Which one is Better, Selenium or Appium for app Testing?

So, confused about using Appium and Selenium? Which one is better, Selenium or Appium for app testing? You know Both are good at their own place.

Appium which is used to automate the mobile-based application whereas Selenium Webdriver is used to automate the Web-based applications

Both Selenium and Appium are open source test automation tools used to test the mobile and web-based applications to detect errors and bugs before the application is live to the marketplace.

The software testers can use Selenium to validate different websites and web applications that run on desktop browsers. They can also use Appium to test different types of mobile apps that run on iOS and Android platforms. But Appium drives the Android, iOS, and Windows apps through Selenium WebDriver.

However, the two widely used test automation frameworks differ from each other in terms of functionality, compatibility, and usage. The testers who test the applications must understand the major differences between Selenium vs Appium to choose which one is the better automation framework to use.

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Comparison between Appium Vs Selenium Automation Tools

In General:

Appium: It is a popular open-source test automation framework designed for iOS and Android native, mobile, and hybrid apps.

To put in simple words, Appium is like Selenium ‘s cousin, and used for testing mobile apps instead of web applications in desktop browsers.

Selenium: On the other hand, Selenium is also the other most popular open-source automation testing tool designed for any web-applications.


Selenium has a unique set of tools that helps in automating browsers, mobile, and web-based applications.

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Appium: It was developed as a HTTP server using NodeJS. Therefore the  testers should have to install NodeJS on the system as a prerequisite to initialize and use the Appium server.

Selenium: This is a  test automation suite for websites and web applications. It was designed with the purpose of accelerating web application testing by controlling browser actions automatically.


Appium: By leveraging the WebDriver, Appium automates mobile app testing. Hence, by the use of WebDriver JSON wire protocol, Appium drives iOS and Android sessions.

Selenium: Here the testers have options to choose from two distinct parts of Selenium – Selenium WebDriver and Selenium IDE. As WebDriver makes it easier for users to create browser-based regression automation tests and suites. However, it also allows testers to distribute the test cases evenly across varied environments.

Platform Support:

Appium: Appium is a cross-platform test automation frameworks as it supports ​Windows along with major mobile platforms like iOS and Android.

Selenium: Selenium, on the other hand is also a cross-platform automation frameworks as it  accelerates web application testing by supporting major desktop browsers and operating systems.

Programming Language Support

Appium:  Appium supports all programming languages including Java, PHP, Javascript, Python, Ruby and C#. Unlike Selenium, Appium has features that are used to create test scripts automatically.

Selenium: On the other hand, Selenium also supports a number of widely used programming languages – Java, PHP, JavaScript, Python, Ruby and C#. Hence, the testers are allowed to have the option to write test scripts in a different number of programming languages.

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From the above discussion, I hope the article helps you to choose the better one for your purpose. With the advent of technology, both Appium and Selenium have become more useful and unique in its own features.

If you want to test web applications, Selenium is the better test automation framework to choose. Moreover, the testers can also use Selenium to automate web services and API tests and mobile app testing.

On the other hand, Appium completely comes with features to automate one and only mobile app testing. So, if you want to test native,mobile web, and hybrid apps, appium is the better one to choose. Testers can even use Appium to test apps that run on iOS and Android platforms and devices.

On the whole, both Selenium and Appium automation testing tools are good at their own place with better features. As a result of this, Testing industry is also becoming completely automated and most of the major companies are looking for Selenium and Appium testers. You know, there is a growing demand in the field with abundant opportunities for skilled and trained selenium and appium professionals.


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