropping, show your network connectivity is not the only thing that is a question.

The limited internet connection on a laptop, can also be sometimes due to an error in the Ethernet connection or the VPN error.

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How to Fix the Problem of Limited Wi-Fi in Windows 10 14

Before you think that you are experiencing something very different, please be sure that this is very common in all devices.

The first solution to this problem is very simple. Just restart your modem for the Wi-Fi adaptor that you use.

Many times, even just restarting the networking device can also solve the problem.

If you have confusion on how you can restart your modem, then we are also here to answer this query. First press the Windows key, and along with this also press X key.

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You will get the option of selecting the device manager from that list.

In the device manager, find your networking device and right-click on it to disable it.

This will help solve your problem of not being able to connect to the internet connection or having a limited internet connection on your Windows 10 device.

The next solution is to restart your computer. This one is also a very simple method to manage the limited internet connection on Windows 10.

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In this case, also you need to only go to the device manager, enable the network device in the same way in which you have disabled it.

In this way, you will be able to restart your networking device and after that, your internet connection should be back to normal and work more smoothly and efficiently.

The next problem that you could pause is that even after switching off and on your computer and disabling and enabling your network connection, you are unable to find a Wi-Fi network that you are finding.

In that scenario as well there is a way in which you can solve it.

Network issues are also caused by the various viruses and malware that are there.

Now, this can be solved by making your device more secure and enhancing its security by utilizing a good protector – Cyberghost, which is available on a good discounted rate as well. No wonder it is also the leader in the VPN market.

From protecting all the unwanted access to securing your device from any attacks while you are browsing, this is a good option to choose from.

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Another way to solve this problem is to check your antivirus settings. It is very important to have antivirus set up on your device.

But sometimes this antivirus setting can result in your device having limited network connection issues.

There are many users who have reported the problem of Limited Wi-Fi network connection to be due to the presence of antivirus setup.

Here the case is that you cannot plan on removing your antivirus setup as it helps protect the device from lot of unnecessary scenarios.

But for once it is important that you uninstall your antivirus setup completely and if this resolves the issue, then you should be switching to another antivirus option.

If there is a little doubt in how you will be able to uninstall your entire antivirus setup, we also have a free guide for all our users from McAfee which can help you understand the entire process easier.

Do make sure that you select the best alternative for your computer or laptop since the anti-virus is very important in managing many issues related to the security of your device.

The next solution is windows networking troubleshooter.

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Every operating system of Windows has this option of network troubleshooter and thus this one of Windows 10 is no different.

Here the need is to run the troubleshooter. You can do this by choosing a search on the menu and then selecting the troubleshoot option from there.

There are many ways of trying to get your windows 10 Limited network connection problem sorted comfortably and this article gives you an insight towards the best options that you can decide from.

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If you cannot connect your Wi-Fi, then basic things that you need to start with. Hoping that this article helps you find the solution to your network and Wi-Fi very easily on your device and helps you navigate through all the solutions very comfortably.

Each of the solutions will not take you more than 5 minutes and thus practically it is possible for you to manage it on your own at any time any place.

Thus this will serve very handy to you.

As soon as you finish with the changes in the settings as mentioned in the solution here, which includes a diverse number of options, you shall have your network connection problem absolutely sorted.

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